May 24, 2023

KSEB and NIT Calicut sign agreement for construction of 33kV substation at NITC Campus

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) Limited and the National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC) have officially signed an agreement on 24th May 2023 to collaborate on the construction of a 33kV fully digital, unmanned and automatic substation, the first of its kind in the state of Kerala. The agreement was signed by Cdr. (Dr.) Shamasundara M. S. Registar, NIT Calicut and Mrs Ancy Paul, Executive Engineer KSEB (Transmission Division). The partnership is expected to bolster the power distribution infrastructure in the NITC campus and nearby panchayats and enhance overall reliability and efficiency. The project, which aims to cater to the growing electricity demand in the Institute campus as well as the nearby area, will be implemented under the supervision of KSEB.

Prof. Prasad Krishna, Director of NITC, highlighted the potential benefits of the collaboration. Speaking on the occasion, he stated that "Our partnership with KSEBL provides an excellent opportunity for our campus for a reliable and quality power supply and a milestone to proceed further with new establishment and centres for academic and research excellence. Moreover, this facility will contribute to the overall development of the power sector in the region."

Mrs. Lekha Rani Dy. Chief Engineer (Transmission Circle), KSEB Kozhikode expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that "This agreement marks a significant milestone in our efforts to strengthen the power distribution network in the region. NITC, renowned for its academic excellence and research in the field of engineering, will contribute its technical expertise to the project. The institution's Electrical Engineering department, known for its cutting-edge research in power systems, will actively participate in the design, planning, and implementation phases of the substation.”

The 33kV substation is expected to augment the existing power infrastructure and alleviate the burden on the current distribution network. It will cater to the increasing electricity demands of the nearby panchayats, promoting economic growth and facilitating a better quality of life for the residents. The agreement outlines the responsibilities of both KSEBL and NITC, which include conducting feasibility studies, designing the substation layout, procuring necessary equipment, and overseeing the construction and commissioning processes. The project is set to adhere to stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring the long-term reliability and stability of the substation.

Mr. Jamnas A, Asst Engineer from KSEB side and Prof. Priya Chandran, Dean (Planning & Development), Prof. Ashok S (Professor, Electrical Engineering),  Dr. Sajith A.S., Dr. Sathish Kumar D, Mr. Tomin Sunny, Mr. Mohan Kumar A. K, Mr. Muhammed Sali, and Mr. Ramesh S from NITC side attended the function.



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