Dr. Neetu Garg
Dr. Neetu Garg

Asst. Professor (grade II)

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MAT 112, Department of Mathematics National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kerala-673601 India

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  • PhD: National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra

  • Educational Qualifications

    • PhD: National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra


    Numerical analysis, Scientific computing, Numerical Solutions of Fractional Differential Equations and Fractional Calculus.

    • PhD Scholar: Varsha R (Ongoing)
    •  PG Dissertation: Amber Shukla, May 2023.


    • MA1012E: Mathematics-II (Batch CS 02-03): Winter 2024 (Ongoing)
    • MA6203E: Numerical Analysis (MSc Math): Monsoon 2023
    • MA2001D: Mathematics-III (CS-02): Monsoon 2023
    • MA1002D: Mathematics-II (Batch D, L): Winter 2023
    • MA2001D: Mathematics-III (CE, PE): Monsoon 2022



    • Availed DAC funding from Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK for presenting a talk in the workshop in Feb 2022.
    • Availed Junior Research Fellowship from UGC from Feb 2016 to Jan 2018.
    • Availed Senior Research Fellowship from UGC from Feb 2018 to Jan 2021.

    Achievements & Awards

    • Best Presentation Award in “27th International conference of International Academy of Physical Sciences (CONIAPS-XXVII)”, Oct 2021 at NIT Silchar, Assam, India.
    • Best Paper presentation award in “2nd International conference on mathematical modelling, applied  analysis and computation (ICMMAAC-19)”, August 2019 at JECRC University, Jaipur, India.
    • Gold Medalist in M.Phil. (Maths).
    • Gold Medalist in M.Sc. (Maths).
    • Qualified Gate (all India Rank 33).
    • Qualified CSIR NET (all India Rank 24).
    • Qualified Junior Research Fellowship (JRF UGC) (all India Rank 86).
    • Qualified Junior Research Fellowship (JRF UGC).



    • Invited speaker in workshop “DST-STUTI” at NIT Calicut collaborated with ICT Mumbai, July 2023.
    • Presented a short talk in "Inaugural meeting of Asian-Oceanian Women in Mathematics" at ICTS, Bengaluru, April 2023.
    • Presented an Invited talk in one week FDP on ' Recent Emerging Trends of Research in Mathematics' organized by Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, March 2023.
    • Presented an Invited talk in one week workshop on “Deterministic and stochastic fractional differential equations and jump processes (FD2W01)” at Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK, Feb, 2022.

    • A computational procedure and analysis for multi-term time-fractional Burgers-type equation, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, pp 1-15, 2022. (with A.S.V. RaviKanth)
    •  Numerical treatment and analysis for a class of time-fractional Burgers equation with the Dirichlet boundary conditions, International Journal of Computational Science and EngineeringVol. 25(1), 74-90, 2022. (with A.S.V. RaviKanth)
    • Numerical Simulation of Time Fractional Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Equation using Exponential B-Splines, Renewable Energy towards Smart Grid. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol. 823, pp 133-143, 2022. (with A.S.V. RaviKanth)
    • An unconditionally stable algorithm for multi-term time-fractional advection-diffusion equation with variable coefficients and convergence analysis, Numerical methods for partial differential equations, 37(3), 1928-1945, 2020. (with A.S.V. RaviKanth)
    • A numerical approach for a class of time fractional reaction diffusion equation through exponential B-spline method, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 39(1), article ID 37, 2020. (with A.S.V. RaviKanth)
    • An Implicit Numerical Scheme for a Class of Multi-term Time-Fractional Diffusion Equation, The European Physical Journal Plus, Vol. 134, 312, 2019. (with A.S.V. RaviKanth)
    • Analytical solution of the Bloch equation using fractional operators with non-singular kernels, chapter in Springer Proceedings Series “Trends in Mathematics” pp. 37-45, 2019. (with A.S.V. RaviKanth)
    • Computational Simulations for solving a class of Fractional Models via Caputo Fabrizio Fractional Derivative, Procedia Computer Science, Vol. 125, pp. 476-482, 2018. (with A.S.V. RaviKanth)

    1)  Faculty Advisor, M.Sc. Mathematics (2022 admission) students. 

    2)  Course Coordinator, Mathematics II (Winter 2022-23).

    3) Department Coordinator-Examination (From Feb 23)

    1. Coordinator for one week workshop on “Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence (MAI-2023)” on 16-01-2023 - 20-01-2023, Department of Mathematics, NIT Calicut.

    Life Member of the Indian Mathematical Society (IMS).

    Sep 2023-Sep 2025: Faculty Research Seed Grant (FRG)