a) Completed

  1. 20kg Plastic to Power (P2P) plant is commissioned to full capacity
  2. Rain water harvesting completed from the roofs of ECLC building, Segregation yard, P2P plant and part of  Science department to the East campus well
  3. Established 3 acres of pesticide free vegetable garden, VIBHAV in East campus.
  4. Cleaned and cleared the well near DAP and SMSE  for use for agriculture

b) Ongoing :

  1.  Electrification work for the pumphouse near to DAP and SMSE
  2.  Pilot-scale P2P plant ( 100kg per day)

c) Proposed :

  1. Solar panel wok on the rooftop of Plastic to Power (P2P) plant
  2. Total waste management of the campus, including chemical waste
  3. Scaling up of P2P plant and its commercialisation
  4. Renewable energy driven campus in line withMNR policy.