Dr. N. Sandhyarani
Dr. N. Sandhyarani


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SMSE 201 Nanoscience Research Laboratory, School of Materials Science and Engineering, National Institute of Technology Calicut, NIT Campus P.O , Calicut, Kerala 673601

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Soubhagya 27, Blue moon Villa, Ovungara, Karanthur P.O Kozhikode

  • M.Sc. Chemistry- School of Chemical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University

  • Ph.D. Chemistry- Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Advisor: Prof. T. Pradeep

  • Visiting Researcher- Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea

  • Post Doctoral Fellow- University of NotreDame, Indiana, USA

  • Post Doctoral fellow- Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA

  • Educational Qualifications

    • M.Sc. Chemistry- School of Chemical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University

    • Ph.D. Chemistry- Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Advisor: Prof. T. Pradeep

    • Visiting Researcher- Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea

    • Post Doctoral Fellow- University of NotreDame, Indiana, USA

    • Post Doctoral fellow- Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA




    N. Sandhyarani, Tushar Pathak, Haritha K., Arun R., M.K. Ravi Varma, A Low-Cost Portable Electrochemical Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Endotoxin and Method Thereof, Application No.202241053140 A dated 16/09/2022, issued as patent No. 429867, dated 24/04/2023


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    Citations: 2920, h Index: 34, i10 index:56


    Scopus: authorId=6603360447

    Citations: 2468, h Index: 32



    76 Nubla K, Sandhyarani N. Highly efficient and durable Y(OH)3/rGO/Pt ternary hybrid electrocatalyst for the methanol oxidation reaction, Materials Research Bulletin, 2023, 165,112304, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.materresbull.2023.112304, Download using https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1g-zF5pglhgd-        

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    71 Anish R. Nath, Kiran Kumar Garlapati, Anagha Yatheendran, N. Sandhyarani, Asymmetrical supercapacitor fabricated using sodium nickel phosphate and transition metal-carbon nitride nanocomposite as electrodes, Energy&Fuels, 2022,  36, 22, 13882–13893, https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.energyfuels.2c02089

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    69  Karuvatta Nubla, Muhammed Fasil Puthiyaparambath, Raghu Chatanathodi,  N. Sandhyarani, Experimental and theoretical investigation on the ORR activity of AgVO3, Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 2022, 6, 2042-2050 https://doi.org/10.1039/D2QM00116K

    68 Kiran Kumar Garlapati, Anish R. Nath, Ajith Mohan Arjun, Aruna Vijayan, N. Sandhyarani, The rational investigation of bimetallic selenides as electrode materials for hybrid supercapacitors, Electrochimica Acta, 2022, 424, 140627,   https://doi.org/10.1016/j.electacta.2022.140627

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    66  Anish R. Nath, Bharath Madhu, Ajay Mohan, N. Sandhyarani, Enhancing the stability of electrochemical asymmetric supercapacitor by incorporating thiophene-pyrrole copolymer with nickel sulfide/nickel hydroxide composite, Journal of Energy Storage, 2022, 46C, 103833




    65    Ajith Mohan Arjun, N. Sandhyarani, A 3D printed low volume hybrid enzyme fuel cell for low power applications, Applied Surface Science, 2021, 555, 149720 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apsusc.2021.149720

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    Book Chapters


    1. Rahul Rajan, Anagha Yatheendran, N. Sandhyarani Palladium@Copper Tungstate: A non-corrosive and Methanol Tolerant Electro-catalyst towards Oxygen Reduction Reaction. Proceedings of ICON-NSLE 2022, Springer, 2023


    1. Ajith Mohan Arjun, N. Sandhyarani Chapter 4, Carbon nanostructures for energy generation and storage, Applications of Multifunctional Nanomaterials Editors: Sabu Thomas, Nandakumar Kalarikkal, Ann Rose Abraham, Elsevier, 2023,  ISBN: 9780128205570


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    Professional Experience

    • 2004-2006 - Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Goa Campus (BITS-GOA)

    • 2007- Visiting Scientist (DST)- Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Trivandrum India

    • 2007-2010- Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology Calicut

    • 2010-2018- Associate Professor, National Institute of Technology Calicut

    • 2018 April- Professor, National Institute of Technology Calicut

    Funded Projects as Principal Investigator

    • Interface engineering of Rhenium based nano heterostructures for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction, SERB POWER FELLOWSHIP 2021, Science and Engineering Research Board, Government of India (Rs. 38,10,000/-, 2021-2024 )

    • Rational Design and Development of Non-Precious Mixed Transition Metal Oxides for Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Funded by Science and Engineering Research Board, Government of India (Rs. 41,48,890/-., 2020-2023 )

    • Design and Development of a low cost, rapid and sensitive sensor for the on-site detection of Endotoxin, Funded by Department of Science and Technology, Nanomission, Government of India (Rs. 43,84,560, 2019-2022)

    • Synthesis of novel electrocatalytic nanoparticles and nanocomposites for fuel cell applications, KSCSTE, Government of kerala,(Rs. 31.4 Lakhs, 2015-2018, Completed, Reeived Dr. S. Vasudev award for the best project)

    • Ultrasensitive, Rapid and Low cost Detection of Cancer Biomarkers Funded by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India (Rs. 6 Lakhs, 2012-2014, Completed)

    • Size and Shape controlled synthesis of nanoparticles using Marine microorganisms Funded by NIT Calicut under FRG scheme(Rs 5 Lakhs, 2009-2012, Completed)

    • Multifunctional Plasmonic Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites for targetted drug Delivery: Synthesis, Evaluation and Toxicological Studies , Funded by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India (Rs 45 Lakhs, 2008-2012, Completed)

    • Enhancement of the sensitivity of peptide nanotube based biosensors using metal nanoclusters, Funded by Department of Science and Technology, SERC (FAST TRACK), Government of India (Rs 19 Lakhs, 2007-2010, Completed)

    Funded projects as Mentor

    • Designing and Fabrication of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for electrocatalytic applications, SERB, TARE Scheme, TAR/2021/000326, PI: Dr. Anjana CP, Assistant Professor, MA College, Kothamangalam (on going)
    • Synthesis, characterization and application of magnetically recoverable functionalized nano-catalysts for various organic transformations. DST, WOS-A scheme, SR/WOS-A/CS-1042/2015 (G) PI: Dr. Ramani Thekkathu, 28/12/2016- 27/12/2019. Rs. 33,00,000/- (Completed)
    • ‘Flexible nanomaterial doped polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) devices for switchable window applications’ KSCSTE, Back to Lab Programme, (854/2013/KSCSTE,03/09/2013), PI: Nimmy John V (Completed)
    • Graphene-gold nanocluster conjugate with peptide-aptamer as a sensor for early diagnosis of CVDs , SERB NPDF, PI: Dr. Resmi V Nair, PDF/2020/001274 (Completed)
    • Development of a bioactive skin substitutes with hemostatic, antibacterial, angiogenic and wound healing properties from polycaprolactone/gelatin/metal oxide nanocomposites SERB NPDF, PI: Dr. Robin Augustine, PDF/2016/000499 (Completed)

    Ph. D. aspirants are requested to apply to School of Materials Science and Engineering to join the group

    Interested to join the group

    contact: sandhya@nitc.ac.in


    Personal WebSite

     Nanomaterials for sustainable energy and healthcare

    Understanding of the properties of nanomaterials and its application in various fields has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of scientific and technological fields. An essential aspect of the research activities of the NanoScience Research Laboratory (NSRL)  is to develop new tools and techniques for the synthesis, characterization, and study of nanomaterials and its applications in various fields for the benefits of society such as clean Energy and Healthcare.


    A clean and renewable energy generation method is the need of the hour. Fuel cell is one of the thrust areas where research is active to solve the issue of energy crisis. Another important energy source is hydrogen, and hydrogen production through water splitting is an active and hot research field. Similarly the storage of energy demands more development in the area. Energy storage systems such as batteries and supercapacitors are highly demanding.


    At NSRL we work on the application of nanomaterials in



    Development of electrochemical biosensors with enhanced performance has gained increasing importance owing to their wide range of applications in various fields ranging from medical diagnostics and health care,  environmental monitoring, industrial manufacturing to defense and security.


    At NSRL we work on the application of nanomaterials in

    Current Students



    Aruna Vijayan

    Thesis Topic: Generation of Hydrogen through Photocatalytic/electrocatalytic water splitting

    Anagha Yatheendran

    Thesis Topic: Synthesis of efficient Electrocatalysts and Catalyst support

    Haritha K. 

    Thesis Topic: Development of sensors for Endotoxin detection

    Teena Thomas, 

    Thesis Topic: Development of electro/photo electrocatalysts for solar water splitting

    Anju V S 

    Thesis Topic: Development of electrocatalyst for battery applications

    TARE Fellow


    Dr. Anjana C.P , Assistant Professor, MA College Kothamangalam

    Project title: “Design and Fabrication of
    Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for electrocatalytic applications”.


    ​Project Interns

    Tevin Terrance, M.Sc. Chemistry, Amrita Viswa Vidyapeedam


    Gayathri B, M.Sc. Chemistry, Christ University



    Dr. Manjusha Mathew 


    Assistant Professor , Nirmalagiri College

    Dr. Parvathy R Chandran


    Dr.Abdul Rasheed P


    DBT Ramalingaswami Fellow, IIT Palakkad

    Dr. Reny Thankam Thomas


    Media Research Engineer, Camfil AB Tech Center, Camfil, Sweden

    Dr. Rahul T K


    Assistant Manager MRF R & D Corporate Technical, Chennai

    Dr. Nair Thulasi Radhakrishnan

    Thesis Title: Development of efficient nanostructured electrode catalysts for direct methanol fuel cells (Degree Awarded in 2019)

    Dr. Biyas Posha

    Thesis Title: Development of electrochemical biosensors for the selective    and ultrasensitive detection of endotoxin and dopamine (Degree Awarded in 2020)

    Application Scientist , Croda Netherland BV

    Dr. Arjun Ajith Mohan

    Thesis Title: Development of Compact Enzymatic Biofuel cells based on Carbon nanostructures. (Degree Awarded in 2021)

    Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Virginia

    Dr. Anish R Nath

    Thesis Title: Design and Development of Electrode Materials for Hybrid Supercapacitors  (Degree Awarded in 2022)

    Postdoctoral Fellow, IIT Madras


    Dr. Nubla K.

    Thesis Title: Investigations

    on the effective electrocatalysts and

    catalyst supports with reaction selectivity

    for direct methanol fuel cells (2023)

    Postdoctoral Fellow, IISER Trivandrum


    Dr.Sindhu .R.​Nambiar

    Scientist, Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CSIR-CECRI),Karaikudi

    Email : sindhurnambiar@cecri.res.in

    Dr.Robin Augustine

    Post Doctoral Researcher,University of Massachusetts Lowell, MA, USA

    Email: robinaugustine9@gmail.com

    Dr. Ramani Thekkathu

    ​Principal Investigator under DST-WOS-A scheme


    Dr.Resmi V Nair

    Email : resmivbm@gmail.com



    Listed in Stanford's list of top 2% of scientists in 2021

    Best paper award in Kerala Science congress 2020 under Engineering science

    Dr. S. Vasudev Award from KSCSTE for the best-sponsored project completed in 2019.

    Graphitic carbon nitride-Titania nanocomposite as a promising catalyst support for electro-oxidation of methanol, New Journal of Chemistry, 2019, Highlighted as front Cover page

    Plasmonic and photonic effects on hydrogen evolution over chemically modified titania inverse opals. 2018, in ChemNanoMat, is selected as Hot paper in the areas of photocatalysis  and water splitting by Wiley editors

    In situ gold loaded fluorinated titania inverse opal photocatalysts for enhanced solar-light-driven hydrogen production" 2017, Chem Nano Mat. Is selected as Hot paper in the area of photocatalysis  by Wiley editors

    Best paper award in Kerala Science congress 2014- under Chemical science

    Best paper award in Kerala Science congress 2014- under Engineering science


    Institute responsibilities

    Head, School of Nano Science and Technology, April 2009 –October 2011

    First-year B.Tech. Coordinator- April 2013-April2014

    Head, School of Nano Science and Technology, March 2014-March 2016

    Head, SNST renamed as School of Materials Science and Engineering, September 2017- September 2019

    President IIC3.0- 2020-2021

    Faculty in charge, Raman Microscope (CMC)

    Dean, Research & Consultancy


    Department Responsibilities

    Exam Coordinator SMSE- 2013- 2023

    Faculty in Charge- SIFF 2018-till now

    Faculty in Charge- Nano Science Research Laboratory

    Faculty Advisor B Tech MSE 2021 Batch

    Subjects handled


    Nanosized structures

    Structure of Nanomaterials

    Spectroscopic Characterisation of Nanomaterials

    Nanomaterials for Energy and Environment

    Nanoscience and Technology Laboratory-II 



    Organic Chemistry

    Instrumentation methods laboratory


    Physics and Chemistry of Materials (S3 B Tech MSE)

    Fundamentals of Nanomaterials ((S4 B Tech MSE)

    Synthesis and Characterisation of Materials Laboratory (S5 B Tech MSE)

    Energy Materials and Technology (S7 B Tech MSE)

    Chemistry (S1/S2 B Tech)

    Chemistry laboratory (S1/S2 B Tech)