About DAAs

From 2023 onwards, National Institute of Technology Calicut is planning to recognize the professional achievements and contribution of its alumni through the Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) each year, tentatively on the Foundation Day (1st September). This award recognizes and celebrates outstanding alumni who have demonstrated sustained excellence in their personal and professional achievements, are leaders in their field or have made a substantial impact on society.


An individual, to be considered for this Distinguished Alumni Award, should have made significant contributions recognized widely under the category concerned. A person who has received any degree from the Institute is eligible to be considered for Distinguished Alumni Awards. Nominations for posthumous award will not be considered. An alumnus/alumna, who is an employee of NIT Calicut, shall not be eligible for the award during his/her service period except when he/she has accomplished truly outstanding achievement of highest order, recognized widely.

Nominations/ Applications

Self-Applications/Nominations by fellow Alumni can be made in the prescribed format in multiple categories with endorsement of at least two persons of the following. There should be separate applications/nominations for each category of DAA.

  • Past Distinguished Alumni Awardees

  • Present and former faculty members of the Institute except faculty involved in the screening and selection process

  • Officer Bearers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) and former Office Bearers (former President, former Vice-President, former Secretary, former Treasurer) of NITCAA and Alumni Chapters across the globe.

The call for DAA nominations/applications will be opened in the NITC website during February of each year. Any alumni can directly apply or nominate fellow alumnus/alumna with two endorsements. The applications/nominations will be closed by 31st March each year. The applications/nominations will have three years validity.

Applications/Nominations in the prescribed application format along with two endorsements can be submitted through email to with the subject line 'DAA 2023 Nomination' by 31 st March.

Alternatively, application could be submitted digitally via portal/shared Link by 31 st March.

It will not be possible to consider applications/nominations received after the due date for the current year. However, those may be carried forward for consideration in the future.

DAA Selection Process

Preliminary scrutiny of the nominations received will be done by the Office of Dean Alumni and Corporate Relations (ACR). The nominations then shall be shortlisted by a Screening Committee (SC) chaired by the Dean (ACR). Shortlisted nominations shall be peer reviewed by separate panels constituted for each category. Based on the recommendations of the peer reviewers, the Screening Committee will make a recommendation for consideration of the Standing Committee, which normally comprises Director/Deputy Director as the Chairman (Ex officio), Dean (ACR) (Ex officio), 2 (two) external professionals of eminence. The Standing Committee will make final recommendations to the Senate for approval.

The following, among possible other criteria, shall be considered while assessing the applications/nominations:

  • Positions held

  • Contributions to his/her profession and the field

  • Awards and Honours received

  • Association with the Institute and contributions

  • Contribution to the growth and development of the country and humanity

  • Other contributions to the society and the impact

The judging committee will decide the DAA with successes in career and contributions widely acknowledged considering criteria such as holding top position of organizations at CXO level/ A+ designations, Eminent Academics with excellence in teaching and research, entrepreneur with societal impact and turn over etc. Contributions to the development of alma mater in any form by time / fund / expertise will also be considered. The judges will select the winner(s) for each category and their decision will be final. No communications will be entertained in this regard from the applicants. If there are no applicants/nominees considered of sufficient merit in any or all of the categories in any year, the jury may choose not to make an award in any or all of the categories.

Honouring the DAA

The DAA of every year will be announced by June 30th. The awardees will be intimated by a formal letter and the list of awardees will be published in social media, institute website and NITCAA web portal to congratulate the winners. The award function is expected to be held on Foundation Day (1st September). Local travel and boarding/lodging of the awardees will be arranged by the Alumni office. On the Foundation Day, a personal interview of the awardees by students will be arranged for publication in the student Magazine.