4-year Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP) B.Sc-B.Ed

National Institute of Technology Calicut is offering the 4-year Integrated Teacher Education programme (ITEP) BSc-BEd, a dual major undergraduate degree, from the academic year  2023-24.   This BSc-BEd (Secondary level) will be offered with Majors in three different disciplines namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in line with the mandate of the National Education Policy 2020 and subsequent initiatives by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). 4 Year ITEP will be open to all students who choose teaching as a profession after secondary, by choice. This integrated course will be beneficial for the students as they will save 1 year by completing this course in 4 years against the normal duration of        5 years as in the case of the existing B.Ed. programme. Options to exit with a three year BSc degree in Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics depending on the choice of Major in the first semester itself is also available.

The Four Year ITEP is a milestone achievement in fulfilling one of the major mandates of National Education Policy 2020. The course will contribute substantially to the revitalization of the whole teacher education sector. The prospective teachers passing out of this course through a multi-disciplinary environment, grounded in Indian values and traditions will be instilled with the needs of 21st century on global standards, and hence will be largely helpful in shaping the future of New India.

Candidates wishes to seek BSc-B.Ed admission at NIT Calicut should have choose their domain specific subjects for the NCET-2024 according to the majors offered. 


Salient features and Prospects of ITEP as recommended in NEP 2020

  • 4-year duration after Grade 12

  • Admission through National Common Entrance Test (NCET) conducted by NTA

  • Minimal degree qualification to become a teacher by 2030

  • Based on new Curricular and Pedagogical Structure: 5+3+3+4

  • Integrated Dual Major bachelor’s degree: Discipline + Education

  • Credit Based Structure- in line with UGC- FYUP (Four-year Undergraduate Programme aligned with NEP 2020)

  • Flexibility to choose inter/intra-disciplinary Minor

  • Multidisciplinary Environment

  • Eligible for Master program in Education as well as in Major subject Chosen.


Intake of ITEP BSc BEd at NITC

Mathematics Major: 20      Physics Major :15    Chemistry Major :15

Total: 50


ITEP NITC Fee Structure                    Contact: admissiondesk@nitc.ac.in

For further information, please visit https://nitc.ac.in/noticeboard/admissions/national-common-entrance-test-ncet-2024