Technical Fest

Tathva is the annual techno-management fest of National Institute of Technology, Calicut. Workshops featuring a multitude of topics on technical advancements and scientific exploration will be held on 3 days of fest.

A group of tech-savvy students started a fiesta at the beginning of a new century and called it Tathva, which translates to "Principle". When it first appeared in 2000, it provided young people with a vast stage to demonstrate their technical ingenuity and learn cutting-edge information.

With more than two decades of growth, this festival became South India's largest techno-management fest, garnering nationwide attention. Tathva's motto is to combine technology, innovation, and fun to create an experience unlike any other. It hosts many events, ranging from insightful workshops, enlightening lectures, exhibitions, and competitions lined up and judged by experts to pro nights - a musical extravaganza, crowd-pulling games, and much more to make the fest even more fun.

Every year the fest kick-starts with pre-Tathva events that include Samasya, a unique quizzing session where young quizzers can test their mettle against each other, conducted by Enquire Quiz club. With prelims conducted across different venues in the state and huge participation every year, it is Kerala's biggest quizzing event. Being one of the most enthralling events of Tathva, Samasya is a proven crowd-puller.

One of the main reasons large crowds lure in during Tathva is the impeccably organized Workshops and Lectures. Tathva was a host to talks by thinkers and visionaries, including Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Jimmy Wales, and Dr G Madhavan Nair, to name a few. The workshops cover topics like VR, the Internet of Things, Ethical Hacking, Swarm Robotics, and other relevant subjects that provide a hands-on experience that otherwise would have been unavailable. Tathva also conducts exhibitions that are a platform to exhibit the essence of each club and various branches at NIT Calicut and personify the year-round work and enthusiasm of young minds. The previous years also witnessed displays from elite establishments like ISRO and DRDO.

The events of Tathva have always been a platform to shine and showcase students' tech skills for the rest of the world to watch and admire and gain more experience along the way. In the past years, Tathva has presented various thrilling events based on cutting-edge technologies in robotics and AI. Regardless of the pandemic, Tathva'21 events were conducted with enthusiasm online, pushing us to explore more possibilities and adding yet another feather to Tathva's glowing reputation. An exciting event organized by Tathva, 'Wheels', is a venture that started in 2008 as an enthralling exhibition of exotic cars and bikes combined with a quest to educate the general masses about the basic know-how of an automobile. Moreover, with exciting presentations, galleries, and video displays, Wheels never fails to attract large crowds. Adding to the extravagance of Tathva, Adizya- the annual architectural festival is conducted by the architecture students of NIT Calicut simultaneously, making sure to combine more architectural and artistically inclined ideas and spread creativity to the audience participating.

Over the years, Tathva has allured the masses with its plethora of events, workshops, competitions, and pro-nights, living up to the legacy of its name with a great 300,000+ hits, a great footfall of over 35,000 people, and public relations with over 1,200 colleges nationwide.

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Cultural Fest

Ragam, the annual cultural fest of NIT Calicut, is one of the biggest in India bringing together talents from all over the world to One Stage. Electrifying proshows, thrilling events and sheer energy of the crowd make Ragam an unforgettable experience.

Ragam is the annual inter-college fest of the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. Being an extremely massive crowd-puller, Ragam blends a broad arsenal of fine arts, socio-cultural and literary events as well as a wide variety of workshops, exhibitions and informal celebratory events. Due to its extreme popularity, coverage, tradition and distinguished standards, Ragam is rightly considered one of India's largest, most celebrated college fests.

The infamous, controversial Rajan case that shocked Kerala in the seventies is widely known to have led to the inception of Ragam. Rajan, a student of the then Regional Engineering College, Calicut, was taken into police custody during the Emergency period and allegedly died in police custody in 1976. The All-Kerala Rajan Memorial Music Festival was held in 1977 to commemorate his life, but this venture got discontinued within a few years. The fest later resurfaced as Ragam in 1987 in remembrance of Rajan. The 2006 edition began with a solemn message delivered by T.V. Eswara Warrier, father of the late Rajan.

The logo of Ragam, the 'Ragam Flame', is meant to represent an eternal flame, symbolizing energy, a burning passion, and enthusiasm as well the idea of rebirth, akin to that of a phoenix rising from the ashes, ushering in messages of hope and rebuilding. The latest edition of Ragam was held over two days, from April 30th till the early hours of May 2nd, with the flames of Ragam burning brighter than ever since this was the first offline edition after the pandemic.

Ragam offers a plethora of events, catering to the needs of participants possessing a wide array of skills. Each event provides a fun, enthralling experience and an excellent platform that pits some of the nation's brightest, creative minds against one another. Ragam 22 consisted of four main events, namely Treasure Hunt, Crime Scene Investigation to stimulate our inner Sherlock Holmes, Mr and Mrs Ragam, a personality-based event to identify campus kings and queens and Mock Court. Couture Boulevard (The Ragam Fashion Show) and Choreo-Nite (Inter-collegiate dance competition) are two of Ragam's highlight events, with the latest edition boasting a massive turnover as usual. The Take One short film competition is another prestigious event that constantly promotes and gives flight to the dreams and aspirations of young, budding filmmakers. Various literary events are conducted, such as Just a Minute, Debate, Extempore, and twist in the tale. Musical events such as Swararaga and Amplified, among others, draw in musical enthusiasts of all sorts of genres. Artistic events such as Pencil sketching, Mehendi, and Face painting are also included. Mime, Movie Spoof, Street play, Mono-act etc., are events that appeal to one's inner drama merchant. The biggest highlight is indeed the famous Ragam Pro shows. These events bring together acclaimed artists and musicians of the highest pedigree to provide a complete musical extravaganza. The latest edition of Ragam saw celebrities like Jonita Gandhi, Mohit Chauhan and other artists such as DJ Kayan, bands such as When Chai Met Toast and Shanka Tribe all perform in what was indeed a very memorable musical bonanza.

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Management Fest

Tarang is the annual management fest of the institute organized by the School of Management Studies (SoMS), which aims to explore new aspects of management education by attracting top business minds across the country to come over, cooperate and compete, and display their skills and creativity to the world. Tarang symbolizes the idea of surfing the waves of intellect, adventure, and fun, aligned with the professional and adept educational atmosphere of the institution.

The history of Tarang can be traced back to the early days of the institute and School of Management Studies when a group of students joined together to create a platform where students could exhibit their management abilities and compete against students from other schools. Tarang’s 2021 edition was conducted on an online platform and had more than one thousand participants from all over the country. Tarang’22 was its return to campus edition and saw a footfall of over 3500 students. Throughout the years, Tarang has grown immensely in its size and scope and continues to provide a platform for learning, networking, and career development.

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