Tarang is the annual national-level management festival initiated by the School of Management Studies, NIT Calicut, to show business and management in a new light. It symbolises surfing the waves of intellect, adventure, and fun. It provides a platform to apply your skills and intelligence and channels your creativity into various aspects of business and management.

Tarang, every year opens up to your leadership and cultural extravaganza. Every year, Tarang provides an opportunity for students nationwide to learn, apply, and achieve new heights of business and management understanding and nurtures the country's entrepreneurial spirit. It includes lectures, workshops, and competitive and entertainment events.

Tarang 2022 happened in October 2022, along with the national-level techno-management festival Tathva 2022.  Following the trends in participation, Tarang 22 witnessed one of the enormous numbers of footfalls in its history.