Madhu Kumar S. D.
Madhu Kumar S. D.


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Room No: 201 A, Computer Engineering Block Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Calicut, Kozhikode - 673601. Kerala State, INDIA.

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0495 2286806

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  • CSE -Dept. of Computer Science & Engg, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

  • M.E in CSE- Dept of Computer Science & Automation, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

  • B.Tech in CSE- Dept. of Computer Science & Engg., College of Engineering Trivandrum ( Unty of Kerala)

  • Educational Qualifications

    • CSE -Dept. of Computer Science & Engg, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

    • M.E in CSE- Dept of Computer Science & Automation, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

    • B.Tech in CSE- Dept. of Computer Science & Engg., College of Engineering Trivandrum ( Unty of Kerala)



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    Research Areas

    *Distributed Computing * Cloud Computing * Big Data and Cloud Database  * Software Engineering


    Research groups :

    Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence Group

    Social Media Analytics and Cloud Security (SMACS)

    Past PhD students and their Thesis Titles

    Current PhD Students

    Doctoral Committees of PhD Students@NITC

    Professional Activities

    1. Member of the Board of Studies In Computer Science ( Under the faculty of Technology), Cochin University of Science & Technology(CUSAT) ( 2015-2019)

    2. Member of the  Board of Studies ( M.Tech) in Computer Science & Engineering, Amrita Viswa Vidya Peedham.

    3. Member of the Board of Studies ( B.Tech) in Computer Science & Engineering of Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology, Trivandrum ( Since 2020)

    4. Member of the  Board of Studies  in Computer Science, Central University of Kerala, Kasargod.


    IEEE INDICON 2022- TPC Co Chair

    SERB-INAE Hackathon 2022-  TPC Member

    ACM SAC 2022- Cloud Computing Track- Track Co-Chair


    Cloud Computing Track in the 35th  ACM Symposium on Applied Computing held at Brno Czech Republic during 30th  March to  3rd of April 2020. Track Chairs- Dr.Priya Chandran and Dr. S.D Madhu Kumar URL:


    1. Cloud Computing Track in the 34th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing held at Cyprus during 8th to 12th of April 2019. Track Chairs- Dr.Priya Chandran and Dr. S.D Madhu Kumar URL:

    2. IEEE National workshop on “Beyond Glass Barriers- BGB 2019” held on 14th December 2019.  URL:


    First IEEE International workshop on IoT and Cloud Based  Collaborative Analytics for Prevention of Crimes and Heinous Activities ( I-CAPCHA- 2018), Pennsylvania, USA- Program Chair

    3rd International workshop on Internet-Scale Clouds and Big Data ( ISCBD 2018), Pennsylvania, USA- Program Chair

    ACM SAC 2019 Track on Cloud Computing, Limassol, Cyprus- Track Chair

    3ICT 2018- Special session on Intelligent Resource Management in Cloud based Data Centres (IRMCDC 2018) at University of Bahrain, Bahrain- Program Chair

    First International Workshop on Cloud Based Health Informatics(CHIN 2019), IISc Bangalore- Colocated with ACM ICDCN 2019- Workshop Chair

    IEEE Cloud Computing for Emerging Markets- Academic Liaison Chair

    ICDCN 2019, IISc Bangalore- Publicity Co-Chair

    IEEE mini POCO 2018 Calicut - Organizing Chair

    IEEE AKCSSC 2018- Speaker 

    19th IEEE Information Reuse and Integration for Data science (IEEE IRI 2018), Uttah, USA- TPC member

     Smarty Cities Symposium (SCS 2018) University of Bahrain- TPC Member

    ICSCCC 2018 NIT Jalandhar- TPC Member

    COCONET 2018- Kazakhstan- TPC Member

    FDP On Security and Privacy in Big Data Analytics- Co-Cordinator

    SD-WAN Research with Aryaka Network Solutions-Project Co-ordianator

    Collaborative Project with Airport Authority of India- CISF Calicut Airport Unit- Co-ordinator

    ACM SAC 2018 Tarck on Cloud Computing- Track Chair

    ICETEST 2018, GEC Thrissur- Keynote Speaker

     *Services in Conferences- Summary


    IEEE TENCON 2017 - Special session on Big Data Provenance- Chair

    2nd International Workshop on Internet Scale Clouds and Big Data ( ISCBD) 2017, San Jose California-  Program Chair

    IEEE Cloud Computing for Emerging Markets-Academic Liaison Chair

    IEEE SPICES2017- Tutorial Speaker (Big Data Analytics Tools and Techniques)

    National Conference- PRABANDTH'17- Trivandrum- Keynote Speaker

    Co-Cordinator- FDP on Big Data Analytics-Tools and Techniques ( Feb-March 2017)

    Secretary, CREC Silver Jubilee Endowment Trust ( 2016 onwards)

    Faculty Convenor- Alumni Meet- Loopback'17     

    ACM SAC 2017 Cloud Computing Track -Track Chair

    2nd IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Distributed Big Data Management (DBDM 2017) Madrid, SpainIn conjunction with IEEE/ACM CCGRID2017  PC Member

    Symposium on Pervasive Systems, Algorithms, and Networks (IEEE I-SPAN 2017), Exeter, England- TPC Member

    2nd IEEE International Conference on Anti-Cyber Crime (ICACC)'2017 , Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- TPC Member

    IEEE TenSymP 2017, Cochin - PC Member


    International Conference on Data Science Analytics and Applications (DaSAA'16)- Keynote Speaker

    ICIA 2016, Coimbatore- Keynote Speaker

    International Workshop on Internet-scale Clouds and Big Data (ISCBD 2016) Pittsburgh, PA, USA-TPC Member

    Computer Science Conference of All NITs ( C-SCAN'16)- Convenor

    PerfIoT:Workshop on Performance Evaluation of IoT Applications , France- TPC Member

    ICMCECE-16 , Bangalore- Advisory committee Member

    ICIS 2016- Advisory Committee Member

    IDEAS-2016- Conference Chair


    ACM SAC 2016 Cloud Computing  Track- Track Co-Chair  

    IEEE International Conference - Recent Advances in Intelligent Computing Systems (RAICS 2015)- PC Member

    International Conference on Computing and Network Communications (CoCoNet'15)- Steering Committee member

    Lecture Workshop on Internet of Things at GRD College Coimbatore- Speaker                                                              


    IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Informatics, Communication and Energy Systems (IEEE SPICES) 2015- Organizing Chair

    International Workshop on Access Control Policies, Models and Mechanisms (ACPM-2014), Delhi-ProgramChair

    Seventh International Conference on Cotemporary Computing ( IC3 2014)- Algorithms Track Co-Chair

    3rd International Workshop on Collaborative Cloud (CollabCloud 2014)of 10th IEEE International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing, Miami, Florida, United States- TPC Member

    International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication and Information Science (ACCIS '14)- PC Member

    ACM Compute-2014 -VNIT Nagpur-PC Member

    ACCIS-14- TKMCE Kollam- Invited Speaker



    Vice Chair- ACM Trivandrum Professional Chapter

    IEEE Malabar Subsection- Publications and Web Support Chair

    ACM DEBS 2014- Publicity Co-Chair

    ACM SAC 2014 Cloud Computing Track co-Chair

    IEEE International Conference - Recent Advances in Intelligent Computing Systems (RAICS 2013)- Big Data Track- Co-Chair

    The First International Workshop on Virtualization and Cloud Computing (IWVCC 2014)- TPC Memeber

    National Conference on Emerging Trends in computing (NCETIC 13)- Advisory Committee

    ADCONS '13 NITK- TPC Member

    International Workshop on Service-Oriented Architecture and Cloud Computing (SOAC-2013)- Program Chair

    ACM Goa Workshop on software Engineering- TPC member



    Head of the Computer Science & Engineering Department, NIT Calcut

    Talk on "Current Research Trends in Cloud Computing" ( (Dec 12): at Regional Science Centre Calicut

    Speaker at the National Conference at Trivandrum : ADCAP 12

    ACM SAC 2013 Track on Cloud Computing- Track Chair

    International Workshop on Service-Oriented Architecture and Cloud Computing (SOAC-2012)- Program Chair

    IEEE Malabar Subsection- Publications and Web Support Chair

    Computer Society of India Calcut Chapter- Vice President

    Secretary, CREC PTA



    ACM SAC 2012 Track on Cloud Computing- Track Chair

    ACM SAC 2011 Track on Cloud Computing- Track Chair

    Publication Chair- IISM 2011

    Organizing Chair- Indo-US Workshop On Biocomputing ( ISB 2011)



    ACM SAC 2010 Track on Cloud Computing- Track Co-chair

    ACM ISB 2010 Organizing Co-Chair

    ACM DEBS 2010- Cambridge, UK- Poster PC Member

    Co-ordinator- FDP on Cloud Computing

    Co-ordinator- FDP on Advanced Data Structures

    IEEE ARPO 2010 - PC Member

    Projects Supervised

    M.Tech, MCA and B.Tech Projects

    M.Tech Projects

    56. H V Pratima , Performance Improvement Of Rapid-The Fast Data  Update Protocol In Erasure Coded Storage Systems (2018).

    55. Subham Jain , Opportunistic Virtual Machine Migration In A Cloud Data Center (2018).

    54. Sanjay Satheesh , Minimizing The Cost Of Migration For Embedding A New Virtual Data Center In Cloud Data Centers (2018).

    53. Athul Chandran A.S, Scheduling Multiple Live VM Migrations In Parellal In Cloud Data Centers(2018).

    52. Indresha.HB , Effort Estimation Model For Software Devolopment In Agile Using Cocomo-II (2018).

    51. Kapil Rana , A Mechanism For Preventing Denial Of Service(DOS) Attacks In Software Defined Networks(SDN) (2017).

    50. Anju P Dev , A Noval Method On Handling Location Based Search Queries Using Ranking Scheme In Social NetWorks (2017).

    49. Hareesh Kumar . M , Multi Keyword Search In Geospatial DataBases (2017).

    48. Nivin T Regi , Distance-Aware Virtual Machine Allocation In Clouds With Guaranteed Bandwidth (2017).

    47. Mukul Sharma ,Natural Language Query Processing in NEO4J Graph DataBase Using Facebook As a Case Study (2017).

    46. Jayendra  Sreekar  Medicherla, Transformation Provenance From Hadoop Logs And It’s Applications (2016).

    45. Shilpa P . Sentiment Analysis in Social Networking Sites to Track Malicious Campaigners (2015)

    44. Amrita Patole. Load Balancing In Multiuser Hadoop Environment (2015)

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    42. Raju Chekka, A detection framework for DDoS attacks in cloud using Mapreduce (2014).

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    40. Saroja Kumar Jena, Load balancing in HADOOP distributed file system (2014).

    39. Priyabrat Pattnaik,  Effective information retrieval in HADOOP (2014).

    38. Bhavna Tamrakar,  A new concurrency control protocol for cloud databases (2013).

    37. Sravanthi Nalli, Detection & elimination of malicious nodes in peer to peer networks (2013).

    36. Badharudheen P, An innovative scheme for generating provenance - Aware applications through UML (2013).

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    30. Vishnuprakash P K,  Semantic broken link detection using structured tagging scheme (2012).

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    28.  Zaid M Khan, Analysis, design & implementation of customer design tracker tool with high utility items mining (2011).

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    11.  Rajesh Kumar PM, An image transport protocol for the internet (2004).

    10. L Bheekya,  Design & implementation of real time voice communication system over IP networks (2004).

    9. Sanil S Mathew, Querying XML data using SQL (2004).

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    2. Sethumadhav Bendi, Verification software for cellular network monitoring tool (2001).

    1.  Sarath Reddy N, A tool for developing and managing component reuse libraries (2001).


    MCA Projects

    26.Ajay Yadav, Android App for Student Guidance Cell of NITC(2018).

    25.Sneha Banerjee, SAP Liquidity Management for Banking(2017)

    24. Sakshi Rohilla, Tech Report Publishing System “SPOTLITE-R”(2017).

    23.Ashutosh Kumar, Backend Services For Single Persona And Tech-Help Panel (2017).

    22. Supriya Soni, A Multinode Implementation Of Erasure Coded Storage System (2016).

    21. Prranata Aishwarya, Simulation Tool For Erasure Coded Storage System (2016).

    20. Neeraj Goel, Shop Sales Data Analysis (2016).

    19.  Monika Dhingra,  Scan to SMB 3.0 (2014).

    18.  Nidhi Gupta, Implementation of a web based faxing system

    using Hylafx-an open source faxing server (2013).

    17. Hemant Kumar, Galileo selling platform integration with TRAACS for credit control management & PNR information capturing form Galileo for non IATA travel agencies (2013).

    16. Priya Vinod, Fingerprint based attendance Management system: Web portal (2013).

    15. Asha Rajagopal, Finger print based attendance management system (Registration & Recognition Module) - 2013.

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    2.  Jidesh P, A tool for developing and managing software component reuse libraries (2001).

    1. Thanu Anna Skariah, A tool for drawing class diagrams and use case diagrams (2000).


    B-Tech Projects

    13. Adibhatla Sreekar Sashaank, Automatic Course File Generator (2017).

    12. Uppala Vedasri, Course Management System (2017).

    11. Anshul Chokhani, Devolopment of  Consistency Protocoles for Erasure Coded Cloud Storage (2017).

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    B.Tech Mini Projects

    2. Shravana D, Abhishek,Aswin NA, Deependu Malayaj , Mobile newspaper reader (2008-09)

    1. Nasrin Moopen, Maria Francis, Course home page generator (2006).


    Mini Projects

    2. Thushara A, Overlay networks: A comparative literature review (2008)

    1. Thanuja P, Leave monitoring system (2007).


    Topics in Database Systems Design

    Semester : Winter

    Offered :  2014

    PG Elective Course


    Distributed Computing

    Semester : Winter

    Offered : 2012

    Elective for Final year B.Tech CSE

    Professional Bodies

    Member ACM, USA , Vice Chair ACM Trivandrum Chapter
    Senior Member of IEEE, USA 
    Associate Member of CSI 
    Life Member - ISTE



    Sl.No          Name & Roll No                    Department         Role

    33. Ms. Merlin George ( P170080CS)    CSED                     Member

    32  Mr. Shameer Faziludeen(( P140055EC)   ECED              Member

     31 . Ms. Athita K ( P160049CS)     CSED                               Member

    30. Ms. Sangeetha U ( P160024EC) ECED                           Member

    29    Mr.Jai Sooraj (P170083CS)      CSED                           Guide

    28      Ms.Nishamol P H (P130045CS)  CSED                     Chairman


    *************************************Completed- Partial List  *******************************

    27 . Mr. Ravishankar A.N( P150073EE)    EED                         Memeber

    26             Mr.Binesh Jose                       SOMS                    Guide


    25           Mr.P.  Sreekumar                      SOMS                    Guide          


    24           Ms.Anita Brigit Mathew             CSED                     Guide         


    23            Mr.Ojus Thomas Lee               CSED                     Guide


    22         Ms.Shabeera T P                       CSED                   Guide


    21     Mr. Gilesh.M.P                           CSED                   Guide


    20         Mr.Sarang Sukumar A                 CSED                    Chairman


    19       Mr.Sunil Kumar P V                      CSED                    Chairman


    18      Mr.K Nagaraju                               CSED                    Chairman


    17   Ms.Nandini J Warrier                        CSED                     Chairman


    16   Ms.Daphna Chacko                          CSED                      Chairman


    15   Ms.Sameera Muhamed Salam         CSED                      Chairman


    14   Mr.Unnikrishnan P                          CSED                        Co-Guide


    13     Mr.Jithin R                                    CSED                        Member


     12     Ms.Shahnaz K V                           ECED                         Member


    11. Mr.Sujo P George                        EED                             Member



    10   Ms.Jeethu V Devasia                       CSED                    Chairman


    9    Mr.Arun  K S                                    CSED                     Co-Guide


    8   Ms.Remya K Sasi                             CSED                     Chairman


    7   Ms.Sreejini K S                                 CSED                    Chairman


    6  Ms.Lijiya A                                        CSED                     Member


    5    Mr.Jereesh A S                             CSED                        Member


    4     Ms.Pamela Vinitha Eric                 CSED                        Member


    3     Mr.Jayaraj P B                              CSED                         Member


     2     Mr.Anoop N Nair                           Mathematics               Member


     1    Mr.Bimal P                                     ARC                           Member


    HoD Tenure (2012-2014)

    Things happened /initiated   during my tenure as  HoD of CSED ( 2012-2014)

    1.       M.N. Neelakantan Memorial Lecture Series ( Idea of Prof. Priya Chandran)

    2.       ACM  NITC Student Chapter formation ( Vineeth Sir)

    3.       Orientation  programmes for Adhoc Faculty

    4.       CSEA revamping

    5.       New Adjunct Faculty induction - Dr. Mansoor Allichery . Vizury soft Bangalore

    6.       Research Groups  of the Department

    7.       Internships in Bell Labs for B.Tech and PhD students

    8.       Srinivasa Padmanbhuni ( Infosys) visit

    9.       Prof. Sunil Chandran’s  (IISc)visit

    10.   Research Scholars room setting up

    11.   Weekly Talk series by  research scholars

    12.    Home pages for all research scholars

    13.   Faculty  web page updating

    14.   Aakash Project of IITB  ( Dr. G. Gopa Kumar)

    15.   Prof. Palakal Sir’s  visit

    16.   Research groups formation

    17.   Students achievements- Ayush( internship in USA) , Shabeera T.P ( Bell Labs)- internships

    18.   TCS  MoU signing

    19.   Travel Fellowships from PTA

    20.   Notice boards , New screens purchased

    21.   Seminar Hall renovation ( Dr.Priya Chandran’s initiation, Abdul Sathar)

    22.   E-learning centre in CCC

    23.   PTA home page

    24.   Mock tests for GATE ( Arunanad & Team)

    25.   Placement/internship talks (CSEA)

    26.   Tijo Jose– Google USA  Selection

    27.   Apple Campus Representative Program ( Dr.G. Gopa Kumar, Aditya Bhushan)

    28.   Aditya Bhushan’s summer internship in Apple Singapore

    29.   Projector donation from MCA students ( Balance fund from Nakshtra 2011)

    30.   Proposal for new PG courses, MCA suspending

    31.   Break Fast & Lunch  facility in the association Hall  ( Riji.N Das)

    32.    Printers, scanner, computers  for the dept labs- MCA fund utilization ( Dr.Vinod Pathari, Lijiya)

    33.   Sever class machine, two comps for the Secure computing lab (Dr.Vinod Pathari, Lijiya)

    34.   Office time extension ( 8.00 am to 6.30 pm)

    35.   Online seminar hall booking software ( Vineeth Sir)

    36.   Adhoc technical  staff  work- guidelines, monthly reports ( Vinod Pathari)

    37.   Notice boards for faculty rooms, CSEA ( V.R. Ajaya Chandran)

    38.   Interactive whiteboard ( Abdul Sathar and V.R  Ajaya Chandran)

    39.   CSED- Office manual ( prepared by Vidya)

    40.    Prof. Balaji Palanisamy’s   (USA) visit

    41.   Sri. Sankar Krishnan’s   Workshop on Leadership

    42.   Sap Labs  University alliance, Lecture series, interaction

    43.   IBM University Relationship – joining

    44.   Workshops  and talks by the IBM Experts ( Ms. Supriya, Mr. Sree Krishnanan & others)

    45.   Prof. Mathew J. Palakal’s  Adjunct Professor term  extension

    46.   Class room modernisation- PA systems etc ( Vinod Pathahri & Lijiya)

    47.   Projector purchase (Priya Chandran,  Vinod Pathahri & Lijiya)

    48.   Research Scholars’ contingency grant utilization

    49.   Digital Camera purchase for the Secure Computing Lab( Abdul Sathar)

    50.   CSED Wiki site ( Kartik Singhal & team)

    51.   Finger Print attendance recording software ( Vinod Pathari & team)

    52.   Purchase of computers, servers etc for all the laboratories of the dept ( Co-ordinated by Dr. Vinod Pathari)

    53.   Plan Fund and DOC utilization –preliminary works

    54.   NBA accreditation –preliminary works

    55.   Official Google Group email ids for all batches and Alumni ( Dhanya)

    56.   Student Data Recording form for all students – Faculty Advisors

    57.   Data collection  including placement details  of all passing out students( 2014 pass out batch)

    58. Department T-SHIRT ( CSEA)

    59. Six New faculty rooms in CSE Building top floor

    60.New Conference Room in the CSED Building  top floor

    61. Water cooler purchase ( CREC PTA)

    62. Faculty Recruitment ( Assistant Professor interviews - 2014)

    63. Directory of the CSE Depts of all the 30 NITs In India ( Vidya)

    64.  Two IT Training Programmes for employees of India Post ( Consultancy course)- Dr.GopaKumar

    65. Two FDPs for Faculty members of CSE Depts from GEC Sreekrishnapuran, GEC Kannur and GEC Wayanad -TEQIP sponsored ( Saidalavi Kalady)- ( Under Consultancy Scheme)

    Google Scholar