Centre for International Relations & Foreign Languages


Dr. Ravi Varma M. K.

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Mobilise, Collaborate and Transpire Global Educational/Academic Exchange



Secure a niche for NITC in the global educational paradigm, foster healthy international collaboration to facilitate research and learning of global standards and support a vigorous international exchange of academia and scholastic talent



  • Strengthen international collaboration in the Academic and Research domain

  • Establish a mechanism for the attainment of global standards among the NITC fraternity

  • Mobilise International Academic Collaboration

  • Focus on creating world-class teaching practices and curriculum


Functions / Activities

  • Coordinate bi-lateral research and academic programmes

  • Facilitate MOUs between international universities & other research centres

  • Stimulate a constructive environment for joint research projects for faculty members and international academics

  • Encouraging Faculty & Student(s) exchange programmes

  • Organise visits of academic and scientific experts from different parts of the world

  • Arrange for in-house courses & programmes offered by visiting experts

  • Offer open-elective courses in foreign languages to students

  • Offer short-term intensive courses in foreign languages

  • Mentor students to pursue international internships and apply for scholarships/fellowships

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Dr. Ravi Varma M. K.


Mailing Address