Sep 06, 2023

NITC students win national recognition for developing drones for medical emergencies

Memebers of Aero Unwired Club was among 42 teams from different colleges in India

A team of nine students, part of Club Aerounwired of the National Institute of Technology Calicut has bagged a prestigious first prize in the national-level drone development competition. The students made NITC proud by developing a drone that can play an important role during medical emergencies. 

Students of the Aeromodelling Club of NITC won the Best Design Report Award in the All India Autonomous Drone Development Competition (ADDC-2023) organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) India at the national level. A total of 42 teams from various colleges across the country participated in the competition held in Chennai.

Ayush Singh, a team member, said that they developed an autonomous drone to carry medical supplies in emergency situations as per the instructions given by the organisers. The objective of the competition, conducted by SAE, was to design and build an autonomous drone to carry medical supplies weighing up to one kilogram during medical emergencies, he added.

Ayush Singh, Himanshu Dudi, Cyriak Joy, Naveen Sunil, Komal Singh, Shyam Prakash, Vedant Jadhav, Arun SK and Anurag Bhatt were part of the team that won the competition. The event was organised by SAE to offer an opportunity for the students to conceive, design and develop a remotely piloted rotary wing drone for meeting various requirements. 

The Club Aerounwired emerged victorious by developing the drone based on the guidelines of the organisers, said Mr. A. M. Sreenath and Dr. TJS Jothi, faculty-in-charge of the Club Aerounwired. As per the guideline, the drone has to autonomously manoeuvre to the specified location, drop the medical supplies and come back to the base station location. 

According to the faculty-in-charge of the Club, the drone was designed to drop the payload from a height of 3m without any damage to the medical items. The students used an electromagnetic mechanism to design the drone, they added.

The students participated in the event with financial assistance from the alumni association of NITC (NITCAA).


Members of Aerounwired Club after receiving first prize in the national level competition.




Drone developed by the students of Aerounwired club of NITC




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