May 04

NITC-Japan Foundation Japanese language course

The course completion ceremony - Shu Ryoo Shiki of the first batch of students of the Japanese language programme was held at NITC. NIT Calicut and the Japan Foundation (JF) jointly conducted the Marugato Japanese language certificate course. 

The Presidential address was given by Professor Prasad Krishna, Director of NIT Calicut. He emphasized the importance of learning new languages and highlighted the significance of the Marugato Japanese language certificate program in enhancing cultural exchange between India and Japan. He also assured that NITC will add many more languages to its quiver.

Yoshifumi Murakami, the JF representative, addressed the graduates and emphasized the importance of the Japanese language and the learning methods employed in the program, enabling the students to gain proficiency. He also recommended a few technological tools that can aid in better learning and understanding of Japanese. Mr. Sachin Negi, the language instructor, greeted the graduates and congratulated them on their achievements, encouraging them to continue learning and practicing.

Deputy Director Professor Sathi Devi PS felicitated the event and appreciated the efforts of the faculty members in making the Marugato Japanese language certificate program a grand success.

The event was organized by the Center for International Relations and Foreign Languages (CIRL). The graduates were thrilled to receive their certificates, and they expressed gratitude to the faculty for their guidance and support throughout the program.

Prof. Sathyanda Panda welcomed the guests and audience. Dr. Baiju G Nair, Program Coordinator and Vice Chairperson of CIFRL, briefly introduced the program and delivered a vote of thanks. He expressed gratitude towards NIT Calicut and the Japan Foundation for their collaboration and highlighted the importance of language learning in today's globalized world.

The certificate distribution ceremony of the Marugato Japanese language certificate program highlighted the collaboration between NIT Calicut and the Japan Foundation in promoting language learning and cultural exchange. The event was a testimony to the fact that language learning can open up new opportunities and help in building bridges between different cultures.