Mar 25, 2024

Maiden Test Flight of Divyastra, MIRV version of Agni-V - Alumnus makes NITC proud

While the country is proud of taking a leap in missile technology with the successful test flight of Divyastra, NIT Calicut is also elated. Usha Verma, an alumnus of the Institute is one of the leading forces behind the successful launch of Agni Ballistic Missile carrying MIRV (Multiple Independently Targetable re-entry vehicles)

An alumnus of the 1991 batch of the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of Regional Engineering College Calicut (later elevated as NITC), Ms. Usha Verma is an Outstanding Scientist, currently working as the Associate Director in the Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL), DRDO of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex, playing a pivotal role in the development of advanced variants of AGNI Missiles.

NIT Calicut's strength lies in 45000 alumni working across different industries and academia, said Prof. Prasad Krishna, Director of NITC. Ms Usha Verma, with her unmatched dedication and hard work, has reached a key position in the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) under ‘Mission Divyastra' making us proud, he said adding that her role in the success of Agni V ballistic missile carrying MIRV would inspire the students of the Institute to dream high and achieve their goals. 

A woman leader in defence research, Ms Usha Verma started her career in DRDO with the prestigious Air Defence Programme, where she led the development of the first indigenous Ka-Band Active Radar Missile Seeker, for mid-air neutralization of incoming Ballistic Missiles. Later in 2014, she was posted to ASL, as Technology Director of Strategic System Electronics Group, to focus on thrust areas that are important for national security in Agni Missile Systems. She has added advanced avionics features in the latest variants of AGNI missiles such as Agni Prime, Agni-V Mk II, and now in Divyastra. 

"Getting the right opportunity at the right time is very important. I am fortunate that the Institute had given me a great foundation and DRDO has given me the opportunity and responsibility to work on these challenging projects" said Ms. Usha Verma.

Usha Verma is an active member of the voluntary institution; IEEE and her research is mainly focussed on the indigenisation of denied and critical technologies to help India achieve self-reliance in defence technology.

"These projects are very complex in nature and today we have reached an important milestone of having MIRV capability, which is the culmination of the efforts of thousands of scientists and other supporting staff of DRDO," said Ms. Verma.


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