Non-Destructive Testing

Major Equipments

  • Profometer (rebar locator)

  • Pundit Pulse Echo Transducer- 2 No.

  • Silver Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer (Digital)

  • Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer

  • Core case 105

  • Crack detection Microscope

  • Hydraulic Puller

  • Windsor Probe Test system

  • Bremort Test kit

   Experiments  Conducted

  • Test to determine quality   of concrete using Ultrasonic Pulse echo transducer

  • Test to determine strength of concrete using Rebound hammer

  • Test  to determine location  and cover of rebars in RCC structures using Profometer

Testing /Consultancy  Services for External Agencies

  • Extraction of cores from structures and determination of concrete strength, determination of strength of concrete in structures using Rebound hammer and determination of quality of concrete in structures using Pulse echo transducer