Dr. Lisa Sreejith
Dr. Lisa Sreejith


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Soft Materials Research Laboratory Department of Chemistry National Institute of Technology

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15A Skyline Crescendo flat, Golf Link Road, Chevarambalam P.O, Kozhikode - 673017

  • Post Doctoral Fellow Aligarh Muslim University -1997 (Supervisor: Professor Kabir-ud-din)

  • PhD , Aligarh Muslim University, UP -1996 (Supervisor: Professor Kabir-ud-din)

  • M.Phil :Surface Chemistry, Aligarh Muslim University - 1993

  • Msc : Physical Chemistry , Aligarh Muslim University - 1991

  • B.Sc : Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, M. G. University, 1989

  • Educational Qualifications

    • Post Doctoral Fellow Aligarh Muslim University -1997 (Supervisor: Professor Kabir-ud-din)

    • PhD , Aligarh Muslim University, UP -1996 (Supervisor: Professor Kabir-ud-din)

    • M.Phil :Surface Chemistry, Aligarh Muslim University - 1993

    • Msc : Physical Chemistry , Aligarh Muslim University - 1991

    • B.Sc : Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, M. G. University, 1989


    • Metal Ion-Biomolecule System. I. Polarographic Studies on the Binary and Ternary Lead (II) Complexes of Citrulline and 5- Inosine Monophosphate. Sara Liz David and Kabir-ud-Din, J. Indian Chem. Soc., 72, 475 (1995).

    • Effects of Various Hydrocarbons on Micellar Growth. Sanjeev Kumar, Sara Liz David and Kabir ?ud-Din,.J.Am.Oil Chemists Soc. 74(7),797 (1997)

    • Growth of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Micelles in Aqueous Ammonium Salts.Sanjeev Kumar, Sara Liz David, V.K.Aswal, P.S.Goyal and Kabir-ud-Din,Langmuir, 13, 6461 (1997).

    • Viscosities of Cetylpyridinium Bromide Solutions (Aqueous and Aqueous KBr) in presence of Alcohols and Amines.Sara Liz David, Sanjeev Kumar and Kabir ?ud-Din,.J.Chem.Eng.Data, 42,198 (1997)

    • Viscosites of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate solutions in Aqueous Ammonium Salts. Kabir-ud-Din, Sara Liz David and Sanjeev Kumar, J. Chem. Eng. Data, 42, 1224 (1997)

    • Effect of Counterion size on the Viscosity Behaviour of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Micellar Solutions.Kabir-ud-Din, Sara Liz David and Sanjeev Kumar J.Mol.Liquids, 75, 25 (1998).

    • Influence of Nature of Counter ions for Micellar Growth in Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Solution. Sara Liz David, Sreejith M.Nair and Sudheesh .P, J.Surf.Sci.& Tech.,20(3-4),203(2004).

    • Interactions of Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate (SDBS)and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) with gelatin ? A Comparison Jinu George, S.M.Nair, Lisa Sreejith, Journal of Surfactants & Detergents, 11,29-32(2008) .

    • Tunable Thermo Reversible Viscoelastic Gels from Self Assembly of Surfactants. Sudheesh.P, S.M.Nair, Lisa Sreejith, Asian J.Applied Science.,1(3) 246-252( 2008).

    • Circular dichroism and viscosity studies of gelatin with anionic surfactant, SDBS. Jinu George, Sudheesh.P, S.M.Nair, Lisa Sreejith, Composite Interface( 15(7-9) 653-659, 2008).

    • A Rheological Approach to Viscoelastic worm-like micelles of tunable properties. Sudheesh.P, S.M.Nair, Lisa Sreejith, Journal of Surfactants & Detergents (In press,2008)

    • Studies on the interaction of SDS with Gelatin in presence of Urea Derivatives Jinu George, P.Sudheesh, P.N.Reddy, Lisa Sreejith, J. Dispersion Sci.& Tech (In Press,2008)

    • Influence of Salt on Cationic Surfactant- Biopolymer Interactions in aqueous medium Jinu George; Sudheesh P; Neelakanta Reddy P; Lisa Sreejith, Journal of Solution Chemistry (In Press,2008).

    • Viscoelastic Worm like Micelles in Aqueous CPC-Octanol Micellar System Structured by PEG Molecules Sudheesh P,Jinu George, M.S Sajeev and Lisa Sreejith, J.Polymer Research,(In Press,2008).


    Selected International conferences

    • International Soft matter Conference, Aachen,Germany,Oct.2007.

    • International Conference of Young researchers on Advanced Materials, Materials Research Society, Singapore, July2012.

    • International Conference on Catalysis Science and Chemical Engineering Malboune, Australia, December, 2019.

    • International conference on Material Science & nanotechnology, Wembley, London,UK October ,2022

    Research Area

    • Self assembly &  Micellar transitions 

    • Biomaterials

    • Targetted drug delivery

    • Sustainable living

    • Waste mangement using chemical principles

    As Resource Person

    • AICTE - ISTE short term training Programme , Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Rec,Calicut,1999.

    • Workshop on Chemical Aspects of the uses of Silica Gel, CEDTI, Calicut,2000

    • National Seminar onTrends Chemistry,N.S.S. College, Pandalam, 2004

    • National Seminar on Novel Trends in Organic&Photo Chemistry, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta, 2005.

    Projects Guided

    Projects Guided (2001 - 2007)


     Title of the Project

     Name of the Candidate


    Physico chemical studies on the effect of additives on the micellar growth

    Ms. Smitha.K.M

    May 2001

    Studies on the structural transitions of SDS micellar solutions

    Ms. Priya

    May 2002

    Additive induced micellar growth in sodium dodecyl sulphate solution

    Mr. Sudheesh.P

    May 2003

    Viscometric studies on the structural transitions of an anionic surfactant

    Mr.Rajesh Chandran

    May 2003

    Effect of additives on the physical properties of CTAB micellar solutions

    Ms. Anjana.M.R

    May 2003

    Effect of bulky counterions on the structural transitions of SDS solution

    Mr. Roy Paul

    May 2003

    Micellar growth in presence of aromatic hydrocarbons

    Mr. Prathosh

    May 2003

    Effect of additives on the physical properties of CTAB Micellar Solutions

    Ms. Shiji. S.V

    May 2004

    Role of alcohols in monitoring the growth of cationic micelle

    Ms. Misha T. Elias

    May 2004

    Viscometric examination of the effect of alcohols on CTAB micellar solution

    Ms. Asha Mathew

    May 2004

    Viscosity studies on a cationic surfactant CTAB in presence of aliphatic hydrocarbons


    May 2004

    Competitive effect of octanol and KBr on the Micellar growth of CTAB

    Mrs. Jyothi.K.P

    May 2004

    Interaction of Gelatin with anionic surfactant, SDS- A viscometric study

    Ms. Akhila

    May 2004

    Gelatin complexation with CPB micelles

    Ms. Sarita

    May 2004

    Effect of Aromatic Hydrocarbons on the Micellar growth of CTAB solutions,

    Ms. Savithri

    Aug 2004

    Effect of Denaturant, Urea, in an Anionic gelatin Solution

    Ms. Divya.A

    May 2005

    Synergistic effect of Urea and gelatin in CTAB Solutions,

    Ms. Neethu Krishna

    May 2005


    Viscometric Investigations of Ionic Surfactant- Gelatin Interaction,

    Mrs. Jisha

    May 2007

    Liquid Crystal Formation in Surfactant Solutions

    Mrs. Sabira

    May 2007

    Properties of Complexes and Particles of Gelatin with CTAB Micellar System

    Ms. Nandini

    May 2007

    R&D Projects

    R&D Projects Completed

    • Studies on the structural transitions in SDS Micellar solutions, FRP project CREC, Calicut Rs. 1.5 lakhs

    • Structural studies of surfactant organized assemblies. Minor project, UGC, N.Delhi ,Rs. 3 lakhs

    • Mesophase formation and characterisation of organised assemblies, KSCSTE Rs. 10 lakhs

    • Temperature Dependent Optical Switch from Organized Assemblies, UGC-CSR–DAE, IGCAR, Kalpakkam  Rs. 5lakhs  

    • Plastics to Fuel Pilot plant, MHRD-SAP project, Rs. 75 lakhs

    Ph.D Completed


    Dr. Jinu George

    Faculty in the  Department of Chemistry, Sacred Heart College ( Autonomous) Thevara, Kochi as Assistant Professor since 2010. 
    Currently she is Dean of faculty of Science and heads Bioorganic Chemistry Research.  
    Her research interests include Soft matter, Gels, Materials Science and Cancer Biology.


    Physico- chemical studies on protein surfactant interactions in aqueous medium




    Dr. Sudheesh.P

     Asst. Professor, Dept. of Chemistry,The  Zamorins Guruvayoorappan  College, Calicut


    Thermotunable fluids and soft nano gels from surfactant organized assemblies





    Technical Assistant in  Chemistry ,Regional Chemical Examiners Laboratory, Kozhikode


    Tunable Poly (Acrylate-Acrylic Acid based hydrogels for water treatment process




    Dr. Linet Rose J.      

     Faculty , Dept. of Chemistry, Mary Matha Arts & Science College, Mananthavady


    Stimuli-responsive fluids from surfactant self assembly



    2010 -2015 

    Dr.. Jesila.K

     Faculty, Dept. of Chemistry, Govt. Engineering College, Calicut


    Alcohol tuned surfactant organized assemblies for industrial applications 





    Dr. Shebi.A 

    Formulation Chemist, R&D Chemistry, Tropical Biosciences Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore


    Fabrication and characterization of  modified PLA scaffolds for medicinal use   





    Mr. Mohd. Adhnan P.K

    Guest Lecturer in Chemistry, Govt College Mokeri, Kozhikode


    Biochemical studies on pH sensitive hydrogels on targetted drug delivery







    Compostable tableware

    Year of joining 

    2019 - 

    Mr. Mahesh.G



     Ecofriendly Sustainable Water  Solutions


    Year of joining 



    • Best National Teacher Award, Chemical Research Society of India 2011.


    • Warden, Ladies Hostel, 2002-04,2007-08

    • First Year B.Tech Coordinator 2010-12

    • Associate Dean (Academics) 2012-14

    • HoD Chemistry 2014-16, 2016-18

    • Coordinator, Green Mission 2015-2018

    • Coordinator,NITN Agroclub 2016-2022

    • Chairperson, Centre for Sustainable Technologies 2022- 

    About Me


    First Name : Lisa
    Surname : Sreejith

    Family :Mampilalil,Thumpamon, Pathanamthitta(Dt.)

    Date of birth : 26 March 1969

    Status : Married
    Spouse : Dr.Sreejith M.Nair

    Family: Sreenilayam,Puduppady,Calicut

    Occupation: Associate Professor

    Children :

    • Vijay M Sreejith

    • Bhavana Sreejith



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    • Shuttle Badminton

    • Volley ball

    • Cooking

    • Maintanence of garden


    Invited Lectures

    • Effect Of Bulky Counterions On The Viscosity Behaviour Of Anionic (SDS/SDBS) Micellar Solutions,N.S.S. College, Ottapalam,KERALA Dec,2003.

    • Surfactants, Micelles and their Fascinating Phenomena, Zamorin's Guruvayoorappan College, Calicut,KERALA, 2004.

    • Novel trends in viscoelastic systems, National Seminar on Trends in Chemistry,N.S.S. College, Pandalam,KERALA, 2004

    • emini Surfactants, National Seminar on Novel Trends in Organic & Photo Chemistry, Catholicate College,Pathanamthitta,KERALA 2005.

    • Viscoelastic Surfactant systems, Govt.Arts & Science College, Calicut,KERALA,Feb.2005.

    • Surfactant Systems: Their Use in Drug Delivery, St.Joseph'sCollege, Devagiri,Calicut,KERALA Feb,2005.

    • The role of micellar systems in Medicine, M.A.M.O. College, Manassery, Mukkam, Calicut, KERALA, Jan. 2006

    • Tunable thermoreversible viscoelastic micelles from self assembly of surfactants, IGCAR, Kalpakkam, March 2007.

    • Soft Materials,St.Joseph'sCollege,Devagiri,Calicut,KERALA Feb. 2008