Water Resources Engineering

The laboratory is one of the relatively new laboratories in the Department and is in the process of development

Instruments/ Equipment

  • Raingauge – manual and auto recording

  • Cup and Propeller type current meters with and without velocity indicators

  • Open pan evaporimeter

  • Wind vane and cup anemometer

  • Peristaltic pump

  • DO meter

  • Conductivity meter

  • Microprocessor meter for nitrates

  • Microprocessor meter for phosphates

  • Bench scale membrane filtration cell with accessories

  • Motorised film applicator

  • Magnetic stirrer

  • Research grade touch screen bench meter

  • pH meter

  • Fluoride electrode

  • Rotary flask shaker

  • Research centrifuge

  • Ultrasonic bath

  • Digital weighing balance

  • Water Still

  • Digital conductivity meter with cell

  • Magnetic stirrer with hot plate

  • Experimental flume – 0.30m x 0.45m, 7.5m long 

  • Basic hydrology apparatus

  • Vectrino Profiler 3D Profiling Velocimeter

  • Pressure plate apparatus