Instrumentation & Control Systems

Instrumentation & control systems is a branch that works on mission mode with other branches of engineering in order to actualize them to enable extensive applications. It also provides longevity, safety and economy for the engineering systems, and to a great extent serve the purpose of sustainability through the feedback and regulatory mechanisms. Control deals with the causative, formative, and summative aspects of the systems and the subject footprint covers the multi-disciplinary and inter- disciplinary domains of almost all branches of science and engineering

The postgraduate programme in Instrumentation & Control Systems of the National Institute of Technology, Calicut is a flagship programme of the Department of Electrical Engineering and was started in the early 1970’s. The 40 and odd batches that have graduated over these years have been rich with the blend of best talents who are now placed across the world in various capacities. The course provides the foundations for research and life-long learning. Department also host research leading to Ph.D in the areas of control theory, instrumentation, biomedical engineering, rehabilitation, robotics, while rendering guidance for the research in machines & drives, power systems, and industrial automation. Consultancy is available for development of controllers using DSP and embedded systems, modeling and control designs, biomedical engineering and so on.

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