Concrete Lab

Major Equipments

  • Hot Air Ovens-Thermostatic and Electrically operated-4 No.

  • Humidity chamber

  • Accelerated Curing Tank

  • Sieve Vibrating Machine with Timer

  • Flow Table

  • Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine

  • Vibrating Table-2 No.

  • Rock cutting Machine

  • Deval’s Attrition Testing machine

  • Tile Testing Machine

  • Air Permeability Apparatus

Experiments  Conducted

  • Tests to determine properties of  cement

  • Tests on coarse and fine aggregates

  • Tests to determine workability of concrete

  • Tests on bricks

  • Tests on roofing and flooring tiles

  • Tests on timber beams

Testing /Consultancy  Services for External Agencies

  • Tests on cement,  tests on coarse and fine aggregates, tests on bricks, tests on roofing and flooring tiles, Concrete Mix design.