A big family — students, faculty, staff and alumni — representing the institution with pride. NITC students, faculty and staff live active, engaged lives of teaching, learning and making an impact within a diverse and supportive community.

NITC's mission to advance knowledge and discovery benefits from the presence of an intellectually stimulating mix of voices and ideas. We are a teaching and learning community grounded in a respect for the views of others. That mix of perspectives and commitment to respect — coupled with the innovative, dynamic spirit of our community — infuse life at NITC in settings that range from academic to residential to social.

Members of the NITC community collaborate on pioneering research, innovative startups, artistic performance and social actions. We are a community that celebrates deep intellectual curiosity, creativity and individuality.


Students are the life and blood of any educational institution. They form the vast majority of the campus inmates and the success of any institution depends, to a large extent, on the proper administration of the requirement of the student community. The students in turn have the boundan duty to acquire the knowledge and skills as laid out in the curriculum to become socially useful and productive citizens. The students’ council, popularly called ‘Student’s Affairs Council’ is the voice of the student community. It acts as the bridge between the students and the administrations of the institution. It also provides a platform for the students to tone up their leadership and communication skills. It shall conduct in a democratic manner honouring dignity and freedom of all who would associate with it

The most prominent role of the Student’s Council, however is its endeavor to ensure student satisfaction and academic progress in the institution, without which no educational institution can progress. It acts as the representative body of the student community to bring forth duly the requirements of the student to the authorities. A Students’ Affairs Council, which has powers delegated on it, can go a long way if the general welfare of the student community is properly taken care of. It would in turn organize activities for the overall development and academic excellence of students.