National Conference on Soft Matter and Functional Materials (SMFM2020)

Functional and soft materials are gaining considerable attention due to their widespread applications, to mention a few are, energy materials, smart materials, nano and molecular electronics, smart photonic systems and biomedical devices. The three days conference will explore the highly interdisciplinary nature of soft matter and functional materials, ranging from physical to biological systems. Novel materials with improved functionality are of high demand in the market. Materials exhibiting more than one degree of functionality can provide even more applications. The programme will give an overview of both the fundamental and applied aspect of functional materials and soft matter and its current status to the participants. The conference will be an ideal platform for young researchers and doctoral students to interact with leading experts in this multidisciplinary, high impact and industrially relevant research area.


• To provide a unique and global view on soft and functional materials across disciplines (physics, chemistry, biology, materials science and engineering).
• To provide an in-depth understanding of the progress in various active soft matter systems, experimental techniques, actuation mechanism and their   applications.
• To explore the research on functional materials towards energy/electronics applications.


Research scholars
Postgraduate students
Industry experts


• Prof. P. B. Sunil Kumar, IIT Palakkad (Computational/ Soft matter)
• Prof. Shankar Ghosh, TIFR Mumbai (Soft matter)
• Prof. Sameer Dalvi, IIT Ghandhinagar (Soft matter)
• Prof. Ranjith Padinhateeri, IIT Bombay (Biological systems/computational)
• Prof. Manu Jaiswal, IIT Madras (2D materials, mesoscopic systems/functional materials)
• Prof. T. N. Narayanan, TIFR Hyderabad (Functional materials)


The acceptable word range for the abstract is 500 words with 3-4 keywords. Selected abstracts will be considered for oral/poster presentation.


Limited accommodation facilities will be available on a payment basis. Allotment will be based on a request from the participant.


Dr. Sivaji Chakravorti, Director, NIT Calicut

Dr. P. Predeep, Professor (HAG) & Head Department of Physics, NIT Calicut

Dr. C. S. Suchand Sangeeth
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
NIT Calicut

Dr. Subramanyan Namboodiri Varanakkottu
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
NIT Calicut