Dr. M. L. Joy
Dr. M. L. Joy


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Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT CALICUT, NIT Campus P. O., Kozhikode, Kerala, India. PIN 673601

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Prof. M. L. Joy, 33/4769-D, Malaparamba P.O., Kozhikode, Kerala. PIN 673009.

  • B. Sc.(Engg.) - Mechanical Engineering - Cochin University(1982).

  • M. Sc. (Engg.) - Machine Design - Kerala University(1985).

  • Ph.D - Tribology - Calicut University(1995).

  • Educational Qualifications

    • B. Sc.(Engg.) - Mechanical Engineering - Cochin University(1982).

    • M. Sc. (Engg.) - Machine Design - Kerala University(1985).

    • Ph.D - Tribology - Calicut University(1995).


    Internatinal Journals

    • Navaneeth, M.G., Sudheer, A.P. & M. L .Joy "Contact Wrench Cone-Based Stable Gait Generation and Contact Slip Estimation of a 12-DoF Biped Robot" Arab J SciEng (2022). DOI 10.1007/s13369-022-06763-z
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    • M. J. Thomas, M. M. Sanjeev, A. P. Sudheer, and J. M.L "Comparative study of various machine learning algorithms and Denavit–Hartenberg approach for the inverse kinematic solutions in a 3-PPSS parallel manipulator" ,Industrial Robot, vol. 47, no. 5, pp. 1–14, 2020,  DOI 10.1108/IR-11-2019-0233.
    • K. Sooraj Sukumar, M. J. Thomas, A. P. Sudheer, and M. L. Joy "Kinematics, structural analysis and control of 3-PPSS parallel manipulator",International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering,vol. 8, no. 6 Special Issue 4, pp. 911–916, 2019,DOI 10.35940/ijitee.F1186.0486S419
    • P. Thasleem, B. Kuriachen, D. Kumar, A. Ahmed, M.L. Joy, Effect of Heat Treatment and Electric Discharge Alloying on the Tribological Performance of Selective Laser Melted AlSi10Mg, Journal of Tribology (ASME). 143(5) (2021)
    • Akshai B , Visakh R, Krishnanand J Kamath, Mohammed R Riyas and ML Joy  "A novel approach in developingenvironment-friendly bio-lubricant from coconut oil, mustard oil andits methyl esters" Proc IMechE Part J:J Engineering Tribology 1–21! IMechE 2020, May 2020
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    • Aravind, K. Prabhakaran Nair, and M. L. Joy, "Formulation of a novel biolubricant with enhanced properties using esterified rubber seed oil as a base stock," Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology, p. 1350650118756243, 2018.
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    National Journals and Conferences

    • M. J. Thomas, K. S. Sukumar, A. P. Sudheer, and M. L. Joy "Mathematical modelling of a novel 3-PPSS parallel manipulator"Journal of Structural Engineering,vol. 48, no. 3, pp.1–6,2021.
    • Bandi Rambabu, M.L. Joy and V. Mustafa, "Parametric study of laminated compopsite plates by using discrete layer approach" Volume 35, pp 390 to 394, numer 5,December 2008-January 2009
    • M. V. Vaidyan, M. L. Joy, K. Rajesh Babu, P. Tinsy John, "Generalized Predictive Control of Magnetic Bearings", Proceedings of the First National Control Instrumentation System Conference 2004 (CISCON 2004), held at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, 2004, pp. 344 - 350. (received best paper award)
    • M.L. Joy, "Elasto thermo hydrodynamic effects in circular journal bearings", Presented and Published in the 6th Kerala Science Congress held in January, 1994 at Trivandrum, Proceedings, pp. 420-423.
    • K.V. Reddy, M.L. Joy, K.P. Nair, R.R. Nair, "Thermo hydrodynamic analysis of journal bearing using Finite Element Method", Presented and published in the 15th AIMTDR conference held in December, 1992 at Coimbatore, Proceedings, pp. 224-228.


    International Conferences

    • Joseph Babu K., Prabhakaran N.K. and Joy M.L, “Physio-tribological properties of lithium based grease developed from coconut oil (cocos nucifera) and analysis on crystal formation in grease,” ECOTRIB 2017, 6th European Conference on Tribology, June 7-9, 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    • Saijal K K, K prabhakaran nair, M L Joy, "Robust optimal trailing edge flaps for helicopter vibration reduction for various flying conditions" presented and published in the proceedings of ASME congress and  exposition, IMECE 2015,Nov 13-15, Houston,Texas, USA
    • Rani. S, K. Prabhakaran Nair, M. L. Joy. "Evaluation of Physio chemical and Thermal properties of Rice Bran Oil as a Lubricant Base Oil", Published in the International Conference on Advances in Tribology held at National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kerala during 21-24 February 2014.
    • Amith Aravind, K. Prabhakaran Nair, M. L. Joy, "Physio-Chemical Characterisation of Rubber Seed Oil (Hevea Brasiliensis) - A Biodegradable Lubricant Substitute", Published in the International Conference on Advances in Tribology held at National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kerala during 21-24 February 2014.
    • Joseph Babu K, K. Prabhakaran Nair, M. L. Joy, "Pressure variations in Hydrodynamic Bearings due to Lump Formation od the surface of the bearings", Publishd in the International Conference on Advances in Tribology held at Nationa Institute of Technology Calicut, Kerala during 21-24 February 2014.
    • M.L. Joy, "Modeling and Simulation of Magnetic Bearing Actuator", Presented and Published in the International Conference, Mediterranean Conference on Modeling and Simulation held at Reggio Calabria, Italy during 25-27, June 2003.
    • M.L. Joy, "Static analysis of thermodynamic journal bearings" Proceedings 6th International Conference on Tribology, EUROTRIB 93, held in August '93, Budapest.

    Additional Qualification

    • Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Management - IGNOU (1997)

    GIAN course,conferences and FDPs


    • Coordinator for the GIAN course on "TRIBOLOGY : FUNDAMENTALS TO CUTTIN EDGE during february 12-16, 2018 at NIT calicut.


    • Coordinator for TEQIP sponsored five days National Workshop on “ROBOTICS AND CONTROL” in association           with Robotics Society of India (RSI), during 23rd – 27th May 2016.
    • Coordinator of International conference "ICAT 14" conducted during 21-24 , February 2014 at NIT Calicut.
    • Coordinator of fadculty development programme "Recent advances in numerical methods in engineering" conducted during 24th May to 5th June 2010 at NIT Calicut

    M. Tech. Projects Guided

    Design, Fabrication and control of river cleaning robot

    Development of hybrid robotic manupulator for waterjet cutting of soft materials

    Design fabrication and control of 4PRR-2P hybrid robotic soft material cutting system

    Design and development of multi purpose decorating robotic system

    Stability and rotor dynamic analysis of Active Magnetic Bearing System

    Development of natural rubber based nanocomposites

    Evaluation of interfacial adhesion in hybrid composites by equilibrium swelling technique

    Compatibilization of natural rubber / Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer blends using Poly Vinyl Chloride

    Static and dynamic characteristics of a hydrodynamic journal bearing with a non-newtonian lubricant using FEM

    Static analysis of three lobe journal bearings under laminar and turbulent regions using FEM

    Effect of variable permeability and radial clearance on the performance of the finite porous journal bearing

    Analysis of dynamic behaviour of rotors using Finite Element Method

    Magnetic bearing actuator analysis

    Boundary Element Analysis of Step Bearing

    Generalized predictive control of magnetic bearing

    Stress Analysis of fiber reinforced composite materials.

    Force estimation using multi-point method and fuzzy logic control of active magnetic bearings

    Teaching Interests

    U.G. Level

    • Engineering Mechanics, Mechanics of Solids, Theory of Elasticity, Machine Design, Applied Mechanics of solids, 

    P.G. Level

    • Advanced Mechanics of solids, Metal forming, Industrial tribology.

    Research Interests

    • Hydrodynamic Bearings,
    • Magnetic Bearings,
    • Stress Analysis,
    • Robotics,
    • Composite Structures.

    Positions held

    • President - Faculty Association (2019 - 2021)
    • Program coordinator - MTech (Machine Design)  (2019 onwards )
    • Dean (Students' welfare), (2013 -2015).
    • Chief Warden, NITC Hostels. (2008 -2010)
    • Member, senate NITC. (2007 0nwards)
    • Lab. in charge,Tribology and Vibration Lab. (2006 onwards.)
    • Member, Board of Students - (2004-2007)
    • President, Staff Club (2006-2007).
    • Secretary, Faculty Association (2003-2004).
    • College Coordinator, Compulsory Social Service (2000-2002).
    • Convener, First year orientation Program (2000-2002).
    • Hostel Warden (2001-2003).
    • Secretary, MED (1997-1998).
    • Staff-in-charge, Adventure Club(1991-1993)

    Ph. D. Guidance

    • Evaluation and modification of rheological,chemical,thermal and tribogical properties of rice bran oil as biodegradable lubricant.- Rani S. ( Degree awarded in 2015)
    • Development of bio-degradable lubricant and cutting fluid from esterified Rubber seed oil - Amith  Aravind (Degree awarded in 2018)
    • Development of a two stroke engine oil, grease and cutting oil from alkali esterified cocunut oil  - Joseph Babu. (Degree awarded in 2018)
    • Design optimization of helicopter rotor with trailing- edge flaps using orthogonal array based response surface and kriging models at various flying conditions -Saijal K. K. ( Degree awarded in 2018)
    • Development of a Robot Mechanism for traversing electrical transmission lines on tension and suspension towers - Shruthi C. M. (Degree awarded in 2019)
    • Development of parellel kinematic machine for precise coordinated operations.- Mervin Joe Thomas (Degree awarded in 2021)
    • Design, Fabrication and Control of a Humanoid Robot for Stable Locomotion with minimum knee-bend angle - Navaneeth M. G. (ongoing)


    • Life Member :  ISTE
    • Life Member :  Robotic society of India (TRS-India)

    Sponsored projects undertaken

    • "Analytical and experimental investigation   elastothermohydrodynamic circular and non  circular journal bearings" DST(co-investigator,  Rs. 10 lakhs, completed in 1995).
    • "Performance of active magnetic bearing under various modern control strategies" MHRD (Principal Investigator,Rs 7 lakhs, Completed in 2006).