May 29, 2024

The Annual Training Camp of the National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The Annual Training Camp of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) 9 Kerala Naval Unit concluded at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Calicut on May  29, 2024. The camp was conducted in two phases: ATC 1 from May 8 to May 17, and ATC 2 from May 20 to May 29.

The training camp saw enthusiastic participation from cadets across various educational institutions. Over the course of the two phases, cadets underwent rigorous training sessions designed to develop their leadership skills, physical fitness, and community service orientation. The camp also included a range of activities such as drill practice, weapons training, map reading, semaphore, seamanship, swimming, and obstacle courses. The camp aimed to motivate students and help them learn various skills.

The camp commenced with grandeur as Brigadier D.K. Patra, Group Commander of NCC Calicut Group; Camp Commandant Cdr. MP Mathew, Commanding Officer, 9K Naval Unit NCC; Prof. Prasad Krishna, Director NIT Calicut; Cdr. Dr. Shamasundara M.S. Registrar NIT Calicut; Prof. Satyananda Panda, Chief Warden, along with ANOs, GCIs, PI staff, and civilian staff, graced the camp and inspired the cadets. 

The camp concluded with a grand valedictory function on May 29, where outstanding cadets were awarded for their exemplary performance in various activities. The event was marked by a march past, cultural performances, and speeches highlighting the importance of the NCC in fostering national unity and discipline among the youth.

The successful completion of the Naval NCC ATC at NIT Calicut, under the guidance of SLt. Dr. Chandra Shekar Bestha, ANO, NITC, underscores the NCC’s role in shaping the future leaders of the nation, instilling in them the values of discipline, leadership, and service to the country.


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NCC Annual Training Camp Inaugurated


A 10-day annual training camp (ATC) of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) inaugurated at the National Institute of Technology Calicut by Prof. Prasad Krishna, Director of the Institute, on Thursday. The ATC of the 9 Kerala Naval Unit aims at fostering leadership, discipline and patriotism among cadets. 

Cdr. Mathew P Mathew, Camp Commandant; Cdr. Dr. Shamasundara M.S., Registrar; Prof. Satyananda Panda, Chief Warden; SLt. Dr. Chandra Shekar Bestha, ANO of NITC, Associate NCC Officers (ANO) from various institutions and Permanent Instructional staff also attended the inaugural session of the first phase of the ATC.

Prof. Prasad Krishna, Director of NITC delivered an address and interacted with the cadets. The camp will conclude on May 17.  



Annual NCC Camp at NITC


The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Calicut is all set to host National Cadet Corps (NCC) Annual Training camps(ATC - 1&2). The expected number of participants for the camp is 1200 including naval NCC cadets from various districts in Kerala and ANOs from various schools.

Besides, 20 civilian staff, 20 naval staff, and cadets from different districts of Kerala will also participate in the camps. The camps, scheduled from May 8th to May 29th, 2024, will be conducted in two phases under the guidance of Camp Commander Cmdr. Mathew P Mathew.

The primary objective of these camps is to instill leadership, discipline, and camaraderie among the participants. Through a meticulously planned series of activities, workshops, and drills, the institution aims to nurture essential character traits and leadership qualities necessary for success in today's dynamic world. The camps serve as a platform for students to develop invaluable skills and foster a sense of teamwork and responsibility.