• Dr. Suchithra TV, Associate Professor  School of Biotechnology has been granted a patent entitled' 'Novel 4-diphenylamino 3-iodo coumarin and a method for its isolation'  

    The present invention, in general, relates to a novel aminocoumarin, 4-diphenylamino 3-iodo coumarin isolated from Nigella sativa (commonly known as ‘Kalonji seeds/ Karim Jeerakam/ Black Seed’, a critical component in siddha and ayurveda) as a potent drug candidate against drug-resistant multi-drug resistant S. aureus strains (MRSA).

 Hearty congratulations to Dr. Suchithra TV  and her research group. 

  • Four faculty members of NITC - Prof. Ashok S, Prof. Sandhyarani K, Prof. Jayaraj S and Dr. Kumaravel S - figured in the Stanford University's list of Top 2% most influential Indian Scientists for the year 2020.
  •  Dr. M K Ravi Varma, Professor, Department of Physics, NITC, won the *Dr. S Vasudev Award 2021* for the Best Science Research Scheme project funded by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE)
  • Dr. Sathidevi P S, Deputy Director and Professor in ECED Department, NIT Calicut, is selected for the Prof. K M Bahauddin Award for the distinguished engineering teacher of Kerala State. The award is instituted in memory of the former Principal of REC Prof. K M Bahauddin by the Cochin Chapter of NIT Calicut Alumni Association.
  • Dr. C B Sobhan, Professor, SMSE, has been nominated as the Joint Secretary of the prestigious Indian Society of Heat and Mass and Transfer (ISHMT). Earlier he was member of the Executive Committee.
  • Dr. A P Shashikala Professor (HAG), Civil Engineering Department, was awarded The "Outstanding Woman Structural Engineer of The Year 2020" instituted by The Indian Association Of Structural Engineers, in July 2021.
  •  Dr. N Sandhyarani, Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, won the prestigious SERB POWER FELLOWSHIP from the Department Of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. SERB POWER FELLOWSHIP is instituted to recognize and reward outstanding women researchers and innovators. The fellowship consists of a personal fellowship amount of Rs. 15,000 per month and a research grant of Rs.10 lakhs per year for 3 years.
  • Dr. Kumaravel S Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering awarded “Young Faculty Research Fellowship” under Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme, Ministry of Electronics & IT, India. He also received Dr. Ramamoorthy Best Paper Award in Power Electronics & Drives at NPSC 2018 held at NIT Trichy for the paperKumaravel S, Gangavarapu Guru kumar, Kuruva Veeranna, Karthikeyan V"Novel Non-isolated Modified Interleaved DC-DC Converter to Integrate Ultracapacitor and Battery Sources for Electric Vehicle Application"
  • Dr. Lisa Sreejith from Department of Chemistry has brought laurels to NIT Calicut with her breakthrough innovation which produces petroleum from discarded plastic. This notable achievement of hers has been recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, and the centre has allotted 75 lakhs for the implementation of the project . NITC partnered with FACT for the establishment of a pilot plant in NITC campus, under the Swachh Mission Plan of the Government of India. The NITC and FACT Engineering Design and Organisation (FEDO) have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the implementation of the pilot plant which has been signed by Dr. Sivaji Chakravorti and General manager,FEDO, Mrs . B.K Geetha. Dr. Lisa has filed a patent to claim her exclusive rights over this new invention.  Hearty Congratulations to Prof. Lisa Sreejith !!!

    Please see the  news paper report below.

  • Congratulations : Dr. Hanas T for the great achievement.  Dr. Hanas received Sudarshan Bhat Memorial prize from IIT Madras for the best PhD thesis in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department for the year 2018
  • Dr.Kumaravel S , Assistant Professor EED,  received IEEE PES CHAPTER Outstanding Engineer Award for the year 2016
  • In the ‘Third International Conference on Developments in Science, Management and Engineering’ organized by International Organization of Scientific Research and Development, (ISORD) India, the paper entitled “Theoretical Prediction of Pressure Drop and Under Rib Velocity of Single Serpentine and Repitive Five Pass Spiral Flow fields for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells” authored by Mr Anup Johnson, Research Scholar and Dr A. Shaija, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering won the BEST PAPER AWARD. Congratulations.
  •  Dr. Aruna, Faculty in School of Management Sciences, won third prize for her paper “Performance Evaluation in Indian Microfinance Context: A market Performance Model”  in the 15th Technical Session Paper presentations of the 5th Annual International Conference on Sustainability- Inspiration, Innovation and Inclusion- held during 17th -19th March 2015 at IIM Shillong
  •  Dr Kasthurba A K is selected for the SAH2016 Travel grant award constituted by Society of Architecture Historians (SAH)- international Travel Grant to attend SAH annual meet 2016 at Los Angeles Pasadena, USA. This fellowship includes a few other incentives also- This is funded by Getty Institute USA. ( An International organization for Conservation Research).
    There were 70 applicants from 36 countries.
  • The paper entitled “A New Layout for On-screen Keyboard for Handheld Devices” authored by Sri. Pradeepmon T.G., R. Sridharan and Vinay V. Panicker has been adjudged as the Best Paper (Track: Industrial Engineering) presented at the International Conference on “Advances in Manufacturing and Thermal Engineering” organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, M. A. College of Engineering, Kothamangalam, Kerala in association with KSCTE and SAE during February 8 – 9, 2016.

  • Mr. P.V. Manu, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department was conferred with the BEST PAPER AWARD on the occasion of the 4th National Convention on Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials (NCHEAM’15) organized by Energy Center, MANIT, in association with University of Kerala & IAHEAM, during 28th - 29th November 2015, at MANIT Bhopal.
  • Dr.Kasthurba A. K   has been awarded Fulbright Nehru Award 2013 to visit 15 universities in USA. International Education Administrators Seminar in US by USIEF and CIES .
  • Dr. N. Selvaraju, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering , has been selected for Kerala young scientist award 2014 ( Engineering sciences and Technology)  instituted by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) for the year 2014. The  Award carries a grant Rs 50,000/- , a start up research grant ( Rs 50 lakhs ) and travel support for visit abroad  for presenting research work at a conference.