The Institute follows the latest trends in the globally accepted outcome-based education framework for all academic programmes. Under this, the performance of the students will be assessed by using the tools and techniques of both continuous and summative evaluations, with more or less equal footing on both. Best practices worldwide are examined and adopted when the curriculum is formulated, and the periodical revisions are attempted. All programmes and courses have been designed to provide a balanced blend of the basics of science and technology and the advanced theory and practices of the respective fields or disciplines. Industrial internships and project work facilitate exposure to the methods and practices. This helps the students to grow with strong ethical foundations. Currently, Institute is offering 11 Undergraduate and 29 postgraduate programmes. Besides these, all Departments have their research programmes leading to PhD. Degrees. Institute follows a 10- point scale for grading the performance in the UG and PG courses. Along with this, excellence in studies is recognized through the classifications of First Class with Distinction, First Class & Second Class and the gold medals instituted by NITC, PTA, alumni, well-wishers and industry to commemorate the toppers. The Dean (Academic) oversees the smooth conduct of all the academic programmes.