Offshore Structures

Year of Starting                 :  1987

Present Sanctioned Intake  :  20

Programme Educational Objectives

  1. To prepare  students capable of applying their expertise to contemporary problem solving for productive careers, engaging themselves professionally, continuing to learn and adapt, and contributing to their organizations through leadership and team work and to the ever increasing academic and research  requirements of the country and worldwide.

  2. Provide a strong foundation in basic and advanced knowledge in areas related to exploration, exploitation and transportation of offshore resources, thereby enabling students to excel in the various careers in Offshore Structural Engineering and allied fields of Civil Engineering, both at the national / international level.

  3. To impart in-depth knowledge in modern skills and tools related to Offshore Structural Engineering to the students, so as to enable them to address the environmental aspects and sustainability issues related to infrastructure development of the country.

  4. Understand and acquire modelling, programming and software skills.

  5. Enrich the students with strong communication and technical writing skills.

  6. Provide expertise in laboratory and experimental work.

  7. Help the students to develop teaching skills through teaching assistantship.

  8. Prepare students to face challenges in the industry by encouraging interaction with industry, carrying out industry based projects, involving them in consultancy projects etc.


Programme Outcomes


Post-Graduates will develop confidence for taking up research and teaching as a profession


Post-Graduates will attain an ability to identify, formulate and solve complex Offshore Engineering problems


Post-Graduates will understand the impact of engineering solutions on the society and will also be aware of the environmental aspects and sustainablility issues related to infrastructure development of the country and worldwide.


Post-Graduates will be able to conduct investigations of complex problems in Offshore Engineering using research based knowledge and tests/ experiments


Post-Graduates will exhibit skills to use modern engineering tools, software and equipment to analyse various problems in the Offshore Engineering domain


Post-Graduates will be able to communicate effectively - both verbally and in writing


Post-Graduates will develop confidence to face fresh challenges in the industry


Post-Graduates will develop confidence for self-education and the ability for life-long learning


Curriculum and Syllabi


First year Students list

Second year Students list