MAKE: Mitutoyo, Japan

 MODEL :Bright A 504

 Measuring Range: X 505, Y 405, Z 405

 Traceability: JIS, Japan and NABL, India

 Measuring Accuracy U1 : 4+5L/1000 μm

 Volumetric Accuracy U3 : 4+5L/1000 μm

 Repeatability : 3μm

 Probe System: HP 10T and HP 20  of Renishaw, England

 Working Area: 638 X 860 mm

 Maximum work piece Weight: 100 Kg


GEOPAK-WIN is a 3D data analysis and CMM programming software. It include all features of geometric measurement program in which the measurement of point, circle, ellipse, sphere, cylinder, stepcylinder, contour, intersection of elements, etc. are possible.

        Measurement errors in circularity, cylindricity, concentricity, straightness, coaxiality, flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, angularity, runout, etc. can be determined using this software. Measurement results are available in tabular/graphical form.

        SCANPAK-WIN records Contours and surfaces, compares the scan data with nominal data generated by the CAD system. It calculates geometrical elements at a contour after scanning and exports the data to formats like IGES, FANUC, TC-APT etc.

        Coordinate metrology based on the use of CMMs offers tremendous advantages as compared with conventional dimensional metrology. CMM could able to perform large number of measurements quickly. The application of CMM data scanning in reverse engineering is another dramatic achievement in the field of metrology.

        The Sophisticated Instrument Centre uses state-of-the art technology in measurements and metrology and has facilities for carrying out the measurements of industrial products. Among the technical Institutions in India, this Centre is a rare and unique combination of the latest sophisticated machines and their softwares available in the field of measurements and inspection. Most of the instruments like CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), CNC surface roughness tester and measuring softwares have been imported from Japan with financial assistance of the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India. It aims to enable small industrialist to obtain certification of quality for their products that are meant for export at a reasonable price. This centre also offers various training, testing and consultancy services to industries and academic institutions.

Short Term Programmes

Surface Roughness Tester:


Make: Mitutoyo, Japan

Model: Surftest SJ-301

Measuring range: 300μm

Stylus tip radius : 10 μm, 5 μm, 2 μm

Compatible surface texture standard: JIS, ISO, DIN and ANSI

Accessed profiles: R-profile, P-profile, DIN4776, MOTIF

Evaluation parameters: Ra, Rq, Rz, Rp, Rt, Pc, Sm, S, mr, Mr1, Mr2, dc, Lo, A1, A2, etc.

Sampling Length: 0.25 mm, 0.8 mm, 2.5 mm and 8 mm.

Surface texture analysis software: SURPAK-SJ


Make : Mitutoyo, Japan


SURPAK is a dedicated software for surface texture analysis, which provides advanced data processing capabilities with an intuitive graphical interface speed, calculation and display of measurement results, etc. This includes a variety of evaluation parameters conforming to most of the world’s standards, analysis graphs, and digital filters.

ESPRIT2001 CAD/CAM Software

from DP Technology, USA


ESPRIT features solid modeling and solid machining. It has geometric modeler, surface modeler, parametric and variational design good connectivity with all standard formats. Machining module has adaptive feature recognition, knowledge based machining, 4GL language, etc. The machine technologies include milling, 3-D machining, turning 2 axis, turning multi axis, wire-EDM, etc. Also, it has got large number of post processor files and facility for back plotting of NC codes.


from Predator, USA


PREDATOR has powerful CNC verification and simulation for 3, 4 and 5 axis milling, turning, 150 plus CNC translators, reverse posts, error detection, visual inspection, feature inspection, advanced tooling, etc.