Mr. H Jagdish Kumar Panda(B160573EP), and Engineering Physics graduate, has succefullt developed “JALYANTRA” and “QUIL”. He is also the founder of a start-up firm, QUILTECHPvt. Ltd. He was invited to attend and exhibit the QUIL at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi on the occasion of FINE 2018 (Festival of entrepreneurship and innovation). He was also selected by KSUM (Kerala Startup Mission)for the startup development program through the Idea Day and was funded for the prototype development of the project QUIL.

QUIL- The Quil is a graphic pen that can port the 3D drawing that we draw in air on to the screen of a computer or and handheld smart device like phone. Unlike other pens those use laser technology it uses a motion-based sensor to accurately trace the motion of the tip of the pen and recreate the path using a specially developed algorithm. This technology increases its capabilities to work on 3D space. We can even convert the 3D drawing into 2D without damaging its dimensions in any view. It has the capability to write and draw and also text recognition functionalities. The best part of it is computing maths. like solving equations, matrices, integrals, deferential equations and plotting graphs.

JALYANTRA- The project is basically about running a common gasoline and diesel on water by introducing a unique state of the art hybrid design of wet and dry electrolytic cell that generates hydrogen and oxygen from the electrical energy generated by the special lithium batteries. The exhaust from the engine is recycled into water and filtered and sent back to the fuel tank. Thus, increasing the efficiency of the hydrogen powered vehicle and creating fully recyclable IC engine design, which is totally eco-friendly. The energy recycle process uses peltier effect and a first ever built pressure balancing chamber for maintaining the pressure changes occurred while the entire recycled process of the end to end closed engine.



Many of our students are placed in reputed multinational companies. Please see the PLACEMENT PAGE for details.



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Sarika Soman

Justus van Effen scholarship

Master’s in Applied Phyiscs

Tu Delft, Netherlands

Neetu Rajendran

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship


KIT Germany and Aix Marseille, France

Nischala Bandla

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Master’s in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

KU Leuven, Belgium

Aditi Pradeep

25000 CAD, International Student Award

MSc in Physics

University of British Columbia, Canada



1. Dr. S. Vasudev Award, 2022, awarded by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) for the best project completed under Science Research Scheme (SRS) for Prof. M. K. Ravi Varma (Awarded by the Chief Minister of Kerala)

2. Kerala State Young Scientist Award, KSCSTE, India, 20220 (SNV)