Geotechnical Engineering

Major Equipments

  • Motorized Sieve Shaker and Sieve sets for grain size distribution

  • Sedimentation test apparatus including stirrer facility – Hydrometers and Pipette

  • Liquid limit devices and shrinkage limit apparatus

  • Relative density apparatus  and density bottles

  • Field density kit and sand pouring cylinders

  • Permeability test apparatus

  • Digital consolidation test apparatus and consolidometers

  • Direct shear apparatus

  • Automated Cyclic triaxial testing machine

  • Digital computer controlled static triaxial test facility

  • Unconfined compression apparatus

  • Vane shear test apparatus

  • CBR test apparatus

  • Swell test apparatus

  • SPT test device with split spoon samplers  and core cutters

  • Automatic compactors

  • Large direct shear box

  • Bender element test

  • Dynamic crosshole, Dowhole testing facility

  • MASW testing facility

Experiments  Conducted

  • Specific gravity of coarse and fine grained soils

  • Field Density by (a) Sand replacement and (b) Core cutter methods

  • Grain Size Distribution: Sieve and Pipette/hydrometer Analysis

  • Determination of Atterberg’s limits: Liquid, Plastic  and Shrinkage Limits

  • Permeability Test – (a) Constant Head and b) Variable Head Methods

  • Proctor Compaction Test- (a) Light and (b) heavy compaction tests

  • California Bearing Ratio Test

  • Direct Shear Test

  • Triaxial  compression Test

  • Consolidation Test

  • Unconfined Compression Test

  • Laboratory Vane shear Test

Testing /Consultancy  Services for External Agencies

  • Soil testing for determination of basic and shear strength properties

  • Soil investigation works including Field SPT and study on bearing capacity of soil deposits

  • Soil improvement including stability of soil slopes, embankment soils behind retaining walls