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One Week  High End Workshop under SERB Kaaryashala on Application of Computational Intelligence in Modelling and Control (CIMC-2023) from 23rd - 29th January 2023 - Department of Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT Calicut is organizing a SERB Karyashala sponsored High-end workshop on  "Application of Computational Intelligence in Modelling and Control (CIMC-2023) " from 23rd-29th January 2023. The objective of this programme is to transfer knowledge and to impart special skills to those engaged in the promotion and facilitation of theory and applications of computational intelligence in modeling and control of dynamical systems. The workshop is aimed to give lectures and training on machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques in modeling and control of the latest applications. The participants will be exposed to the basics and fundamentals behind the algorithms with applications. The course also aims at giving some hands on experience in this field. The program is meant to support motivated PG/Ph.D. level students.

For 25 selected PG/PhD student participants, the workshop is free and the accommodation charge will be waived by the host institute through the SERB support.

Please find the attached brochure and registration form for further details and write to  in case of any queries. Interested research scholars and PG students can apply. Kindly circulate this information among your research group, students, and colleagues. The last date for application is January 16, 2023.

Registration Link for PG/PhD participants: