Ph.D Works

(a) Completed

  1. Anitha Jacob, P090036CE, Geometric Design Consistency and Safety of Two-lane Rural Highways

  2. Anjana S, P100018CE, Development of Traffic Safety Performance Measures for Urban Roads

  3. Sivakumar M, P100001CE, Performance Evaluation of LNA Modified Bitumen Mixes

  4. Sreela P.K, P100030CE, Influence of Socio-Demographic Characteristics on Activity-Travel Behaviour of Urban Dwellers

  5. Lila P.C, P110106CE, Impacts of ICT Use on Activity Participation and Travel Demand

  6. Sreelekha M. G, P110044CE, Analysis of Transport Network and Land Use Influence on Travel in Urban Areas

  7. Muneera C P, P120060CE, Economic Evaluation of Urban Traffic Congestion Relief Measures

  8. Ansu V, P130002CE, Mode Choice Modelling of Interregional Freight Transport

  9. Devika Babu, P130012CE, Synthesis of Socio-Demographic and Activity-Travel Characteristics of Urban Dwellers incorporating Intra-household Interactions and Day of Week Effects

  10. Sivakumar B, P130027CE, Prioritization of Accident Blackspots for Improvement based on Economic Criteria

  11. Arun Baby Zacharia, P130063CE, Capacity and LOS Analysis of Roundabouts

  12. Drisya M, P140075CE, Level of Service Analysis of Urban Corridors

  13. Amal Raj, P160089CE,  Influence of Fillers & Binder on Performance of Cold Bituminous Mix

(b) Ongoing

  1. Neena M Joseph, P140008CE, Road safety evaluation and analysis for two lane non-urban roads

  2. R. Sathya Prakash, P140086CE, Pedestrian behaviour analysis in urban area

  3. Sangeetha M, P150027CE, Capacity and LOS analysis of two-lane highway under mixed traffic conditions

  4. Sethulekshmi V. S, Determination of passenger car equivalencies for heterogeneous traffic conditions

  5. Haritha P C, P180099CE, Resilience of Transportation Systems

  6. Arathi A. R, P190010CE, Performance evaluation of uncontrolled intersections

  7. Ashalakshmi V. M., P200036CE, Effect of Pavement Surface Characteristics on Traffic Flow Parameters

  8. Athira J, P200119CE, Performance evaluation of signalized intersections

  9. Manjunath Ishwar Borakanavar, P200043CE, Design and development of virtual reality to enhance traffic safety awareness among school going children

  10. Kuchipudi Jaya Rao, P210120CE, Investigation of Modified Cold Bituminous Mix Properties

  11. Merlin R, P210094CE, Impact of roadside friction on traffic flow characteristics

  12. M Surendranath, P220077CE, Effect of bio-bituminous binders on the performance of RAP mixes