Nov 10, 2023

NITC conducts workshop for school students

A two-day hand-on workshop for school students, organised by School of Biotechnology, National Institute of Technology Calicut campus on Thursday and Friday created excitement and enthusiasm among the participants. As many as 24 students from four nearby schools are attending the workshop. 

Prof. Prasad Krishna, Director of NIT Calicut, inaugurated the workshop in the presence of Prof. Rathinasamy K, Head of the School of Biotechnology; Prof. Anaul Kabir, coordinator of the workshop; other faculties, students, research scholars and participants from four nearby Schools. He urged the students to conserve nature for future generations and learn more about biosciences to learn the significance of nature conservation. 

“Bioscience goes hand-in-hand with other disciplines like computer science,” said the Director adding that it was why NIT Calicut focuses on multi-disciplinary education. The Director interacted with the school children and explained the significance of bio-inspired innovations and manufacturing.

The students visited laboratories for hands-on experience in biotechnology. The workshop aims to motivate the students to pursue higher studies in Biotechnology and give hands-on experience with modern biotechnology techniques like PCR, RT-PCR, restriction digestion, gel electrophoresis and transformation in microorganisms for higher secondary school students. 

Students from Spring Valley School, REC Government Higher Secondary School Chathamangalam, Government Higher Secondary School Neeleswaram and Chennamangallur Higher Secondary School participated in the workshop.Students and faculty members from the School of Biotechnology supported the student participants. 

The teachers and students expressed their excitement about working with DNA and doing advanced experiments like RT-PCR. They wanted to increase the number of participants in future. The feedback was taken seriously and the Department has decided to conduct more such workshops for school children in future.




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