Dr. Satyananda Panda
Dr. Satyananda Panda


Office Address:

Department of Mathematics School of Natural Sciences National Institute of Technology Calicut NIT Campus (P.O)-673601, Calicut, Kerala

Home Address:

FB-22, New Faculty Apartments, NIT Calicut, Calicut Kerala.

  • PhD., Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2006

  • M.Sc. Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2002,

  • Educational Qualifications

    • PhD., Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2006

    • M.Sc. Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2002,



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    Publications: (Journals)

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    [4] R. Dhadwal and S. Panda, Draw resonance in viscoelastic fibers, Proceedings of International conference, P-169-177, POLYMCON 09, NIT Calicut, Jan. 2009.



    [1] Research on Fiber Dynamics, Porous Media, Asymptotic Analysis,Magneto-hydrodynamic fluid, FRG Project, NIT Calicut, Duration: 11/2008 --7/2013

    [2] Collaborative research project on “Surface temperature reconstruction from free surface data in thin film on a stretching sheet” (Indo Sri Lankan Foundation sponsored project, Principal Investigators:1. Dr. M.K.Abeyratne, Sr. Lecturer, University of Matara, Ruhuna, Sri Lanka 2. Investigator. Dr. Satyananda Panda, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, NIT Calicut, Duration: 9/2011 --5/2012

    [3] Modeling and simulation of fluid motion on the surface profile generation in micro edm, DST Project, Principal Investigator: Dr. Satyananda Panda, 3/2019 --Continuing 

    Outreach Activities

    Scientific Talks:

    1. Introduction to Open Source Mathematics Software, UGC  Refresher Course, University of Calicut, July 2012.
    2. Introduction to Matlab: UGC refresher course, University of Calicut, 26-3-2012.
    3. Introduction to Knoppix: Open source for Mathematics:  University of Calicut, UGC Workshop, 3-11-2011
    4. Temperature effects on the centrifugal spinning process of viscous fibers, Indo-UK symposium, Invited talk at IIT Mumbai, Nov5-6, 2011
    5.  A talk on Industrial Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, University of Ruhuna, Nov. 9, 2011.
    6. Non-Darcian effects on the flow of viscous fluid in partly porous configuration and bounded by heated oscillating plates: Workshop on fluid dynamics on porous media, Sept. 12-14, 2011, University of Coimbra, Portugal
    7.  Industrial Mathematics Workshop, IIT Madras, Dept. of Mathematics, Dec. 2010
    8. Industrial Mathematics Modeling Week, Dec. 2-8, 2012. M.S. University Boroda, Talk: Fiber formation by centrifugal spinning process
    9.         Process parameter identification in thin film flows driven by stretching sheet. Odisha Mathematical Society Conference, Sambalpur University, Burla, Dec. 29-30, 2012
    10.  Data Visualization in Matlab, UGC workshop at ASC, Calicut University, Calicut, Kearala, March 16, 2013.
    11.  Meshfree approach to solve straight fiber equations, Advances in PDE Modeling and Computation, DAAD Workshop, IIT Madras, Oct. 2013
    12. Modeling and Computational techniques for fiber dynamics, NCMOCT Conference, Maliankara, Kochi, Kerala, April 5-6, 2013
    13. Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science", STTP, during January 01-05, 2014, S V NIT Surat, Talk on ODE, PDE, FVM, MFM
    14. Emerging Trends in Chemical and Environmental Engineering-2014 (ETCEE-14)”  during June 29- July 5, 2014. "Process parameter identification in thin film flows driven by a stretching surface"
    15. Some inverse problems in thin film flows, Study Group meeting on Mathematics and statistics for industry held at University of Ruhuna, Matara, Sri Lanka during Dec. 2-5, 2014
    16. International Conference on mathematical Modeling and Computer simulation, Process parameter identification in thin film flows, Dec. 8-10, 2014, Department of Mathematics, IIT Madras
    17. Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of curved viscous fibers, International Seminar on applied mathematics and statistics (ISAMS 2015) held at University of Gujarat, Ahmedabad on 10-1-2015.
    18. Resource Person: Indo-European Study Group meeting on Industrial Problems, M S University Boroda, January 5-9, 2015
    19. Resource Person: Modeling Week and Study Group Meeting on Industrial Problems, M S University Boroda, March 17-21, 2015
    20. Resource person: Mathematics in Industry Study Group, UTM center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, University Technology Malaysia, April 6-10, 2015,
    21. Talks on “The future of Mathematics at NIT: The present and the future:”, at the Workshop “ The future of mathematics” held at Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Germnay during October 11-18, 2015
    22. Invited talk at the Nepal conference on International Conference on Applications of Mathematics to Nonlinear Sciences (AMNS-2016), May 26-29, 2016, in Nepal. Title of the talk: Thin film flow of a second grade fluid over a non-linear stretching sheet
    23. Scientific visit to University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka: June 23-July22, 2016
    24. Key note talk delivered at International conference on Maintenance Science and Technology (ICMST 2016) Shenzhen, China during Nov. 1-4, 2016: Title of Talk: Numerical Simulation of Micro-EDM model of Ti-6AI-4V
    25. Talk: Experimental investigation and Numerical Simulation of Micro-EDM with single and multi-spark  at International Conferences on Advances in Scientific Computing held at IIT Chennai during Nov. 28-30, 2016
    26. Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics conference VIT during Dec. 11-14, 2016, Invited talk: Unraveling surfactant transport on a thin liquid film
    27.    National Symposium on Applications of Differential Equations, 23 Feb, 2017, Differential Equations and Applications, VIT Vellore
    28. Expert lectures, Multigrid methods, Kelaniya University, Sri Lanka, June-July, 2016
    29. Contributed talk at ISIAM Conference, Amritsar Feb-2-4, 2018 “ Multigrid methods for the simulations of surfactant spreading on a thin liquid film”
    30. Simulations of surfactant spreading using multi-grid method” forthe International Conference on Computational Modelling & Simulation-2017(ICCMS-2017), to be held from May 17-19, 2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
    31. Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation of Micro-EDM with Single and Multi-Spark, Faculty of maritime studies and transport, University of Ljubljana, May 2018.
    32. KSU workshop on “Environmental Economics—Issues on assistances to the economic growth in South Asia 7 CSR environment & social contributions programs” Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka, Japan, Sept-14-16, 2018. Talk: Mathematical modeling through ODEs and PDEs
    33. Delivered a talk at the International Conference on Applied Computational Mathematics 2018 (ICACM-2018) Nov. 23-25, 2018. A novel numerical scheme for the simulation of crater shape in the micro-edm process, IIT Khadagpur
    34. Workshop on Meshfree and Multigrid Methods Applications to PDEs, SoA University, Bhubaneswar, 27-11-2018. Talk: Introduction to Multigrid Methods
    35. Workshop on Mathematical Modeling and Computational Thinking, Regional Planetarium, Calicut, Dec. 14, 2018. Talk on the art of mathematical modeling
    36. International Symposium on Recent Trends in Mathematical Sciences, July 15-16, 2019, VIT Vellore in association with UPM Malaysia Talk: Real Time Numerical Scheme for Crater Geometry Simulation in Micro-EDM
    37. A finite volume scheme for the simulation of crater shape in the micro-EDM process, International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations with Applications, July 20-22, 2019, SoA University, Bhubaneswar
    38. Introduction to Mathematical Modeling, MHRD TEQIP-III Sponsored FDP Process Control, Instrumentation and Automation (PCIA-2019), Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT Calicut, Dec. 2-7, 2019
    39.  Mathematical Modeling-An Introduction, Recent advances in Intelligent Systems and Nonlinear Control" organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology , Kerala during 12th to 16th October 2020.
    40. Surface Decontamination: A Mathematical Model, Webinar on Emerging Trends in applied mathematics, St. Thomas’ College (Aut). Thrissur, 16-18, Dec. 2020

    41. Surface Decontamination: A Mathematical Model, International Conference on Applied Mathematical Models (ICAMM 2021) - Department of Mathematics, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India during January 7 - 9, 2021

    42. Multigrid Method- A framework for large scale scientific computing, Recent Trends in Computing, FM(Aut) College, Balasore, Odisha, July 20, 2021.

    Conferences/Workshop/Seminar Organized

    Details of seminar/scientific talk/conference organized

    (1)    Scientific talk: Instability of the Riemann Hypothesis, Prof. Paul M. Gauthier, University of Montreal, Canada, September, 2010.

    (2)   Scientific talk: Dr. Alexsander Grm, C3M, R&D Institute, Slovenia, Numerical Computations with emphasize on PDEs, May 7-18, 2012.

    (3)    International conference on Mathematical Modelling and Application to Industrial Problem (MMIP 2011), March 28-31, 2011.

    (4)   Modeling week and study group meeting on industrial problems during Dec. 2-14, 2013, NIT Calicut under NPDE Programme

    (5)   Scientific talk: Wavelets and Application, Prof. P C Das, (Rtd. Professor, IIT Kanpur) during 18-2-2013 to 20-2-2013

    (6)     Scientific Talk: Inverse problem in thin film flows, Dr. Mathieu Sellier, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury, New Zealand during Nov. 2015

    (7)   Organized research visit of Dr. M K Abeyratne, Sr. Lecturer, University of Matara, Ruhuna, Sri Lanka during 26-2-2013—5-3-2013 in connection with Collaborative research project  on “Surface temperature reconstruction from free surface data in thin film on a stretching sheet’ funded by ISLF vide grant No. 125/11, 2011.

    (8)   Organized research visit of Mrs. M C S Fernando, Research Scholar, Department of Mathematics, University of Ruhuna, Matara, Sri Lanka during 12-2-12 to 3-3-2012 in connection with collaborative research work on “Surface temperature reconstruction from free surface data in thin film on a stretching sheet’ funded by ISLF vide grant No. 125/11, 2011.

    (9)     Workshop on Mathematical Modeling on Biology with Matlab Implementation, Dec. 2015

    (10)   GIAN workshop on "Meshfree Particle Method for Solving Fluid Dynamic Problems” during Dec. 18-22, 2017

    (11) Organized scientific visit of Prof. Peter G L Leach, Professor Emeritus, School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa, Feb. 2018.

    (12) Workshop on Fluid mechanics and numerical approaches for non-linear boundary value problems (FMNA-BVP 2019), October 5-9, 2019

    (13) International Conference on Computational Sciences-Modeling, Computing and Soft Computing (CSMCS2020), Sept. 10-12, 2020, NIT Calicut

    (14) Compact Talk On MATHEMATICAL MODELLING OF REAL WORLD PROBLEMS-From Equations to Numerical Solutions, MAY 2-6, 2022, NIT Calicut

    (14) Workshop on Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence (MAI2023), Jan 16-20, 2023, NIT Calicut

    PhD Students

    PhD students: (Awarded)

    (1)  Sampada Kumar Parida, Studies on Viscous and Visco-Elastic Fluids, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, July  2012. (with Prof. G. C. Dash)

    (2) Anita Nayak, Steady and Unsteady flows of electrically conducting Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, December 2014 (with Prof G C Dash)

    (3) Priyadarsan K P, Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis of Differential Type Fluids, NIT Calicut, November 2017

    (4) Deepak G Dilip, Modeling and Experimental Investigations of Micro-Electric Discharge Machining on Inconel (with Prof. Jose Mathew, MED, NITC): Mechanical Engineering, September 2019

    (5) Kiran Kumar Patra, Free surface dynamics of differential-type fluids, Mathematics, NIT Calicut, September 2019

    (6) Eda Suresh Reddy, Natural convection and heat transfer in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, NIT Calicut, September 2022

    Current PhD students:

    (7) Deepak P, Composite Materials

    (8) Ms. Sherin Jose T, Thin Liquid Film

    (9) Abraham Sam Vergese, Thin Liquid Film 

    (10) Mahesh T, Thin Liquid Film

    (11) Aswathy Satheesh, Shallow Water Equations

    (12) Sourav Banerjee, Fiber Dynamics 

    (13) Shandar K, Natural convection and heat transfer

    MATEMATIKA, Malaysian Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

    Winter 2021

    I. MA2002 Mathematics IV

    II. Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

    Monsoon 2020

    I. Numerical Analysis

    Winter 2020

    I. Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

    Monsoon 2019 

             I. Numerical Analysis 

    Winter 2019 

            I. MA 1002 Mathematics II

            II Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 

    Monsoon 2018

            I. MA 1001 Mathematics I

            II. Partial Differential Equations 

    Winter 2018

           I.  MA1002 Mathematics

           II  Numerical Solution for PDEs 

    Monsoon 2017 

            I. MA 1001 Mathematics I

            II. Partial Differential Equations 

    Winter 2017:

           I.  MA1002 Mathematics II

           II.  MA3025 Numerical Methods for Engineers

    Monsoon 2016:

            I. MA1001 Mathematics I

    Winter 2016:

            I.  MA1002 Mathematics II

    Monsoon 2015:

            I.  MA1001 Mathematics I

            II. MA6204 Ordinary Differential Equations


    Winter 2015:

            I.    MA1002 Mathematics II

            II .  MA3025 Numerical Methods for Engineers

    Professional Visits

    1. Mathematical Institute, University of Koblenz, Germany, June 2022 (ERASMUS +)

    2. Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 2018 (INSA-SASA Fellowship)

    3. Department of Mathematics, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, June 23  to July 21, 2016 under visiting fellowship programme

    4. Department of Mathematics, University of Ruhuna, Matara, Sri Lanka, November 2011.(Indo-Sri Lanka Fellowship)

    5.Mechnaical Engineering Department, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, June, 2008.

    Reviewer Journals

    Papers reviewed for journals:

    1. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulations

    2. International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics

    3. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

    4. Journal of Aerospace Engineering

    5. Ain Shams Engineering Journal

    6. Chemical Engineering Communications

    7. Matematika

    8. Journal of Hydrdynamics, Ser. B

    9. Science Asia

    10. Meccanica

    PG/UG students (Project)

     [1] Simulation of Surfactant Driven Thin Film Equations using Multigrid Method, Minu Jose, M.Sc Mathematics Dissertation-June 2020

     [2] An efficient algorithm for the simulation of micro electrical discharging machining, M G Aiswarya Nair, M. Sc Mathematics dissertation -May 2019

    [3] Numerical studies of the beta effect in tropical cyclone motion by Shmna Jasmin P, M.Sc Physics Dissertation 2018  (with Prof. M K Ravi Verma)

    [4] Numerical simulation of charge transport in disorder organic semiconductor devices by Rupa Jeena, M.Sc Physics Dissertation April 2018 (With Prof. P. Preedep, Physics)

    [5] Symmetry Method for Gravity-Drivan liquid thin-film equation on an uneven surface, by Sarang Ramdas Aswar, M.Sc dissertation April 2018

    [6] Thin film dynamics of Williamson fluid over a stretching sheet by R C Lognath, NIT Patna, M.Sc dissertation (Summer Internship), July 2018

    [7] Dynamical effect of beta parameter in tropical cyclone motion: Analytical and Numerical study by Nithin Allwayin, M.Sc Physics  dissertation April 2018  (With Prof. M K Raviverma, Physics)

    [8] Numerical Simulation and Experimental Investigation of the crater surface profile formed during micro EDM on Inconel 718, Mr. Ananthan S P, M.Tech (MED) Thesis (With Prof. Jose Mathew) June 2017

    [9] Sensitive analysis of slender viscous fiber using spectral method by Ms. Asitha Maria Kuriakose  M.Sc Mathematics dissertation 2017, 

    [10]Arsha S, Multigrid Approach for the Human Tear Film Equations, May 2016

    [11]Namitha Narayanan, Implementation of Multigrid Method in Thin Film Equations, M.Sc Major Project, May 2015

    [12] Ankit Rathore, Non-Darcian effects on the flow and heat transfer in porous media sandwiched between viscous fluids, M.Tech Thesis(Mechanical)  with Prof. S. Jayaraj, July 2015

    [13] George V Joseph, Finite element analysis of the dynamics of viscous fibers, B.Tech, Eng. Physics Major Project, May 2015 

    [14] Alwin Vergese, Finite volume approach for solving three dimensional micro edm model with RC circuit, M.Tech Project (Mechanical) June 2014 with Prof. Jose Mathew

    [15] Sreevidya P G, The mathematics of spider webs, M.Sc Major Project, April 2014

    [16] Prajesh T, Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Electro discharge machining, Prajesh T, Msc Major project, April 2013

    [17] Reshma A P, Implementation of mesh free method to fiber equations, Msc. Tech. Major project, April 2012

    [18] Shamsudheen P P, Hydromagnetic flow between two porous disks through a porous medium rotating about non-coincident axis, Msc Tech, Major Project, June 2010

    [19] Vineeth Kumar V P , Effect of gravity on the reconstruction of substrate for a given free surface,  Msc Tech, Major project, NITC, April 2009