M.Tech - Signal Processing

Engineers are trained in creative design and development of multidisciplinary signal processing systems. They are familiarized in Linear Algebra, Random Process, Statistical Signal Processing, DSP Algorithms and Data Compression Techniques, specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Digital System Design, DSP System Design, Deep Learning, Testing and Verification of VLSI Systems, Physical Design Automation, etc. and familiarized with the programming skills in VERILOG, C/C++, Python, MATLAB, Simulink, and OpenCV. The graduates will be gaining strong theoretical foundation, expertise in application development and research skills to identify, analyse and solve multi-disciplinary problems pertaining to design, development and deployment of algorithms and system level VLSI design for signal processing systems which make them suitable for Industry.

Student Intake/Year: 13 (2008-2018), 14 (2019), 15 (2020)

Duration: 2 years

Course Started: 2008

Curriculum and Syllabus - 2010 

Curriculum and Syllabus - 2018