Dr. Shihabudheen K. V.
Dr. Shihabudheen K. V.

Assistant Professor

Office Address:

AB 111, Architecture Building, NIT Calicut.

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Home Address:

D-19, Faculty Quarters, NIT Calicut

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering (Specialization: Machine Learning & System control) from IIT Roorkee during 2014-2018

  • M. Tech in Electrical Engineering (Instrumentation & Control) from NIT Calicut during 2010-2012

  • B. Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from M G university, Kerala during 2006-2010

  • Educational Qualifications

    • PhD in Electrical Engineering (Specialization: Machine Learning & System control) from IIT Roorkee during 2014-2018

    • M. Tech in Electrical Engineering (Instrumentation & Control) from NIT Calicut during 2010-2012

    • B. Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from M G university, Kerala during 2006-2010

    Ph. D - Ongoing

    1.  Anju M (January 2021 Admission)

    Topic: Stability and performance analysis of DFIG based wind energy systems

    2.  Deepak V Dev (January 2021 Admission)

    Topic: Robust control of Nonlinear time delay systems

    3. Jyothish Sebastian (January 2022 Admission)

    Topic: Adaptive Intelligent control of Nonlinear systems

    4. Simi Raj (August 2023 Admission)

    Topic: AI-Based Consensus Control of Multi Agent Systems

    5. Shyamchand G (August 2023 Admission)

    Topic: Computer Vision for food safety inspection

    6. Mubaris P ( November 2023 Admission)

    Topic: AI-based fault diagnostics of transformer

    M.Tech - Ongoing


    1. Annie Jose  (2023-2024), Topic: Intelligent control of Multi-agent systems

    2. Chandresh Sharma  (2023-2024), Topic:  Adaptive Neural Control of Helicopter System

    3. Divya Isaac (2023-2024), Topic: Design of hybrid predictive controller for UAV system

    4. Rohit AP (2023-2024), Topic: Two-loop Predictive Control of DC-DC converter system

    M.Tech - Completed

    10. Albin  (2022-2023), Topic: Adaptive Neural Network Feedback Linearizable Control

    9. Bharti Yadav (2022-2023), Topic:  Predictive Control of DC-DC converter system

    8. Anik Mitra (2022-2023), Topic: Fault Detection using Deep Learning

    7. Daisy Monica Roy (2021-2022), Topic: 3D Object detection using Deep learning

    6.  Pradnya Uttamrao Moon (2021-2022), Topic: Design of model prediction controller for DFIG system

    5. Priyanshu Raj (2021-2022), Topic: Intelligent Control of DC-DC converter systems

    4. Kavyasree Raj S (2020-2021), Topic: Intelligent control of feedback linearizable systems

    3.  Sunidhi Gupta (2020-2021), Topic: Detection of Faults using Machine Learning Techniques

    2. Gopakumar K (2020-2021), Topic: Control of Distributed Multi-agent systems

    1. Vennela Thamminaidu (2020-2021), Topic: Model Predictive Control of Nonliear Systems

    1. Nonlinear and Intelligent control systems

    2. Soft computing and hybrid system

    3. Renewable energy harvesting and control

    4. Machine learning and deep learning

    5. Robotics

    6. Microgrid control

    • Gold medal Award for top rank holder,Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Calicut
    • Best paper award for system conference NSC-2015
    • Best paper award for IEEE 6th ICCCA 2021.

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    Book Chapter

    • Shihabudheen, K. V., and S. M Sheik. "Review and Analysis of Machine Learning Based Techniques for Load Forecasting in Smart Grid System." In Hybrid Intelligent Approaches for Smart Energy: Practical Applications, pp. 1-26, Wiley Online, 2022 
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    International Conferences

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    • SERB sponsored High-end workshops on "Data Analytics in Electrical Energy Systems", 22nd-28th March 2023
    • SERB Karyashala sponsored High-end workshop on  "Application of Computational Intelligence in Modelling and Control  " from 23rd-29th January 2023. 
    • SERB-sponsored High-end workshops on "Application of Artificial Intelligence in Power System Operation & Control", 2022
    • IEEE sponsored FDP "Recent advances in Intelligent System & Nonlinear Control" 2020
    • Special track on “Machine Learning for Power Systems and Power Electronics" in TENCON 2019 
    • TEQIP Sponsored 5 day FDP on “Electric Vehicle: Development, Integration and Challenges”, 2019