PG Works


  1. Amit Kumar Das, Study of Pothole Repairing Mixes

  2. Aparna P M, Development of Activity Generation Models for Students

  3. Athira I C, Estimation of Value of Travel Time

  4. Bontha Gopi Raju, Characterisation of Fibre Reinforced Bituminous Mixes

  5. D B Saranya, A Comparative Analysis of Black Spot Identification Methods

  6. Deepa Ratheesh, Development of Level of Service Criteria for Sidewalks

  7. Lakshmi Priya C.P., Development of Crash Prediction Models for Uncontrolled Intersections

  8. Nagulu Barmavath, Performance evaluation of nano-modified bituminous concrete mixes

  9. Namita George, Capacity Analysis of Urban Mid-blocks

  10. Parvathy Bhai P, Freight Generation Characteristics of Kozhikode District

  11. Remya Varma .K, Influence of Modified Binders on Fatigue Response of the Bituminous Mixture

  12. Seelam Srikanth, A Porous Flow Approach To Modelling Heterogeneous Traffic in Disordered Systems

  13. Shashibhushan K N, Laboratory Investigation on Performance of Bituminous Concrete with Different Fillers

  14. Srijan Mukherjee, Capacity Analysis of Uncontrolled Intersections

  15. Sruthi Ashraf, Development of Bus Route Planning & Information Tool

  16. Surendra Reddy D, Pedestrian Flow Modelling using Cellular Automata

  17. Swathi N, Quantification of Traffic Congestion on Urban Midblocks using Travel Time

  18. Titty Thomas, Identification, Analysis and Treatment Measures of Black Spots in Kozhikode Rural Area

  19. Amina Sageer , Influence of land use and road network characteristics on travel behaviour

  20. Amitha. T. P , Analysis of public transport accessibility

  21. Ani.K.S , Analysis of queue discharge characteristics at signalised intersections

  22. Anju K R , Effect of settlement characteristics on travel attributes

  23. Aswathy K P , Traffic flow characteristics on two-lane two-way non-urban road

  24. Darshan R , Continuum models for traffic stream modeling

  25. Duleep Janeiro .J , Modelling of choice behaviour for shopping activity

  26. Geethu Ashok , Estimation of willingness to pay value for crash reduction

  27. Geeva George , Evaluation of bus terminals

  28. Hage Tsunami , Road safety behaviour, attitude and perception of two-wheeler riders

  29. Indhu Sidhardhan , Effects of household interactions on travel behaviour of working people

  30. Jeena James , ICT usage and its effects on travel behaviour

  31. Jijo V Manohar , Mode choice behaviour of shippers

  32. Kasireddi Srikanth , Evaluation of robustness of road network

  33. Muhammed Ashraf. K , Capacity estimation of roundabouts under heterogeneous traffic conditions

  34. Santo Oommen Alexander , Trip attraction characteristics of special generators

  35. Shaik Khasim Peera , Effect of volume on gap acceptance behavior at uncontrolled intersections

  36. Sikha.P , Cost analysis of road traffic crashes based human capital approach

  37. Suby Charles , Economic analysis of traffic congestion at signalised intersections

  38. Ajimol T.J, Temporal variation in activity travel behaviour

  39. Alaa Moosa Koya, Effect of ICT usage on students travel behaviour

  40. Amandeep Singh, Laboratory investigation on nano-modified stone matrix asphalt

  41. Ansa Toffy, Bus Route Network Design

  42. Anupama T, Models for predicting crashes at horizontal curves on two-lane two-way non-urban roads.

  43. Aswathy K V, Level of Service Analysis of Urban Corridors

  44. Aswin B, Discontinued after 2nd Semester

  45. Chandrapatla Achyuta Ramalinga Swam, Modelling of traffic flow for heterogeneous  and non-lane based traffic condition               

  46. Gaurav Kumar Jain, Capacity analysis and performance indicators for two-lane two-way rural highways            

  47. Goutam Pattnaik, Evaluation of Robustness of road Network

  48. Gudiseva Vasu Dev, Capacity Analysis of Roundabout

  49. Harsha Soman, Modelling Delay at Unsignalised Intersections

  50. Jeeva P Winto, Analysis of Pedestrians Behaviour in Urban Roads

  51. Rachana Sahoo, Dynamic Traffic Assignment on Urban Road Networks

  52. Ramireddy Sushmitha, Modelling Delay at Signalised Intersections

  53. Sreejitha K, Trip Production Characteristics of Settlements in Kozhikode District

  54. Sreelakshmi B, Activity Travel pattern Synthesis for Calicut City

  55. Swathy S, Performance Evaluation of Urban Transport Facilities

  56. Aisha.M.S, Safety Evaluation of Multiple Horizontal Curves on Non-Urban Roads

  57. Aiswarya Ragi K, Development of Destination Choice Models for Various Activities

  58. Aleena C, Evaluation of Dual Carriageway Urban Corridors based on Congestion

  59. Aseema Jemshy V K, Residential Location Choice and Its Influence on Activity – Travel Behaviour

  60. B Harsha Vardhan Chowdary, Performance Evaluation of Cold Bituminous Mixes

  61. Battu Naveen Kumar Reddy, Effect of Aging on Binder Characteristics and Mix Performance

  62. Bejawada Avinash, Structural Evaluation of Flexible Pavement using LWD

  63. Chittapu Mounika, Estimation of Dynamic Passenger Car Unit on Divided Urban Roads

  64. Gourab Mondal, Performance Evaluation of Natural Rubber Modified Bituminous Mixes

  65. Haritha P C, Bus route network design using Genetic Algorithm

  66. Jisha R R, Estimation and Analysis of saturation Flow at Signalised Intersections

  67. Lakshmi K Dayan, Evaluation of Pedestrian Perceived Level of Service for Mid-Block Crosswalks

  68. Muhammed Shibilp, Development of Pavement Performance Prediction Models using Functional Characteristics

  69. Rehna P C, Study on Driver Behaviour

  70. Shreya Mahtele,

  71. Sukhanya K, Gap Acceptance Modelling and Capacity Estimation of Uncontrolled Intersections

  72. Syama K, Study of Microscopic Traffic Flow Characteristics of Two-Lane Two-Way Highways

  73. Vijay Kumar, Simulation Modelling of Two-Lane, Two Way Traffic Flow

  74. Vineeth V T, Short Term Prediction of Travel Speed on Urban Roads

  75. Abin Abraham Kurian, Integration of Kochi Metro with Other Modes

  76. Anjaly M, Influence of Fibre on Stone Mastic Asphalt

  77. Anju E C, Influence of Fillers on Moisture Resistant of Bituminous Concrete

  78. Anna Paul, Development of Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Calicut City

  79. Bongu Rajendra Kumar, Fatigue and Rutting Behaviour of Natural Rubber Modified Bituminous Mix

  80. Devika R, Efficacy of Policy Initiation for Mode Shift

  81. Hemanth Joy, Transit Level of Service Analysis of Urban Corridors

  82. Icey Elzen Mathew, Safety Evaluation of Combined curves on Non-urban roads

  83. Janani R V, Rationing and Pricing Strategies for Congestion Mitigation

  84. Jinugu Divakar, Influence of Coir Geotextiles on Pavements

  85. K Nitheesh, Synthesis of Personal and Household Characteristics

  86. Kagitha Siva Divya Adithya Babu,

  87. Kovvada Anand, Effect of Aggregate Gradations on Clod Bituminous Mix

  88. Krishnendu M V, Value of Travel Time for Intercity Trips

  89. Merin Gayose M, Modelling of Pedestrian Crossing Behaviour using Bayesan Network

  90. Prashanth Kumar Mala, Influence of Pedestrian Crossing on Performance of Roundabouts

  91. Rajdeep Roy, Level of Service Analysis of Two-lane Two-way highways

  92. Ratnakaram Mounika, Overtaking Behaviour of Two-lane Two-way Highways

  93. Soorya U K, Pedestrian Safety at Mid Blocks and Intersections

  94. Aiswarya R, Analysis of travel time variability of different modes

  95. Akhila Asok P, Integration of O-D matrix with traffic flow microsimulation of a city

  96. Amit Devshali, Design and performance evaluation of porous bituminous mixes

  97. Anil Pathloth, Rheological properties and anti-aging performance of Bio-bitumen

  98. Arya Haridas, Joint modelling of activity type and activity duration

  99. Aswani Prakash P V, Predicting parking availability and parking search time

  100. Demeli Vinodh, Modelling of post encroachment time and traffic safety simulation of unsignalised intersections

  101. Devarapu Murali, Analysis of drivers’ lane changing behaviour in mixed traffic conditions

  102. Gutala Prem Kumar, Analysis of dilemma zone for pedestrians at an uncontrolled midblock crossing under mixed traffic conditions

  103. Jillelamudi Narendra, Performance evaluation of cold bituminous mix reinforced with coir fibre

  104. Kumar Vishal, Overtaking behavior of vehicles on undivided roads in mixed traffic conditions

  105. Maqsooda J H S, Safety evaluation of combined curves on two lane two way non-urban roads

  106. Maria Thomas, Effect of pedestrian crossings on traffic flow at midblocks

  107. Nagrale Tejas Moreshwar, Influence of fly ash on the performance of glass fibre reinforced bituminous mix

  108. Noora Mol P, Capacity estimation of uncontrolled intersection using traffic conflict technique

  109. Ramil Rahman.V, Evaluation of drivers’ behaviour at signalised intersection in heterogeneous traffic conditions

  110. Sirepe Srinath Reddy, Scheduling of buses on a corridor from multiple depots

  111. Soumyarup Biswas, Assessment of road roughness using amartphone sensors

  112. Thokala.Venkata Siva Naga Babu, Identifying the effective type of roundabout based on traffic conditions

  113. Vinaya S M, Modelling tour chaining patters of urban commercial vehicles

  114. Akshay Mohan K, Evaluation of electronic toll collection

  115. Akshay Suresh, Performance evaluation of two-lane two-way highways

  116. Ezhilarasan S, Assessing the role of road network structure in resilience

  117. Gayathri K.B, Evaluation of effectiveness of traffic calming measures

  118. Guguloth Prashanthi, Comparison of pedestrian gap acceptance behaviour at zebra and non-zebra crossing

  119. Hajimohammed Mahaboob Basha, Identification of hazardous road locations

  120. Haneena Kadeeja, Development of an activity-based travel demand model for the elderly

  121. K Bharath Kumar, Effect of anti-stripping agents on cold bituminous mix

  122. Kappala Santhosh Kumar, Development of transportation model for Nellore city

  123. Kurri Mounika, Accessing the prevalence rate of self-reported helmet uses in Calicut city

  124. Kuruva Venu, Assessment of moisture susceptibility of bituminous concrete mixtures

  125. Muhsin P.K, Choice modelling for on-demand ride services

  126. Nalam Indu, Influence of various static and illuminated road traffic signs on driver behaviour

  127. Noufal T, Effect of aging on the rheological properties of modified binders

  128. Prasanth R, Influence of secondary tasks on driver behaviour from naturalistic driving study

  129. Prasun Mondal, Analysis of off-street parking choice behaviour

  130. Riswana P.K., Capacity analysis of four legged uncontrolled intersections

  131. Sana Gautham Naath, Rutting performance of bituminous concrete mixtures

  132. Shazia Mariam, Development of a tool for bus scheduling in a city

  133. Thatimakula Janardhan Jagadeesh, Influence of modifiers on fatigue performance of bituminous mix

  134. Vangari Nithish, Design and evaluation of perpetual bituminous pavements

  135. Abhirami Vasanth, Activity participation and duration models for shopping mall trips

  136. Adurthi Naga Murali, A study on users acceptable road pricing policy for toll roads in India

  137. Aswathy Lal, Preferences of travellers for mobility as a service

  138. Athira Prasad Nair, Analysis of safety at horizontal curves on two-lane rural highways using extreme value theory

  139. Chinna Mandappagari Prakash, A simulation approach to investigate the impact of crossing pedestrians on traffic characteristics at undesignated urban crossings

  140. Jais Jose, Modelling of overtaking behaviour of vehicles in mixed traffic condition

  141. M Srikanth, Design and evaluation of rut resistant recycled bituminous mixes with rejuvenators

  142. Manvendra Singh, Developing a framework for economic evaluation of highway improvement projects

  143. Muhammed Rinshad K, Effect of aging on fatigue characteristics of modified bituminous binders

  144. Muhammed Shanid P, Rut resistance of nylon fibre reinforced cold bituminous mixes

  145. Muhammed Swalih P, Performance evaluation of two-lane two-way rural highways

  146. Navitha Valsalan, Mobility based assessment of urban transportation system’s resilience

  147. Prashant Chauhan, Development of pedestrian risk index under mixed traffic condition in India

  148. Reddy Sahitya, Optimal routing of feeder services for Hyderabad metro rail

  149. Sreechitra, Data-driven approach for analysing the influence of crossing pedestrian on traffic characteristics at urban midblock sections

  150. Sreemurthy Gari Yanjarappa, Socio economic impact of traffic congestion on public transport vehicle operators before and after lockdown due to covid-19

  151. Sreevishnu V Unnikrishnan, Influence of geometric factors on the capacity of uncontrolled intersections

  152. Sudhanshu Tiwari, Effect of side friction parameters on capacity of road section

  153. Suggu Vaishnavi, Effect of work-from-home on travel demand and residential location selection

  154. Vimal C, Effect of nano additive on curing and performance of cold bituminous mix

  155. Abhijith K R, Modelling the influence of amber light dilemma zone on driver behaviour under mixed traffic conditions

  156. Abhijith R S, A study on Public Acceptance of Electric Two Wheelers

  157. Akash T P, Delay Modelling at Signalized Intersection Under Mixed Traffic Condition

  158. Allala Aravind, Fatigue Behaviour of Nano Modified Bituminous Concrete mixes

  159. Anagha Dinesh A, Study on the Impact of Commercial Vehicles on Traffic Characteristics

  160. Arshida K T, Effect of Access Point on Capacity of Signalized Intersection Under Mixed Traffic Conditions

  161. Farahna Amin, Interdependencies between trip chaining and mode choice behaviour

  162. Gautham C Sekhar, Modeling of Lateral Positioning of Vehicles in Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions

  163. Gayathri K A, Development of Joint freight mode and shipmet size model

  164. Janagama Pavan Kumar, Design of Bus Route Network for Karimnagar City

  165. Jayanta Roy, Effect of waste plastic on aging characteristics of bituminous mix

  166. Mithlesh Kumar, Effect of pavement surface characteristics on traffic flow characteristics

  167. Nilesh Kumar Kasaudhan, Statistical Analysis of Effect of Non Conventional Fillers on Bituminous Mix Characteristics

  168. Paturi Nigam Sai, Impact of Travellers Individual Characteristics on Transport Accessibility

  169. Ponugumati Sarath Kumar, Evaluation of Traffic Safety at Unsignalised Intersections Using Surrogate Safety Measures

  170. Rahul Mishra, Effect of Nano Additives on the Performance of Cold Bituminous Mix

  171. Rajulapati Durga Venkata Sai, The evaluation of public bicycle sharing system of Kukatpally in in Hyderabad City

  172. Sadu Gowtham, Effect of U turning vehicles on delay at midblock sections of four lane divided Urban Roads

  173. Sisira P, Impact of pandemic on travel behaviour and mode preferences

  174. Sneha Babu, Evaluation of road safety behaviour of school Children

  175. Sophia Roy, Analysis of Travel time Reliability in Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions Using Microsimulation

  176. Sugareddi Bendegumbal, Analysing the effect of geometric features of the speed hump in speed reduction of vehicles

  177. Tejavathu Srikanth, Characterization of Bio-additive and its effects on Properties of Bitumen


  1. Abhinav Rawat, Trajectory-based proactive safety assessment by Anticipated Collision Time

  2. Afliha T A, Development of a Delay Model at Skewed Uncontrolled Intersection under Mixed Traffic Condition

  3. Ali Hussian, Analysis of Crash Severity of Road Traffic Accidents

  4. Amal Jose, Transit oriented development : A case study for Kochi City

  5. Anukul Nidhi, Development of a Digital Game-Based Learning Platform for teaching Road Safety to School Children

  6. Apoorva Rao, Performance evaluation of Hubbali Dharwad BRTS

  7. Athira R., Impact of Service Quality on Public Transport Ridership

  8. Bandi Anil Kumar, Planning for Mobility for hilly areas-A case study of Shimla

  9. Bijay Kumar Yadav, Balance mix design approach for cold bitiumen mix

  10. Divya M, Optimal pavement maintenance strategies for non urban roads

  11. Eragamreddy Venkata Sainath Reddy, Design of Emulsified Bituminous Blocks for Pothole Patching

  12. Kuppireddy Shravani, Travel Behavioural Changes Due to Network Disruption

  13. Muvvala Sheethal Pavan Puthra, Rationalization of regional bus routes and services based on O-D matrices

  14. Pasumarthi Nagendra, Willingness of retail traders for shared delivery of goods

  15. Prakash Kumar Patel, Driver behaviour at Roundabouts

  16. Sampath Kumar C M, Examining Traffic flow characteristics at diverging section of 4 lane divided urban roads

  17. Satarla Sai Kumar, Performance characteristics of bio-modified bitumen

  18. Sayanton Mohanta, Sustainability Assessment of inland waterways:-A Case study of Kerala

  19. Sayyed Furquan Muktakali, Estimation of Patronage demand for BMRCL

  20. Shaikh Farhan Mohd Naim, Evaluation of Cold Bituminous Mixes using Coal Bottom Ash as a Filler.

  21. Silpa Surendran, Crash Prediction Model at unsignalized intersection under mixed traffic condition

  22. Sneha Mathai, Economic Evaluation of Proposed Road Overbridge: A Case Study of Idakulangara ROB

  23. Sreelakshmi Sajeev, Service optimization for exclusive bus lane facility

  24. Sumit, Influence of Side Friction factors on the Performance of Signalized Intersection

  25. Yenugula Hareesh, Transforming the existing roads to equitable efficient sustainable roads in urban area