Offshore Structures


Experimental/Measurement Facility

Wave Flume cum Towing Tank (110m x 4m x 4m)
5T Crane with Accessories

Wave Flume (40m x 2m x 2m)
Towing Carriage
Plunger Type Wavemaker

Wave Basin (15m x 10m x 0.80m)
Wavemaker, Data Acquisition System (DAS) with sensors for measurement of displacement, and pressure (1 to 5bars), load cells, wave probes, current meters etc.

Experiments  Conducted

  • Calibration of wave probe

  • Determination of wave parameters

  • Determination of reflection coefficient

  • Load cell calibration

  • Calibration of pressure gauge

  • Computation of wave forces

  • Computation of wave length, profile, and group velocity as a function of wave period, water depth and wave period.

  • Determination of wave profiles and particle trajectories as functions of wave height, water depth, and wave period - progressive and standing waves

  • Pressure variation as a function of wave height, water depth, and wave period; progressive and standing waves

  • Wave height transformation in shoaling water; wave breaking

  • Wave reflection from beach; comparison with Miche’s theorem

  • Wave reflection from a partial vertical barrier; comparison with approximate theory

  • Wave forces on cylinders and spheres

  • Plane wave maker

  • Approximate wave maker theory for a perfectly reflecting beach