Name: Keraleeyan.P         Designation: Workshop Foreman

Experience in supervisory cadre: 22 years as on 07.10.2007

Total experience in  the Institute: 30 years as on 09.11.2007


Major areas in which actively assisted:

  1. Development of Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Laboratory.
  2. Setting up of Metrology Laboratory.
  3. Erection of the Centralized Air-conditioning plant in Electronics building.
  4. Setting up of Production Engineering Laboratory.
  5. Setting up of CNC Laboratory.
  6. Setting up of Ergonomics Laboratory.
  7. Setting up of Vibration & Acoustics Laboratory.
  8. Setting up of Sophisticated Instruments Centre.
  9. Setting up of Micro-machining Laboratory.
  10. Setting up of Rapid Prototyping Centre.
  11. Conducting practical classes in Heat Engines Lab, Hydraulics Lab, Refrigeration Lab, Ergonomics Lab, CNC Lab, Metrology Lab, Production Engineering Lab etc..
  12. Conducting practical examinations in the whole Mechanical Engineering Department.
  13. Supervised UG / PG / PhD and consultancy projects like Air curtain, Freeze drying, Solar Equipments, Year round A/C system, Hovercraft, Animal walking mechanism, Below knee ankle mechanism, Step climbing robot, Robotic Arm, etc..
  14. Repair and maintenance of Refrigerators, Water coolers and Air-conditioners in the various Departments, Hostels and Guest House of N.I.T.Calicut.
  15. Testing and Calibration work.
  16. Purchase of equipments under National And International Shopping Procedure.



  1. Experienced in CNC Machines like Lathe, Milling machine, Micromachining centre, and Electro Discharge Machine, Crank Press, Various Grinding Machines, etc...
  2. Experienced in CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine & Computer Aided Inspection
  3. Experienced in Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping
  4. Experienced in Advanced Manufacturing
  5. Experienced in Computerised Surface Roughness measurements
  6. Experienced in CAD/CAM
  7. Experienced in calibration of instruments in the area of Weight, Pressure, Temperature, Linear Measurements, Angular Measurements, Micro and Macro Examination etc...
  8. Experienced in I.C Engines, Hydraulic Machines, Boilers, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Solar Engineering, etc…


Courses, Trainings  & Workshops attended:

  1. Training in Metrology and Measurements
  2. Short Term course in Industrial Ergonomics
  3. Short Term course in Computer Languages (Basic, Fortran & Cobol)
  4. Training in CNC Programming and operation
  5. Training in CMM Programming and operation
  6. Training in CNC Surface Roughness Measurement and operation
  7. Training in Micromachining
  8. Training in Rapid Prototyping
  9. Short Term course in Tool Engineering
  10. Attended All India work shop on Quality Improvement Through Six Sigma
  11. Attended All India work shop on Coordinate Measuring Machines and Computer Aided Inspection
  12. Working knowledge in softwares (Microsoft-Word, Graf4Win, ACAD, MASTERCAM, ESPRIT, GEOPAK-WIN, SURF-PAK, IDEAS etc..)
  13. Working knowledge in Wiring, Plumbing, Welding, Fitting, Turning, Milling, Smithy, Carpentry and Sheet Metal trades.