Applied Nano Engineering Laboratory

Welcome to Applied Nano Engineering Laboratory (ANEL) at School of Materials Science and Engineering, National Institute of Technology Calicut. ANEL encompasses research in highly multidisciplinary and cross disciplinary areas of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Physics and Chemistry and we mainly focus on the application of the nano engineering materials. We are actively involved in industry oriented collaborative research on the synthesis and development of nanoengineered materials based on phase change materials, 2D materials and heterostructures, metal oxides and biodegradable polymers for potential engineering applications. Through the understanding of fundamental chemistry and properties, these materials are tailored for real world engineering problems such as heat transfer applications, cleaner energy production, tribocorrosion and air/water pollution.


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Nano and Display Research Laboratory

The Nano and Display Research Laboratory (NDRL) is a part of School of Nano Science and Technology (SNST) at NIT, Calicut. Under the guidence of Dr. Soney Varghese, the research aims at the sythesis and characterisation of liquid crystals and liquid crystal polymers , development of polymer nanocomposites for future memory applications ,Design and fabrication of Pressure sensors based on MEMS/NEMS technology.


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Nanomaterials Research Laboratory

The Nanomaterials Research Laboratory (NMRL) team includes interdisciplinary researchers with expertise ranging from Mechanical, Materials, Nanotechnology to Biomedical Engineering. We blend our expertise to explore solutions for the problems which require knowledge and experience from multiple disciplines. At present we focus on biodegradable metallic implants, neuromodulation and metal nanoclusters for biomedical application.


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Nano Science Lab

The main focus of our research interest is to understand strucrure-property relationship of various nanomaterials and modified surfaces. We synthesis various nanomaterials and nanocomposites and characterise them using a combination of spectoscopy, microscopy and electrochemical techniques. These nanomaterials are explored for their use in biosensors, fuel cells, photocatalyctic water splitting and energy storage. 


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Nano Technology Lab

The Nanotechnology Research Laboratory at the School of Nanoscience & Technology acts as a resource center to address the scientific problems related to nanotechnology.  The objectives of the laboratory include synthesis and production of nanoparticles, investigation of thermophysical property enhancement using nanofluids, microscale and nanoscale fluid flow and heat transfer, carbon nanotechnology, discrete computational modeling, and various other areas of nanotechnology relevant to future science and engineering.


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Microscopy center

The centre is equipped with Hitachi SU6600 Variable Pressure Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM).


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Sophisticated Instrumentation and Fabrication Facility (SIFF)

A) Spectroscopic and Electrical Characterizations

1. Fourier Transform Infra Red spectrometer (FTIR)

2. Source meter


B) Device Fabrication Facility

1. Glove Box

2. DC - Magnetron Sputtering unit


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