Year of Starting                 :  1985

Major Areas of Research

Structural Engineering

  • Seismicity studies

  • Fibre reinforced and Geopolymer concrete

  • Retrofitting

  • Fire resistance and Bio mechanics

 Geotechnical Engineering

  • Soil dynamics

  • Ground improvement

  • Soil behaviour

  • Foundation engineering

  • Marine geotechniques

Offshore and Coastal Engineering

  • Modelling and behaviour of fixed, compliant and floating structures,

  • Reliability studies

  • Coastal Processes and hydrodynamics

Water Resources Engineering and Management

  • Hydrological modelling

  • Climate studies

  • Water resources system analysis

  • Remote sensing and GIS applications

Environmental Engineering

  • Waste water treatment

  • Environmental modelling

  • Pollution control

Transportation Engineering

  • Travel demand modelling and forecasting

  • Urban transportation planning

  • Traffic flow modelling

  • Capacity and LoS

  • Road traffic safety

  • Transport systems design & evaluation

  • Pavement materials design and management

 Building Sciences and Construction Management

Syllabus for Comprehensive Examination

List of Research Scholars (ongoing)

Special Courses