Dr. Ashok S.
Dr. Ashok S.


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Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Mob:9446647271(9am-5pm only) Fax:0495-2287250

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Appughar Kuthiravattom Calicut,673016 Kerala,India

  • B.Sc.(Engg.)Electrical, REC, Calicut,1982

  • M-Tech(Energy Systems), IIT, Delhi, 1995

  • PhD, IIT, Bombay, 2002

  • Educational Qualifications

    • B.Sc.(Engg.)Electrical, REC, Calicut,1982

    • M-Tech(Energy Systems), IIT, Delhi, 1995

    • PhD, IIT, Bombay, 2002

    Industrial Experience

    1. Engineer (Designs) in  L & T Switch Gear Division, ALIND Limited, Kerala   

        Major Responsibility: Design and Development of HV switchgear and control gear (Oil, SFand Vacuum)

         Period: 1982-1989

    2.  Asst. Engineer (Electrical) Reserve Bank of India, Bhopal

          Major Responsibility:Administrative responsibly of maintenance of 33 kV Electrical Substation,     

          AC plant, Electronic Security system, Communication system and  I/C Control room

                    Period: 1989-1990

     Teaching & Research

    1. Asst. Proctor,  Training and Placement Dept., REC, Calicut

                   Period: 1990-1991

    2. Lecturer,   Electrical Engineering Dept., NITC

                   Period : 1991-2004

    3. Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Dept., NITC

                   Period : 2004-2007

    4. Associate Professor,   Electrical Engineering Dept., NITC

                   Period: 2007-2010

    5. Professor, Electrical Engineering Dept., NITC

                   Period: 2010-2018

    6. Professor (HAG), Electrical Engineering Dept., NITC

                   Period: 2018 onwards

    Short term courses attended 

    1. ISTE Summer school (2 weeks) on “Recent Advances in Simulation, Control and Management of Electric Energy Systems”, 3-14 May 1993, held at REC, Calicut.
    2. ISTE Summer school (2 weeks) on “Energy Management and Utility Engineering”, May 20-June 6, 1995, held at JamiaMillia, New Delhi.
    3. ISTE Summer school (2 weeks) on “Internet Usage and Java Programming”, April 21- May 2, 1997, held at REC, Calicut.
    4. ISTE Summer school (2 weeks) on “Energy Management and Conservation”, May 4-17, 1997, held at TKM College of Engg, Kollam.
    5. QIP short term course (1 week) on “Engineering Optimization”, June 5-9, 2000, held at IIT Bombay.
    6. QIP short term course (1 week) on “Technical Communication”, Dec 4-8, 2000, held at IIT Bombay.
    7. ISTE Summer school (2 weeks) on “Recent trends in computer simulation of electrical machines and control systems”, Feb 28- March 11, 2000, held at REC, Calicut.
    8. ISTE Winter school (2 weeks) on “Power Quality Problems and remedial measures”, Dec 20, 1998- Jan 2, 1999, held at REC, Calicut.
    9.  CEP International Training Programme (2 weeks) on “Solar Energy”, Jan 7-18, 2002, held at IIT Bombay.
    10.  CEP Training Programme (1 week) on “Energy Management for Efficient Power System Operation” , September 2002, held at IIT Bombay.
    11. ISTE workshop on “Teacher Effectiveness”, Jan 30-31, 2003, NIT Calicut
    12. Teacher Training Programme by TTI,Chennai from 29/12/03 to 3/1/04 (6 days)
    13. AICTE –STTP Two week Training programme “Intelligent Control in Robotics and Automation” , 6-18 Dec 2004, NIT Calicut
    14. Training programme “System Design using DSP Applications” at DOEACC Calicut,    23rd - 31st May 2005 (6 days)
    15. National workshop on “R & D Activities –Review & Planning for National Institutes of Technologies in India” 20-21 Jan 2006, NIT Suratkal
    16. Workshop on “Pedagogical aspects of Engineering Education” held at NIT Calicut on 6th March 2006
    17. One week Training programme on “SCADA Systems & Applications” ” held at NIT Calicut from 4-9 Dec 2006 organised by EED, NIT Calicut in association with M/s Kalki Communications Bangalore
    18. One week Training programme on “Management Capacity Development” held at MDI, Gurgaon during 3-8 November  2008
    19. Two day National Seminar on Role of Intellectual Property rights in the Knowledge Era” organized by KSCSTE and NIIPM,Nagpur at MBG Calicut 28-29 Nov 2008
    20.  Two week Training programme- FDP on ‘Medical Cybernetics” held at NIT Calicut during 24-5 -09 to 6-6-09
    21. One week Training programme-IUCEE workshop  on “Modern Energy System” held at Infosys campus, Mysore during 6-10 July  2009
    22. Two day International Workshop on “Smart grids-challenges”, IEEE Bangalore section, held at Infosys campus, Mysore during 14-15 May  2010
    23. Two day national workshop on PQ for IT sector, by Asian Power Quality Initiative, International Copper Assn, FICCI at Bangalore , 14-16-10-2011
    24. ISTE Workshop on ‘Solar Photovoltaics: Fundamentals, Technologies and Applications’ (from 12th December to 22nd December 2011, IITB-NITC
    25. ISTE -ICT  Workshop on AKASH for Education,10-11 Nov 2012 ,IITB-NITC
    26. DST -IITB sponsored National Programme on Differential Equation: Theory, Computation and Applications- MathsDept, NITC, 9-14, 2013

    Short Term courses/Faculty training programme organized 

    1. Short Term course (Under the aegis of NAMPET Phase- II) on “Power Electronics for Grid connected Renewable Energy Systems”, 14-16 May 2015.
    2. Faculty Development Programme (MHRD-TEQIP) (1 week) on “Research, Innovations and Technologies in Smart Microgrid”, 8-14 June,2014.
    3. Faculty Development Programme (MHRD-AICTE) ON “Research and Technical Challeenges of Smart Grid”, 16-22 June 2013.
    4. Faculty Development Programme (MHRD-AICTE) (2 weeks) on "Smart Grid Engineering", 22 May-4 June 2011.
    5. One week advanced training programme on “Industrial Automation” -24-29 Jan 2011.
    6. Faculty Development Programme (MHRD-AICTE) (2 weeks) on "Micro Grid & Distributed Generation", 21 June -2 July 2010
    7. Faculty Development Programme (MHRD-AICTE) (1 week) on "LabView& Applications", 13-19 June 2010
    8. One week advanced training programme on “Industrial Automation” -25-29 Jan 2010.
    9. One week advanced training programme on “Industrial Automation” -27-31 Jan 2009.
    10. Faculty Development Programme (MHRD-AICTE) (2 weeks) on "Embracing Innovative E-learning Technologies", 14-27 December 2008
    11. 3 day CEP course on “Power Quality Issues”- 3-5 December 2008.
    12. AICTE-ISTE Short term training Programme (1 week) on "Distributed Generation & Power Quality ", 9-13 June 2008
    13. ISTE-NSTEBD Training Programme (3 days) on "Entrepreneurship Development", 13-16 June 2008
    14. 3 day CEP course on “Power Quality Impact on Industries”- 12-14 March 2008.
    15. AICTE-Staff Development Programme (2 weeks) on "Power Quality –Issues & Solutions", 11-23 June 2007.
    16. One week Training programme on “SCADA Systems & Applications”  held at NIT Calicut from 4-9 Dec 2006 organised by EED, NIT Calicut in association with M/s Kalki Communications Bangalore
    17. CEP course (3 days) on “Electrical Grounding Practices”, April 4-6, 2006.
    18. AICTE-ISTE  STP (2 weeks) on "Power Quality and Custom Power", 20 Dec 2004-2 Jan 2005.
    19. AICTE-ISTE  STPP (2 weeks) on "Tools & Techniques for Peak Demand Management", 16-28 Aug 2004.
    20. CEP course (3 days) on “Optimal operation of Captive plants & Load management”, March 23-25, 2004.
    21. CEP course (3 days) on “Power Quality –Problems & Remedial measures”, Feb 24-26, 2004.
    22. CEP course (3 days) on “Industrial Energy Management &Audit”, August 26-28, 2003.
    23. AICTE-ISTE  STPP (2 weeks) on "FACTS CONTROLLERS & APPLICATIONS", June 30- July 12,2003
    24. CEP course (3 days) on “Tools and Techniques for Peak Load Management”, Jan 15-17, 2003.
    25. One Day Workshop on “Domestic Energy Conservation” ,18 th Jan 2003
    26. AICTE-ISTE Winter school (2 weeks) on “Power Quality Problems and remedial measures”, Dec 20, 1998- Jan 2, 1999.
    27. CEP course (2 days) on “Energy Efficient Illumination Schemes”, Aug 10-11, 1996.
    28. CEP course (3 days) on “Electrical Distribution System –Planning and Optimization”, Oct 29-31, 1996.
    29. CEP course (3 days) on “Power Quality Problems –issues and solutions”, Sept 29-Oct 1, 1997.
    30. CEP course (3 days) on “Stand by power supplies and Load Management”, Jan 13-15, 1998.
    31. CEP course (3 days) on “Energy Efficient Lamps and Lighting Schemes”, Sept 23-25, 1998.
    32. CEP course (3 days) on “Electric Motors and Load Management”, March 3-5, 1999.

    National Conference/Workshop Organized 

    1. Organized (as coordinator) “One day workshop on SCADA” on 18th October 2019
    2. Organized(as coordinator) Two days national level workshop on “Applications of LabVIEW in Electrical Engineering and hands-on training on LabVIEW based Hardware Modules” during Oct 11-12, 2019
    3. Organized (as coordinator) Two Days National Level Workshop on “Delve into the Future Electric Vehicle – 2019 (DFEV-2019) during 15th - 16th, March 2019
    4. Organized (as coordinator) National workshop on Advancements in Biomedical Engineering and Research organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with Department of Electrical Engineering during 21 December, 2018.
    5. Organized (as coordinator) Distinguished Lecturer Program organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with IEEE PES Kerala Chapter on 30th Nov, 2018
    6. Organized (as coordinator) National workshop IoT and its Applications applications organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with Department of Electrical Engineering during 9-10 November 2018.
    7. Organized (as coordinator) Technology workshop on DCS and PLC organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with Department of Electrical Engineering during 26-27 October 2018.
    8. Organized (as coordinator) Distinguished Lecturer Program organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with IEEE PES Kerala Chapter on 6th Feb, 2018.
    9. Organized (as coordinator) National Seminar organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with Industrial Power Group during 21st -22nd December 2017.
    10. Organized (as coordinator) Energy Conservation Day  2017, organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with Industrial Power Group during 14th December 2017.
    11. Organized (as coordinator) National Workshop  on “OPAL-RT and dSPACE for HIL Applications in Power Systems”, organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with Industrial Power Group during 04th -08th December 2017.
    12. Organized (as coordinator) an Expert Technical Session  on “Internet of Things for Smart Grid Applications”, organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with Industrial Power Group during 17th November, 2017
    13. Organized (as coordinator) PES Quiz Competition 2017, organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with Industrial Power Group during 3rd October 2017.
    14. Organized (as coordinator) National Training  on “Real Time Simulation in Electrical Domain”, organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with Industrial Power Group during 26 September, 2017
    15. Organized (as coordinator) Engineer’s Day 2017 , organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with Industrial Power Group during  15th September 2017.
    16. Organized (as coordinator) M.TechColloquium , organized by Department of Electrical Engineering during 24th -26th May, 2017.
    17. Organized (as coordinator) National Training  on “Technology Workshop on Test and Measurement Systems”, organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with Industrial Power Group during 21st  -22nd  April, 2017.
    18. Organized (as coordinator) Research Colloquium , organized by Department of Electrical Engineering during 24th -25th March, 2017.
    19. Organized (as coordinator) National Workshop on “MATLAB and its Applications”, organized by IEEE PES NITC Chapter in association with Industrial Power Group during 7th -9th March, 2017.
    20. Organized (as coordinator) National Workshop on Xilinx Vivado based FPGA design and Zynq architecture during 3rd -4th September 2016
    21. Organized (as coordinator) MHRD-TEQIP sponsored FDP on “Applications of power converters in Distributed generation and microgrid”, 19-25 June 2016.
    22. Organized (as coordinator) National Workshop and paper presentation, “Research Challenges in Power Electronics and Power Systems”, RCPEPS-2016, 6th – 7th May, 2016.
    23. Organized (as coordinator) workshop on “Advanced Technology LaTeX workshop”, April 20, 2016.
    24. Organized(as coordinator), National workshop on “Electric Power Quality”, EPQ-2016, March 11-12, 2016.
    25. Organized (as coordinator) National Seminar on “Thermography for Research Applications”, 20th August 2015, NIT Calicut.
    26. Organized (as coordinator) workshop on “Advanced LateX”, 14 March 2015.
    27. Organized (as coordinator) National Seminar on “Solar power plants for residential, commercial utility and off-grid applications- SPRCOA -2014”, 17-18 December 2014.
    28. Organized (as coordinator) National Workshop on “Industrial Energy Audit- Methodology”, 11th -12th September, 2014.
    29. Organized (as coordinator) One Week National Workshop on “Research Innovations and Technologies for Smart Grid Applications”
    30. Organized (as coordinator ) Two day IEEE National Workshop on “Smart Grid Engineering” – 29th -30th  July  2011
    31. Organized (as coordinator ) Two day National Workshop on “IPR & Digital Rights Management” – 26-27 Nov 2010
    32. Programmme Chair for the National Conference on Electrical Systems and Control Technologies, ESCT 2007, National Institute of Technology Calicut, 3-5 May 2007
    33. Organized (as Faculty coordinator) Two day National Workshop on “SCADA systems & Utility Automation” – 23-24 Feb 2007
    34. Organized (as Faculty coordinator) Two day National Workshop on “Recent Techniques in Metering & Calibration” – 6-7 Jan 06
    35. Organized (as Faculty coordinator) a one day IEEE National Seminar on “Small Hydro Power Technology & Its developments” NITC on 8th Nov 2003.
    36. Organized (as Faculty coordinator) a Two day “User Convention on E- resources” NITC on 19-20th March 2004.

    New Programmes developed:

    A)  M Tech programme on “ Industrial Power & Automation” . This PG programme started as “Computer Controlled Industrial Power” in 2006   based on the requirement identified based on the feedback collected from Industries. Industries want a specilisation covering power, power electronics and automation for industrial applications. Curriculum is developed accordingly in consultaion with acadeic experts from IITs and Industrail experts . Later based on the feedback from Academic Audit conducted with experts from IITD & IITB, the title of the programme is changed to “ Industrial Power & Automation”.

    B)M Tech in 'Electric Vehicle Engineering' initatited based on discussion with BGSW (BOSCH) and later signed MOU with BGSW in 2022. This course is designed mainly for working professionals and curriculum based on feed back from EV industries like BOSCH, TATA Elxsi, Mahindra Electric etc and also academic experts in India & abroad. 

    New laborotories developed:

    (1) Industrial Power lab for PG programme- equipped  with SCADA system, DCS, VFD system, Process Automation system, Power Quality test bench (2006). Later upgraded including ABB professional Robot (2012). Complete upgradation of SCADA, DCS ,MIMo systems,Industrail Drives , PLC controls was done in 2021-22.  Most of the equipment was purchased are utilising R & D project funds.

    (2) Electrical Simulation lab (2002-04)   for UG/PG programmes under TEQIP (world bank funding) project with MATLAB and SIMULINK (Ver. R2006b),Power System Simulator (Ver. 1.5), Mi Power (Ver. 5.0) ,MicroSim Ver. 7.1.3/ Orcad Ver. 9.2
    ETAP/ Power Station (Ver. 4.7.4) ,PSCAD/EMTDC (Ver. 4.2). There were 54 medium level workstations and all with internet.

    All the exeperiments for UG-EEE simulation lab and simulation experiments of UG EEE control systems , power systems ,power electronics courses and PG courses are mainly done in this lab.

    Upgarded software and systems in 2010, 2014,1016,2018,2022-23..

    (3) Energy Research lab (under DST- FIST ) (2008-12) to enhance the research and development in power and energy area. Lab is equipped with Energy standard (Fluke), power analyzer, Wind Energy system, High accurate multimeter, Nano-ohm meter etc. This lab was upgraded by my collegue Dr Kumaravel in 2022.

    (4) 2 kW Solar PV-Wind Hybrid System (DST project)  with  STATCOM (2012-14). It was added to the Energy Reserch lab in 2021 under Dr Kumaravel S.

    (5) Electric Vehicle -hardware lab : under development 2023


    1. E-book on “Selected Topics in Power Quality & Custom Power” edited and released in 2005 , by Nalanda
    2. Chapter-2 “Computational Intelligence, Control and Computer Vision in Robotics & Automation”  Editor: DrBidyadharSubudhi, Narosa Publishers
    3. Book on “Industrial Energy Management” – Work in progress

    1. First rank in B.Sc. (Engg.) (Electrical) from University of Calicut, year 1982.

    2. Gold Medal holder in M.Tech (Power & Energy) from IIT Delhi (with CGPA –10 out of 10), year 1995

    3. “Outstanding Achievement Award”  from National Energy Society  & Pondicherry Engineering College for the year 2007– for outstanding contributions in diverse  fields of energy & engineering

    4. Included in the ranklist of top 2 percent of scientists of the world by Stanford University (Power and Energy field). 

    1. Faculty in Charge-Nalanda Digital Library & Computerisation & Vice Chairman ETL, 2003-08 

    2. Chairman ETL, Central Library, 2008-11

    3. Faculty-in-charge - Electrical Simulation lab, 2002 onwards

    4. Faculty coordinating Revisions in UG Curriculum for EED,  2002,2006.

    5. Faculty in charge -EED Website, 2002 -07

    6. TEQIP  Phase-1, EED-Coordinator  2003-07

    7. Faculty-in-charge - Industrial Power lab, 2006 onwards

    8. EED Dept  Purchase Coordinator -2009 onwards

    9.TEQIP- Phase-II, Institute Procurement Coordinator, 2011- 12

    10.Prof I/C - Academics  from 2012 -13 

    11.Warden  C hostel from 1st July 2013 -14

    12.Office (Administrative) Warden-NITC Hostels 2014-15

    13.Chief Warden,  2015-16

    14. HOD, Electrical Engineering Dept., 2016-18

    15.Dean, R & D, 2018 -2021

    16 Chairman,Centre for Innovation,Entrepernership & Incubation (2022 onwards)

    Consultancy & Testing - Major Works

    1. Energy analysis of Solar Boat, CDAC,2021-23
    2. Testing 2016-18, Testing of connectors – L & T ECC , Testing of UPS, Testing of Conductors-KSEB Ltd
    3.  Energy Utilization Analysis of Sreekala Oxygen Plant, Chelari Calicut, completed in 2018.
    4. Energy Utilization Analysis of Cyber Park Kozhikode,  completed in 2018.
    5. Energy Utilization Analysis of ULCCS crusher plant completed in 2018.
    6. Energy Utilization Analysis of Sreeshan plant   completed in 2018.
    7. Energy Utilization Analysis of Guruvayoorappan College- completed in 2017.
    8. Energy Utilization Analysis of  Shalom Studio- completed in 2017.
    9. Energy Utilization Analysis of  Devagiri college- completed in 2017
    10. Energy Utilization Analysis of ULCCS crusher plant-completed in 2017
    11. Investigation on technical issues associated with Chimmony SHEP 2.5 MW (1* 2.5 MW) KSEB Ltd.
    12. Investigations using Full Spectrum Simulator mini (FSS mini) of CDAC under the aegis of NAMPET Phase II.
    13. Development of Low voltage DC (LVDC) architecture, for Residential Applications, under the aegis of NAMPET Phase II. 
    14. Testing of connectors – L & T ECC , Testing of UPS, Testing of Conductors-KSEB Ltd
    15. Testing of UPS , Battery , cables, conductors, light fittings, electronic ballast for KSEB./other organizations for period 2014-15
    16. Energy Utilization Analysis of MIMS Hospital Calicut and Kottackal, Heart   hospital calicut -completed in 2014
    17. Testing of UPS , Battery , cables, conductors, light fittings, electronic ballast for KSEB./other organizations.  for period 2009-2014
    18. Design of 350 kVA UPS system for ULCCS Crusher plant- 2013
    19. Design of standby critical supply system -IISR campus, Calicut-2014
    20. Design of Lightning protection scheme for IIMK campus-2010. Dyapuram campus (2011, (0.5 lakhs)
    21. Re-engineering of Electrical Scheme- CWRDM, Calicut -2008 
    22. Design of Illumination Scheme for Thirumurthy Power Station , TNEB,  1998
    23. Member of the Energy Audit Cell of the Institute, participated in energy audits of 24 industrial /commercial establishments.

    R & D Works

    1. CO Principal Investigator in a Research Project under the Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC), Govt of India
    2. Principal Investigator of the project on “Development of Smart Controller for Switched Reluctance Motor”, under KSCSTE- R&D  , March 2016.
    3. Principal Investigator of the project on “Development of Solid State Transformer as wind Power Interfacing Device”, CPRI R&D, September 2015- completed in Dec 2018
    4. Principal Investigator of the project on “Development of cost effective 3 axis intelligent platform stabilization system” DRDO R&D,  from January 2016- completed in Jan 2019
    5. Principal Investigator of the project on “Security assessment of microgrids in isolated and in grid connected mode under Diety , CDAC-NaMPET, R&D ,  from June 2015- completed in June 2017
    6. Principal Investigator of the project on “Development of Intelligent Robot for Fault Diagnosis of Power Lines  under KSCSTE- R&D ,completed in Jan 2015
    7. Principal Coordinator of the project on “Development of Centre for Power Quality and Energy research  under FIST- DST R&D , ongoing from 2009.
    8. Principal Investigator of the project on “Investigation on Power Quality issues of Drives” under KSCSTE- R&D ,  completed in 2011 March
    9. Principal Investigator of the project on “Unified Expert Controller Strategy Design for      Hybrid Energy System under MHRD R&D, completed in 2005.
    10. Principal Investigator of the project on “Modernisation of Electrical Measurements laboratory” under MHRD,  Completed  in 2007.
    11. Principal Investigator of the project on “Decision support system for Peak Demand Planning & Management", under MHRD R&D ,  2003-06. Completed in 2006
    12. Co- Investigator of the project on “Effects of Power Electronics devices on Protective relays” under FRP,  funding under center of excellence project, completed in April 2007.
    13. Co- Investigator of the project on “Investigations on Power Quality Issues of Motor under different starting conditions” under FRP, funding under center of excellence project, completed in  April 2007.
    14. Co- Investigator of the project on “Development of optimal pico-hydel generator for rural areas” under FRP, funding under center of excellence project, completed in April 2007.
    15. Principal Investigator of the project on “Power Quality Impact on Electronic Energy Meter” under FRP, funding under center of excellence project, completed in June 2006.
    16. Co- Investigator of the project on “Development of  MPPT  of Solar PV system” under FRP,funding under center of excellence project, completed in June 2006.
    17. Principal Investigator of the project on “Power Quality impact on Domestic Energy Meters”, under FRP, Rs. 25000/-funding under center of excellence project, completed in Feb 1999.
    18. Co-Investigator of the project on “Investigation on Energy Efficient Lighting Scheme for buildings”, under FRP, funding under center of excellence project, completed in Feb 1999.
    19. Co-Investigator of the project on “Lighting and Energy balance in Educational Institutions”, under FRP, completed in Feb 1998.

    Peak Load Management

    Energy Management

    Energy Modelling

    Renewable Energy

    Harmonics and Power Quality

    Regulatory Economics


    Illumination Engg.

    Industrial Automation

    Membership in Professional Bodies

    1. Senior Member - IEEE inc. USA (40187981)                                                     

    Advisor, IEEE Power Engg. Society NITC student chapter 2014

    Secretary,  IEEE  Power Engg. Society Kerala  Section,  2003 & 04

    IEEE NITC branch councilor, 2006

    2. Member CIGRE -CBIP study committee on Distributed Generation,2004-06

    3. Life member – Institution of Engineers India (M 056484/7)

    4. Life member – Indian Society of Technical Education (LM 12171)

    5. Life member – System Society of India

    Secretary, SSI-NITC chapter,2004-09

    6. Life member – Energy Conservation Society, Kerala

    7. Associate  Member, ISLE ,Sept 2013 onwards 

    Invited Talks

    1. Expert lecture on Power quality impcat on Power System  at GEC, Barton Hill  on 19-3-2014

    2. Invited talk on 'Power Quality -Indian Senario'  at MVGR College of Engineering ,Vizianagaram,AP, on 25-1 2014 in the National Workshop on Power Quality

    3. Invited talk on 'Power Quality -Issues &RemidialMesaures'  at GEC Kannur  5-12-13 in IEEE students  chapter meeting

    4. Invited talk on “Eind Energy Systems”for the one day workshop on Renewable energy by ANERT  at  Trivandrum  on 12-11-13.

    5. Invited talk on “Power  Quality Standards”for the one day workshop on Power Quality problems & solutions organised by SEEM   at  Ernakulam on 13-8-13.

    6. Conducted Pre conference tutorial session (3 July) on “Energy Management” at Amritha School of Engineering, Kollam for the National Conference on Technological Advancements in Power and Energy (TAP Energy) during July 4 – 6, 2013

    7. Invited talk on Power  Quality Issues in Power Electronics System for the FDP on Recent advances in Power Electronics   at  GCT Coinbatore on 21-5-13.

    8. Invited talk on Smart Grid Engineering for the FDP on Recent advances in Energy Management  at KSR College of  Engg, Erode  on 22-5-13.

    9. Invited talk on Power Quanitity Vs Power Quality Issues for the FDP on Recent advances in Power & Energy Systems  atVadakaraEngg College on 27-3-13.

    10. Invited talk on Power Quality Issues due to Power Electronics Switching for the FDP on Recent advances in Power Electronics Systems  at GEC Calicut on 8-3-13

    11. Invited talk on Power Quanitity Vs Power Quality for the National conference on Recent advances in Energy Conversion at MIT Manipal on 9-2-13.

    12. Invited talk on Smart Grid Technology for STTP on Recent trends on PE at Sree Narayana Guru College of Engg, Kolenchery on 5-1-13.

    Review of Journals 

    IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Power Systems, Smart Grid, IET Power Electronics, Power Engineering Journal, Applied Energy - Elsevier

    Review of PhD thesis 

    IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Roorkee, NIT Trichy, NIT Suratkal

    Designed /developed  UG & PG courses


                    EE4030 Switchgear & Protection

                    EE4042 Digital Protective Relaying       

                    EE4037 Energy auditing & analysis


                    EE 6401 Energy auditing ,conservation & Management

                    EE 6404 Computer Applications in  Industrial Load Control

                    EE6213  Power System Reliability Analysis

                    EE6001 Electrical Energy System Management

    Patents Filed

    1. Development of cost effective 3-axis intelligent platform stabilization system - Dr. Ashok S. and Mr. Sanjoy Paik (2015)
    2. Cost effective Telematics Module - Dr. Ashok S. and Mr. Raji P (2015)
    3. Solar Powered Intelligent Road Stud - Dr. Ashok S. and Mr. Nalla Vikram (2015)
    4. Universal Drive for SRM and BLDC motor - Dr. Ashok S. and Mr. Kanhu Charan Patra (2015)
    5. Highway Vertical Axis Wind Turbine - Dr. Ashok S. and Mr. Mithun Raj K.K. (2015)
    6. Obstacle crossing robot for power line inspection -Dr. Ashok S. and Muhammed Jishad T K (2014)
    7. Preventive Electric Arc Detector -Dr. Ashok S. and Mr. Arun S. Mathew (2013)


    Patent Granted:


    Completed PhDs

    1. Reji P - Optimum Pricing in Deregulated Electric Power System (2009)
    2. C A Babu - Peak load management for Industries (2009)           
    3. Balamurugan P - Optimal Integration of Hybrid Energy System (2009)
    4. Sudha Balagopal - Socially stable least loss coordinated multilateral trade mechanism for electricity (2011)
    5. Jaimol Thomas - Electricity Pricing Strategy of Distributed Generation (2011)
    6. Kumaravel S - Development of Hybrid Renewable energy systems for Micro grid Applications (2012)
    7. Rajeev T (QIP) - Multi-Agent based optimal power management strategy for Distributed Generation (2015)
    8. Vasanthi V(QIP) - Analysis and Performance Improvement of AC-DC Locomotive drives (2015)
    9. Ajay Babu - Development of Energy Management strategies for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (2016)
    10. Sivaprasad A - Development of multilevel dc-dc converter topology for renewable energy integration (2018)
    11. Abhilash T. Vijayan(QIP) - Visual Servoing for a  Robotic Manipulator (2019)
    12. Vinu Thomas - Control Strategies for Hybrid AC-DC Microgrids (2020)
    13. Rohit  K. Mathew -Development of Optimal Framework for Resilience Enhancement of Power Systems (2020)
    14. Sandeep J - Indirect Matrix Converter fed PMSM drive(2020)
    15. Sujo P. George - Adaptive Relaying for smart grid applications (2021)
    16. Ravishankar A N-Transactive energy framework for microgrid management(2021)
    17. Rohickaa Mickey- Dynamic Security Assessment of Microgrids
    18. Hema Rani P-Control strategies for multi-input and multi-output DC to DC converters for renewable energy source integration. (2021)
    19. Megha G Krishnan - Predictive control strategies for image-based visual servoing of 6-DOF industrial robot (2022)
    20. Haritha G  - Development of Solid State Transformer as a wind power interfacing Device.(2022)
    21. Janesh N M - Wind Energy Engineering (2023)

    Ongoing PhDs

    1. Joseph P. Varghese (2014) - Multi agent based power system wellbeing assessment
    2. Sigi C. Joseph (2014) - V2G and V2H applications in Smart grids
    3. Grace Sadhana S. (2015) - Stability enhancement for hybrid renewable energy systems

    Completed M-Techs


    1. Baji V T - Wheeling Power applications in Industries


    1. Babitha R - Study of distribution System Harmonics


    1. Jayampu Mukanda - Analysis of Transients during sympathetic interaction of Transformers


    1. S S R Rao  - Load Management in Industries
    2. N Venkata Rami Reddy - Reliability Analysis of wind energy system-New technique


    1. KSV Jayram - Optimal Operation for Hybrid Energy System
    2. Bennet V George - Development and Modeling of Multifunction Digital Relay for Transmission Lines
    3. Abdul Mujeeb - Mathematical Modeling and Optimisation of An Industrial Cogeneration System
    4. Sowajanya V - DSP based control scheme for gradient coil of MRI scanner
    5. Victor George - Decision Support System for Industrial Energy Management


    1. Sreeraj R - Integrated Digital Protection Scheme for Transmission Lines
    2. Jaykrisnnan - Optimisation of Community Based Hybrid Energy System
    3. Zareena P P - Effect Of Harmonics on Stand by Diesel Generators
    4. Suresh kumar - Modeling of Power Conditioner for Photovoltaic Systems
    5. Kumaraswami P - Optimal Operation of Cogeneration System for a Typical Paper Industry
    6. Netaji Bose - Optimal Configuration of Concentrated Pv Module
    7. Sajumon K - DG Set Based Trigeneration


    1. Raja P - MPPT of PV systems with modified PAO algorithm
    2. K Mahender Rao - Development of Hybrid Algorithms for Distance Relay
    3. B Damodar - Hystersis Controlled UPQC
    4. D S Madhusudan - Computer Controlled Optimal Hybrid Energy System
    5. Siddhartdha P - Optimal operation of GAS turbine based Cogeneartion
    6. Hareesh H - Steam turbine based Optimal Trigenration
    7. Suresh K Alappatti - Trough concentrator for PV System


    1. Satinder pal Singh - Design & Development Of Micro Hybrid Energy Systems
    2. Reghuram - Hybrid Algorithm for MPPT of Wind Energy Conversion Systems
    3. O M  Prakash - Effect of UPFC on Distance Protection
    4. Srinivas P - Application of DSTATCOM to distributed Generation
    5. Aravindkumar       - Neural Network Based Transformer Differential Protection
    6. G Krisna Kumar - Development of Optimal Pico-Hydel Generator for Rural Areas
    7. Pradeepkumar - Design and Fabrication of Two stage concentrator for Solar Photovoltaic System
    8. Praveen H - Thermo economic Analysis of Trigeneration System


    1. R L Badami - PC Based Wireless Wind  Data Acquisition System
    2. K V Shiva Reddy - Wavelet Based Multifunction Relay  for Transmission Line Protection
    3. M Alok Dattatray - Modelling & Optimisation of Multi-carrier Energy System
    4. B Vijayakumar - Optimal Selection of Renewable Hybrid Energy System
    5. Thirumal Reddy - Performance of capacitor Protection under Non-linear loads
    6. G Balwanth Reddy - Optimal Power Wheeling under ABT
    7. Imam Husen Patel - Power quality issues of Wind firm
    8. Arockiya Xavier - Maglev Wind Power Generation
    9. V.Anil Kumar       - Development of Power conditioner for Hybrid Energy System
    10. Hazarathiah.V - Torque optimization of Induction Motor Drive
    11. Vinod P - Optimal Maintenance Scheduling of Generators
    12. Viranak Bhojraj  P  - Modeling & design of Intelligent Robot for fault diagnosis of Power Transmission & Distribution lines


    1. Rajkumar Anumasula - Industrial Load Management Controller
    2. Toji A G - Current Sensing of Power Transmission lines with the help of Inspection Vehicle
    3. Suraj Damodaran - Biometric Time & Attendance System
    4. Najaraju J - Hybrid Photovoltaic –Thermosyphon System
    5. P V Chandrasekhara Rao - Optimal Cool Energy Storage of the Refrigeration plant
    6. Minal Salunke - Characterization of PQ issues in Wind power plants
    7. Sai Kishore Dattu R R      - PQ improvements at AC mains in Vector Controlled Induction motor Drive
    8. Madhusudan M - Fuzzy and SVM Techniques for Differential Protection


    1. Frieda Mohan - Impact of UPFC on ANN & wavelet based Distance relays
    2. Lakshmi Mohan - PLC based Peak Load control for a Chemical Industry
    3. Balaji - A new Sensor less Control Scheme for Efficiency Optimisation of Single  Phase Induction motor Drives
    4. Suhas - Dynamic Analysis Of Renewable Energy  Systems & Impact on  SMART GRID
    5. HSVS Kumar - Control and optimization of Micro-grids


    1. Vineet P Koshy - Optimized Power Management for Distributed Energy System
    2. Sandeep J - Optimal Design of Micro Hydel Project
    3. Minnu Anand - PLC control of Linear induction motor for process automation
    4. Syama S - Labview based Speed control of Wound rotor induction motor
    5. Abhilash T Vijayan - Intelligent Robotic arm for soft material cutting
    6. Hima Bindu G      - Development of models to determine optimal operating strategies of IGCC power plant
    7. Siby Jose - Optimal Operation of Biomass Gasifier Power Plant
    8. K M Sridhara - Power quality and protection issues in micro-grids with multiple distributed generation units


    1. Rajitha S Kumar - Design and development of smart electricity meter
    2. Megha G. Krishnan - Development of synchronized Phasor measurement unit
    3. Y Janardhan Reddy - Development of energy management controller under smart grid environment
    4. Mishiga Vallabhan K G - Adaptive control of networked control system subjected to random delays and packet losses
    5. Sony Susan V - Real time load management for distributed energy resources in a smart grid.
    6. Anoop V E - Adaptive relay for smart grid environment
    7. Anish S - Master pressure control system for a thermal power plant using model predictive control
    8. Nizam V N - Process control using adaptive techniques
    9. Krishna Kashyap A - Modeling, Analysis and development of a permanent magnet brushless DC motor and controller
    10. Jani Das - Automation of captive power plant and optimization


    1. Arun Mathew - Arc Flash analysis and detection
    2. Mani Shankar- Automated metrics collection from engineering tools
    3. S. Sathish Kumar - Computer vision using IP camera's application-People counting
    4. Zaher V Abdul Rahaman - Linear Fresnel Reflector Based Solar Energy
    5. Manish Kumar Singh - Multiagent based protection coordination of Power system Network
    6. Tanushree Dalai - Implementation of GPRS based communication for telematics application in automotive domain
    7. Santhosh Jois - Endurance enhancement of MAVs from renewable energy sources
    8. Aravind Venukumar - Implementation of Vortex Power (ArVo) Generation Scheme
    9. Amit Singh - Development of an obstacle crossing robot for inspection of transmission line.
    10. Radhika N. K - Development of a hand gesture controlled robotic arm


    1. Aswin T - Development Of Computer Vision System For Rolling Stock Examination
    2. Atheena Charly - Design And Development Of Smart Electricity Meter With In-Built Energy Management Controller
    3. Jishad T K - Development Of Intelligent Robot For Diagnosis Of Power Lines
    4. Narendraprasad B - Design and optimization of gravitational Vortex based small hydro electric power plant
    5. Namitha K - Design and development of neuro-fuzzy controller for AC and DC motor drives
    6. Sreeja S Nair - Data flow analysis for IEC 61131-3 based control systems
    7. Vipil Vinod - Depth from stereo
    8. Sandeep Kumar Palo - Vision based mobile simultaneous localization and mapping in an indoor environment
    9. Aakarsh Rastogi - Automatic gear shifting of power transmission for bicycle
    10. Karthik K - Design and development of The source inverter to control 3-phase induction motor
    11. Khush Khanna - Protective relaying for wind generators
    12. Ashutosh Sonawane - Optimum configuration of bus bar


    1. Kanhu  Charan Patra - Development  Of FPGA Based Smart  Controller For Special Purpose  Machines
    2. Nasrulla Sk - Gravity Power Generation
    3. Mithun Raj - Design and Development Of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine For Highway Wind Power Generation
    4. Anju Krishna - Design and Development Of Matrix Converter
    5. P Raji - Development Of Gsm/Gprs And Gps Based Cost Effective Module
    6. Afsal KK - Development Of Hub Generator For Energy Harvesting
    7. Ashwin D - Design, Simulation Development Of 1e4 Induction Motor
    8. Greeshma Sekaran - Wireless  Sensor For Power System Monitoring
    9. Nalla Vikram - Development  Of Magnetic Sensor Based Wireless Intelligent Road Studs For Traffic Data Acquisition
    10. Neethu George - Fault Locator for a Distribution Network with and without DER.
    11. Sreeram R. Kurup - Development of an Optimal Blackstart and Restoration Plan
    12. Subhadeep Paladhi - Improvement of Power Quality and protection issues in Wind Turbine based microgrid using Solid state transformer.
    13. Sajeena Khader - Optimal capacity and operation of a pumped storage hydroelectric power generation


    1. Athul M - Modelling & Optimization Of Cement Kiln
    2. Nidhi Karwar - Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Loop Closure Detection in Indoor Environment
    3. Deepak Kumar Panda - MRAS Observer Based Sensorless Controller Design For Linear Induction Motor Under Discrete Variable Load
    4. Meher Anusha - Parameter analysis in FOC Based E Drive
    5. Emmanuel Babu P - Improvement Of Operating Efficiency of an underloaded Induction Motoring Energy Storage Mechanism
    6. G. Harish Kumar - Design &Development Of Controller For Switched Reluctance Motor
    7. Lijin E M - Design And Development Of Vawt For Highway Wind Power Generation
    8. Nayana V  V- Microgrid Automation
    9. Ashin Das- Data Exchange Framework For Industrial Plant and DCS  Engineering
    10. Peter Abraham - Vector Controlled PMSM Drive with Regenerative Braking
    11. Sanam Subhramanyam - Electricity Generation from the Segmented Oscillating Water Columns (OWC)
    12. Dilshad - Temperature Estimation of Permanent Magnet Sysnchronous Motor Used In Electrical Vehicles
    13. Anuranj N J - Resiliency Assesment of Power Systems
    14. Anju LS - Development of FPGA based micro PMU distribution grid
    15. Lakshmi R - Security assessment of microgrid using micro PMU data and its visualization in PDC


    1. Silpa KS - Automatic And Optimized Method For Multicast Traffic Grouping In Substation Automation Network
    2. Seema Kumari - Torque Ripple Minimisation in SRM Using Sensorless Control Based On Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Control
    3. Anoop John - Vector Controlled PMSM With Bidirectional Powerflow For Electric Vehicles
    4. Adnan Mohemmed - Design And Development Of a Phasor Measurement Unit
    5. Aditi  C - Efficient Method For Functional Testing Of Distributed Control System
    6. Dattatraya  H  Nagraj - High Frequency High Efficiency Bidirectional Dc-Dc Converter Module Design For Solid State Transformer
    7. Gokul Krishnan K-Improvement Of Performance Of Under Loaded Induction Motor Using Bidirectional Converter And Energy Storage  System
    8. Ajaz Hameed- Micrgrid Data Modelling Based on IEC61850
    9. Akhila A L - Development of Phasor Estimation Algorithm and hardware for FPGA based micro PMU


    1. Priya P-Development of Wavelet Transform Algorithm for frequency estimation in DSP based PMU
    2. Gayathri MS - Smart building Energy Management system
    3. Pratibha E - Design and Implementation of FPGA based controller for torque ripple minimization in SRM
    4. Maleeha Femin - Verification of LECM Firmware for SIM8F requirement in RIO600
    5. Namitha Elizabeth Varghese - Clock Synchronization in IOT Based Systems
    6. Jithin Mohan - Implementation and Performance Analysis of IEC61850 Prototype on Low Power Devices
    7. Sohan Placid John - Low speed wind generation for Highway Application
    8. Jithin T J -Powertrain Dimensioning and interturn fault detection modelling of battery Electric Vehicle
    9. Mariya Fasvi - Development of Fault Location Algorithm for Microgrids


    1. Akash C Babu - Design and Development of an FPGA based speed controller for an 8/6 Switched Reluctance Motor.
    2. JahfarSadhique -Sensorless control of BLDC motor with field oriented control for powertrain applications
    3. Devi Parvathy H - Exploring the feasibility of low power Bluetooth mesh networks
    4. Vaishak S Structural performance evaluation of wireless mesh networks used in industrial applications
    5. Himanshu Kumar- Thermal analysis of PMSM motor
    6. AlakeshNarzary - Real time monitoring of conveyor using computer vision and IoT


    1. Rijo Abraham - TDF based torque ripple minimization of SRM drive  
    2. Sangeeth P - Improved Initial Rotor Position Estimation for Field Oriented Control of PMSM Drives
    3. Athira E R - Design and development of controller for Solid State Transformer
    4. R S Abhi Krishna – A Kinect based wearable face recognition system to aid visually impaired users
    5. Remya R - LVDC powered Energy efficient House boats                   
    6. Garlapati Venkata Rao Nikhil - Design of adaptive distance relay for feeder protection with renewable integration.


    1.  Deepak Sreedharan - Design and development of a contack-less device for COVID-19 monitoring using Computer vision
    2. Aravind H S - Advanced control strategies on PMSM
    3. B Mahesh Raju - Design of adaptive distance protection for transmission line integrated with renewable energy
    4. Sai Kiran - Atmospheric gases measurement using IoT
    5. Birru Srinivas - EV charging by renewable energy


    1. Baratam Prathap Kumar-Evaluation of federated learning frameworks for edge devices
    2. Peela Chandani-Iterative learning control guided reinforcement learning scheme for batch process
    3. Anargh Sudhakar-Rex relay enhancement
    4. Vishal Kumar Singh-Sensorless FOC of PMSM drive



    PG Level

    EE6404 - Industrial Load Modelling & Control

    EE6401 - Energy Auditing & Management

    EE6204 - Digital Protection of Power Systems

    UG Level

    EE2007 - Electrical Machines – 1

    EE3003 - Electrical Machines – II

    EE3004 - Power Systems – 1

    EE3006 - Power Systems – II

    EE4030 - Switchgear and Protection