Dr. V. Sajith
Dr. V. Sajith


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Room No.102, Materials Science and Engineering, NIT Calicut, Kerala, India

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  • B.Tech (University of Calicut- 1997)

  • Diploma in Management (IGNOU Newdelhi -2003)

  • M.Tech (I.I.T. Madras- 2005 )

  • Ph.D( NIT Calicut- 2010)

  • Post doc.(RICE University, Texas, USA-2015)

  • Educational Qualifications

    • B.Tech (University of Calicut- 1997)

    • Diploma in Management (IGNOU Newdelhi -2003)

    • M.Tech (I.I.T. Madras- 2005 )

    • Ph.D( NIT Calicut- 2010)

    • Post doc.(RICE University, Texas, USA-2015)


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    14. Juraij K,Chingakham C, Manaf O, Sagitha P,Suni Vasudevan, Sajith V and Sujith A, Polyurethane/multi-walled carbon nanotube electrospun composite membrane for oil/water  separation, Journal of Applied Polymer Science (Wiley) (2022), Vol.139, Issue19.

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    Professional Experience

    • Mechanical Engineer, Grasim Industries Ltd., Mavoor, Kozhikode (1998 - 1999)

    • Senior Research Assistant, Regional Engineering College Calicut (2000 -2001)

    • Lecturer, Regional Engineering College Calicut (2001 -2006)

    • Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology Calicut (2006 -2018)

    • Associate Professor, National Institute of Technology Calicut (2018 - 2022 )

    • Professor, National Institute of Technology Calicut (2022 - Till date )

    Ongoing/Completed (Total funding : 3.70 crores]

    1.Development of 2D heterostructure based wear and corrosion resistant coatings, SERB, Department of Science and Technology, Principal Investigator [29.57 lakhs] (2020 - 2023)  

    2.Risk assessment of naoparticle accumulation in soils: Effects of engineered metal oxide nanoparticles on soil bacterial communities, soil microbial processess and evaluation of  phytotoxicity using genomic approaches, National Agricultural Science Fund (NASF), ICAR  (in collaboration with  ICAR -Indian Instute of Spices Research, Kozhikode, Kerala, India) , Co Investigator. [75.41 lakhs] [ 2020 - 2023]

    3. Development of nano lubricants for diesel engines", Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment, (CVRDE), DRDO, Principal Investigator. [42 lakhs] (2016 - 2020)

    4.Development of stable nanofluids for heat exchanger for improved cooling in Thermal power plants, NTPC Energy Technology Research Alliance (NETRA). Principal Investigator [56.5 lakhs] (2016 - 2019)

    5.Design and Fabrication of Novel Trans esterification for bio diesel production using Alkali catalyst,  Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KCSTE) [25,000] [2017 - 2018]

    6.Pathological effects of Intratracheal instillation of doped cerium oxide NP in rats,( in collaboration with College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Kerala ) [2015 -2016]

    7.“Investigations on the Application of Catalytic Nanoparticles as Diesel and Bio Diesel Additives”, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Principal Investigator,  [120 lakhs] (2010- 2015)

    8. Design, Development and Optimization of Miniature and Micro Heat Pipes for Thermal Management of Avionic Devices,,Aeronautics Research & Development Board, DRDO, Co Investigator, [10 lakhs] (2009 - 2013, ).

    9. Development of Nanofluids for Cooling Applications in Steel Industry, TATA Steel,        [20 lakhs] (2009- 2013)

    10. Holographic Studies on Mini Channels for Optimal Thermal Design of Microelectronic Systems, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Co investigator, [20 lakhs] (2006 – 2009)

    11. Convective Heat Transfer Studies in Small Channels by Heterodyne Method, Principal investigator, Faculty Research Project, NIT Calicut, 2007, [5 lakhs] (2006 -2009)

    12.Visualization Studies on the Combustion of Diesel Oil in the Presence of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles, Principal Investigator, Faculty Research Project, NIT Calicut, 2006, (Completed)


    • Sir Dorabji Tata-T R Anantharaman Faculty Fellowship (SDT-TRA-FF) 2015

    • Young Researcher Award (Engineering / Mechanical) 2015,,VENUS International  Foundation.

    • Dronacharya Award for the Best Faculty Advisor of the Teams participated in the Baja SAE India 2012 Competition, held at Pithampur. Indore.

    • Best Young Teacher Award for the performance during the academic year 2007-08 from, NIT Calicut

    • Bhagyalakshmi&Krishna Iyengar Award for the best project in the year 2005, from IIT madras

    • Reviewer of International Journals such as Journal of ASTM International, Int. Journal of Energy conversion and Management(Elsevier), Heat Transfer - Asian Research (Wiley).

    • Materials Science Laboratory ,Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, Newyork, USA,  - Novemeber 2006

    • Two-phase Heat Transfer Laboratory, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA, - July 2008

    • Department of Materials Science and Nano Engineering, William Marsh Rice University, Texas, USA - August - December 2015

    1.Gobinath, Sajith V., Krishna Sabareesh, Sumitesh Das, Shijo Thomas, Hanas T. and C B Sobhan,A process for determining lubricant composition in a vapour compression refrigeration system to enhance the coefficient of performance.

    Pub. No.: WO/2012/156980; 22.11.2012 (TATA Steel & NIT Calicut)

    2.Hanas T., Krishna Sabareesh, Sumitesh Das, Shijo Thomas, Sajith V. and C B Sobhan, A system for determining material surface erosion caused by impingement of nanofluids on pipes carrying nanofluids.

    Indian Patent File no: 181/KOL/2011 dated 11.2.2011(TATA Steel & NIT Calicut)

    3.Vandana Sajith,Mohandoss Naveenroobadoss, Shijo Thomas, C.B.Sobhan, V Jayan, Somendra singh Parihar, Meenakshi Gupta, U. K. Arora, Encapsulated Composite Phase Change Material Based Nanofluids For Heat Transfer,

    Application No. TEMP/E-1/13618/2019DEL ( National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) & NIT Calicut)

    4.Dhanalkshmi Sathishkumar, Sajith Vandana, Sasikumar Krishnamoorthy, Shijo Thomas, U.Solomon, Kumaravelu Annamalai , Balamururgan Venkatesan  A Lubricant composition and implementations thereof 

    Application No.201911051878 (Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE) & NIT Calicut)


    1. Synthesis of Catalytic  nano particles and its application as  Fuel additives, - Ajin C Sajeevan(Completed) -2016

    2. Investigation on the Effect of Catalytic Nano particles in fuels on surface wear and combustion- S.Balamurugan(Completed) -2017

    3. Development of catalyst for bio diesel production - Sujith C  (Completed) -2019

    4. Heterogeneous catalyst - Chinglenthoiba John Chingakham  (Completed) -2020

    5. PCM based nano fluids - Mathew Joseph (Completed) -2020

    6. Nanodroplet evaporation - Arun kumar V (Completed) -2021

    7.Convective heat transfer studies in Corona discharge systems using Digital interferometric techniques - Vibin P Antony (Completed)- 2022

    8.Corrosion and wear resistant coatings - Antony Joseph (Completed) -2023

    9.Battery cooling systems - Shijina S S

    10.Antifouling coatings- Athira S Vijayan

    11.Effect of Micro/nano plastics on plants - Nigina

    12.Thermal management of Electronics/Batteries - Akbar S

    13. Computational analysis of Heat spreaders - Shyja M




    1.Experimental investigations on the effect of Cerium oxide nanoparticle on the fuel properties (2006)

    2.Experimental investigation on the effect of Hot and Cold EGR using diesel and bio diesel as fuel (2006)

    3.Plan, Design and Estimate of Biogas plant for NITC Mens Hostel Area (2006)

    4.Experimental determination of Thermal Conductivity of nanofluids (2006)

    5.Studies on response time and optimization of the design of temperature sensor for harsh environment(2006)

    6.Determination of Thermal Conductivity using Interferometric methods (2006)

    7. Investigation on the influence of Nanoparticles on the effectiveness of a Heat exchanger (2007)

    8. Experimental Investigation on the effect of Nanoparticles in Phase change phenomena (2007)

    9.An Experimental investigation into the effect of nanoparticles on lubricating oil (2007)

    10.Design and development of a Microprocessor controlled electronic fuel injection system for a 2 Stroke petrol Engine (2007)

    11. Heat Transfer Analysis of Electronic Components using Interferometric Techniques (2008)

    12. Experimental study of heat transfer around a Cylinder in different heat transfer mediums using Digital Interferometry (2009)

    13. Synthesis and Characterization of Cerium oxide nano particles (2010)  

    14.Experimental investigation on the effect of Nanoparticles on the COP of Refrigeration system(2011)

    15.Determination of thermo physical/optical  properties of dilute nanofluids using Optical measurement techniques (2012)

    16.Experimental investigation on the effect of Catalytic nanoparticles on Fuel properties and wear characteristics (2012)

    18.Nanofluids as working fluids in Heat pipe - An experimental investigation(2012)

    19.Experimental investigation of Heat transfer on microstructures surfaces using Digital interferometry (2013)

    20.Experimentak investigation on application of stable nanolfuids as coolants in IC engines (2013)

    21.Experimental investigation on the effect of Cerium zirconium nanoparticles on Biodiesel properties & Emission characteristics  (2014)

    22.Experimental investigation on the effect of Solid lubricant nanoparticles in Oil. (2014) 

    23.An Experimental investigation on Catalytic activity of  CeYZr1-yO2, CeyY1-yO2 and CexZryY1-x-yO2 mixed oxide nanoparticles (2014)

    24. Experimental investigation on the effect of zirconium on corrosion resistance of ceria nanoparticles (2015)

    25. Phase change nanoparticles for enhanced heat transfer (2016)  

    26. Experimental and numerical investigation on convective heat transfer from horizontal cylinders (2018)

    27. Development of nanolubricants for diesel engines (2018)

    28.Application of PCM based nanofluids in Thermal power plants - An experimental investigation (2018)

     29. Evaporation of nanofluids – An experimental investigation (2019)

    30. Phase change materials incorporated Gypsum board for thermal control for Buildings (2019)

    31.Enhancement of Soot Combustion in Diesel Particulate Filters by Ceria Nano Fiber Coating (2019)

    32.Thermal management of electronic components using hybrid heat sink (2019)

    33.Experimental study on heat transfer characteristics of metal oxide and PCM based nanofluids through mini channels (2020)

    34.Evaporation studies of nanofluids by droplet analysis. (2020)

    35.Development of PU- f-MoS2 Electrospun nanofibres for the removal of Cr(VI) from water (2020)

    36.Minimizing energy consumption for hot water and steam generation in Hospital (2020)

    37.Effect of nano/micro materials on plants (2021)

    38.Effect of nanoparticles on evaporation of droplets -An investigation (2021)                                                                                                                                                                        .



    1.Experimental and Simulation Study on Chaotic Oscillator (2001)

    2.Design and Development of an Electronic Fuel Injection System in a Two Stroke Single Cylinder S.I.Engine (2005)

    3.Design and Fabrication of a Go-Kart (2005)

    4.Experimental Analysis of Flame on addition of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in IC Engine Fuels by Interferometric Techniques (2006)

    5.Active Radical Combustion (2007)

    6.Heat transfer studies of electronic components using Differential Interferometry(2008)

    7.Experimental Investigation of the effect of ceria nanoparticles on Combustion (2008)

    8.Experimental investigation on the Cavitation effects of boiling of Nanofluids using Digital Interferometry (2009) 9.Experimental investigation on the Critical heat flux enhancement Methods(2009)

    10.Fabrication and Extensive Experimentation on micro heat pipes(2009)

    11.Experimental investigation on the methods of enhancement of Stability of Cerium oxide nanoparticle- Diesel     suspension (2010).

    12.Synthesis and stabilization study of Catalytic nanoparticles in fuels (2011)

    13.Variable valve timing using Differential cam profile (2012)

    14.Design and Development of a corona discharge system for emission reduction in diesel engines (2014)

    15.Experimental investigation of adsorption of carbon dioxide on carbon based materials (2016)

    16.Design and Development of Multi purpose helmet. (2020)

    17.Numerical and Experimental Analysis of PCM incorporated Hybrid Heat Sink for Electronic cooling (2021)


    • Phase change materials

    • Thermal management of Electronics

    • Corrosion and wear resistant coatings

    • Heterogenous catalyst for Biodiesel synthesis

    • Control of air/water pollution

    • Interferometry 

    • Automobile Engineering

    • Nanofluids


    1.Chairperson, Centre for Continuing Education and Skill Development

    2.Member, Centre for Electric Vehicle Engineering

    3.Lab in charge, Applied Nano Engineering Laboratory, SNST

    4.Time table in charge, School of Materials Science and Engineering

    5.Faculty Advisor, SAE Collegiate Club, NITC

    6.IRCC Member, SMSE


    7.Chairperson, Centre for Career Development (Jan 2022 - Jan 2023)

    8.Head, Centre for Training and Placement (Jan 2021 - Jan. 2022)

    9.Head, School of Materials Science and Engineering ( Oct. 2019 - Jan 2021)

    10.Deputy Chair person (PG Admissions) (2018- 2019)

    11.Associate Dean (Planning & Development) (2015 -2018)

    12.Head, School of Nano Science and Technology (October 2013 - March 2014)

    13.Faculty in charge of Inbstitute Vehicle (May 2013 to December 2013)

    14.Lab in charge, Thermal Science Lab.[2008 - May 2009]

    15.Returning Officer, Students Council Elections 2006

    16.Joint Secretary cum Treasurer, Parent Teachers Association (2005- 2006)

    17.Secretary, Mechanical Engineering Department (2005 -2006)

    18.Time table in charge,MED (2005 -2006)

    19.Programme Officer, National Service Scheme (NSS), NITC (2001- 2003)