Engineering Unit

The main functions of the Engineering Unit are to organize all constructions, maintenance, electrification, and water supply of the college. The unit prepares proposals based on the needs of different departments for construction of new buildings, roads, electricity requirements, etc. The architectural design of major buildings are done by the CED, but the estimating, presentation to the Buildings and Works Committee, tendering and execution, etc. are all done by the Engineering Unit. The unit is also responsible for allotment of campus residences. The Engineering Unit is at present headed by an Executive Engineer, one Asst. Ex. Engineer, and two Asst. Engineers, one for Civil and one for Electrical. The accounting and auditing of the works are done by a Divisional Accountant. Under this unit, there are other supporting staff and technical staff working in the office as well as in the Pump House, Filter House, and Electrical Maintenance Unit. The total employee strength at present is 40.


Complaint Booking System

For complaints pertaining to civil works



For complaints pertaining to electrical works



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