Centre for Clean Energy and Circular Economy

Head of the Department:

Dr. Shaija A.

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Centre for Clean Energy and Circular Economy (C-CECE) is a Multi-disciplinary Centre in NIT Calicut, that aims to converge the activities related to clean energy and circular economy, aligning closely with the related national goals and missions of our country. The Centre aspires in bringing together the capabilities various members of the Institute working in the area of clean energy, enhancing inter-department collaborations within the institute and with other academic/research institutions, NGOs, and government/private organizations. 



To be a leading global centre in the field of clean energy and circular economy aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals.



  • To develop effective and affordable solutions for clean and sustainable energy, and circular economy.

  • To develop and commercialize technologies for clean water and sanitation for good health and well-being.

  • To develop technologies and solutions for sustainable/clean smart cities and communities and for climate resilience.



  1. Develop unique and translational research facilities, and carry out advanced research in the areas of clean energy and sustainable technologies aiding to circular economy.

  2. Create opportunities and support multi-disciplinary research and teaching activities on clean energy systems.

  3. Create a framework for obtaining grants from Government/Private funding agencies and alumni.

  4. Establish research collaborations with industries/alumni/academic and research institutions working in the energy domain and circular economy, and to utilise their expertise for the development of the Centre.   

  5. Develop appropriate technologies for waste-to-energy, smart sustainable cities, clean air and water in collaboration with local stakeholders (e.g. farmers, civic bodies).

  6. Offer educational programmes like short term course/training/internships/ workshop/seminars/Masters/PhD programmes in clean and sustainable energy and circular economy.  









Head of the Department:

Dr. Shaija A.


Mailing Address