Dr. Vibhuti Arora
Dr. Vibhuti Arora

Asst. Professor (grade II)

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Department of Mathematics National Institute of Technology Calicut NIT Campus (P.O)-673601, Kozhikode, Kerala

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0495 228 5202

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  • Ph.D: IIT Indore

  • Post-Doctoral Research: IIT Bhubaneswar

  • Educational Qualifications

    • Ph.D: IIT Indore

    • Post-Doctoral Research: IIT Bhubaneswar


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    9. V. Allu, V. Arora, Bohr-Rogosinski type inequalities for concave univalent functions, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 520 (2023), 126845

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    3. V. Arora, S. Ponnusamy, and S. K. Sahoo, Successive coefficients for spirallike and related functions, Rev.  R. Acad. Cienc. Exactas Fís. Nat. Ser. A Mat. RACSAM, 113 (2019), 2969 - 2979.

    2. S. Agrawal, V. Arora, M. R. Mohapatra, and S. K. Sahoo, Area problem for univalent functions in the unit disk with quasiconformal extension to the plane, Bull. Iranian Math. Soc, 45 (4) (2019), 1061 - 1069.


    1. V. Arora and S. K. Sahoo, Meromorphic functions with small Schwarzian derivative, Stud. Univ. Babeş-Bolyai Math.63 (3) (2018), 355 - 370.


        Specialization: Complex Analysis 

        Ph.D. Scholar: Vinayak M. (Ongoing)

        PG Dissertation: Shilpa, "ON BOHR’S INEQUALITY", May 2023.


    • ​MA 6321 Complex Analysis: 2023 Winter
    • MA2002D Mathematics-IV: 2023 Winter
    • MA2001D Mathematics-III: 2022 Monsoon (Course coordinator), 2023 Monsoon
    • MA8002 Advanced Topics in Mathematics-1: 2022 Monsoon


    • Ramanujan Mathematical Society, India (Lifetime)
    • Indian Mathematical Society (Lifetime).

    Awards: Awarded University Sains Malaysia Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Did not avail).

    Administrative Responsibilities: Institute Level 

    • Member of Official Language Implementation Committee-OLIC from July 2022.

    Administrative Responsibilities: Departmental Level  

    • Incharge of Departmental Office Reports/Communications from Feb 2023
    • Faculty Advisor of M.Sc. (2023-2025) batch

    • Sep 2023-Sep 2025: Faculty Research Seed Grant (FRG) 2023
    • 2023-2025: Science and Engineering Research Board, Start-up Research Grant (SRG)