Dr. Sudheer A. P.

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Anuj A. Vargeese

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, ATAL Coordiantor

Dr. Baiju G. Nair

Coordinator, IPC, Associate Professor School of Biotechnology

Dr. Bindiya T. S.

Assistant Professor Grade I, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dr. Deepthi Bendi

Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Planning, Design thinking

Dr. Jayachandran K.

Assistant Professor Department of Civil Engineering, Patents activities

Dr. Kumarvel S.

President, IIC, Assistant Professor Department of Electrical Engineering,

Dr. Mija S. J.

Associate Professor Electrical Engineering Department, Student Innovations

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Dr. N. Sandhyarani

Faculty Innovations, Professor School of Materials Science and Engineering

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Dr. Panneerselvam Ranganathan

Associate Professor Department of Chemical Engineering, Innovations

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