Students are trained in woodworking, joinery and model making, masonry construction, arch construction, concrete construction and testing various properties of construction materials. It also facilitates hands-on experience in plumbing, bar bending, electric wiring etc.


Material Museum

Material Museum exhibits various building materials used in the building construction. Students use this facility to relate the theories they learn in building construction to reality.


Interactive Media Design Laboratory (IMDL)

Interactive Media Design Lab trains the students to use advanced multimedia technology to communicate their design ideas effectively. It imparts hands-on training in advanced visualisation techniques, animation, walkthroughs, web designing, architectural photography, documentary and movie.


CAAD Laboratory

The Computer-Aided Architectural Design Lab has the facilities to impart training in advanced software tools used in architectural drafting and visualisation. The lab is equipped with high-end workstations, LCD projector, Large format plotter and CAD software, etc.

Creative Arts Laboratory

Creative arts lab is the place where the students learn the basics of design and various media to express design in their early semesters. It helps to form the background for architectural design in the subsequent semesters.

Building Science Laboratory

The lab is to facilitate hands-on experience in testing and quantification of different parameters of the built environment and to supplement theory input given in climatology, building services, building maintenance, etc. The lab is well equipped with a state-of-the-art Architectural Evaluation System, apart from other equipment measuring environmental parameters.

Geoinformatics Laboratory

Geoinformatics Lab is intended to impart advanced digital spatial data processing skills and foster research. The lab is equipped with facilities required for the entire spectrum of remote sensing and GIS applications which include GPS devices for the collection of data, and High-end graphic workstations. The lab is also equipped with Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics for desktop analysis, Web mapping, Web GIS, Spatial database, interoperability tools and development libraries. The lab has a full spectrum of reprographic facilities required for converting physical copies of maps to digital format and vice versa.