Centre for Testing and Consultancy


Industrial consultancy is another major area of activity of the department. The current active areas of research and consultancy of the Electrical Engg department belong to six major groups:-Energy & Power Systems, Industrial Power and Automation, Electric Machines & Power Electronics, Instrumentation & Control Systems, High Voltage and Biomedical and Signal Processing. The department has a dedicated centre for consultancy related works which are done under the Centre for Testing and Consultancy.

Regular Testing Works

Cable/Conductor/Fuse Testing as per BIS (Various clients in India)
Testing of On line/Off line UPS up to 100 KVA (Various clients in India)
Testing of CFL/FTL/LED lights (Various clients in India)

Studies we undertake

1. Testing of CTs/PTs/Fuses/Cables/Motors

2. Testing of (upto 11kV) insulators/fuse units/cables.

3. Testing of UPS (upto 100kVA)

4. Testing of FTL/CFL/LED lights

5. Energy Analysis of Institutions, Industries, Hospitals etc.

6. Re-engineering works of Industries and Commercial Establishments.

List of Equipments

Consultancy Projects completed during REC Period

Latest Consultancy Works

Recent Testing Works