Guidelines for conducting programs


Submission of proposal

For conducting a program, a detailed proposal should be submitted to the Center for Continuing Education and Skill Development (CCE&SD) along with the following documents for obtaining Administrative sanction & Financial sanction (AS&FS)

  1. Application in the prescribed format using the link given below:

The area and title selected for the program shall reflect the latest theoretical/technological/managerial advancements. Topics for various sessions shall be from the latest area of advancements/trends aligned with the title of the programme. The programme title with a short name (abbreviation of the programme name) must be provided in the proposal.     

  1. Short CV of Coordinator/Coordinators.

  2. Summary of Profile of proposed Resource Persons.

The proposal shall contain details of potential experts from outside the institute and within the institute. It is required to attach a brief bio-data of the experts highlighting his/her recent expertise in the specified direction.

  1. Proposed budget in the prescribed format.

  2. Brochure (Or website link).

Hardcopy of the application, Brochure, Proposed Budget and Schedule should be submitted to the Office of Center for Continuing Education and Skill Development (CCE&SD) for getting  approval. After getting the AS&FS the brochure can be circulated and applications for registration for the program can be invited. The details of information related with the participant include Name, Designation, Email ID, Phone, Affiliating organization, Official complete address, details of fee structure (these details shall contain fields such as Fee amount, Account No., Name of bank, and its IFSC, course short name). 


Registration fee

The programme should be self-financed, the expenditure of which can be collected through participant registrations and sponsorships (If any). Fee shall be fixed by the coordinator(s) based on the demand for the programme and the amount be sufficient to meet all expenditures for a predefined minimum number of participants. The fee remitted once will not be returned normally. The general guidelines for the course fee from applicants are as follows:

For offline courses



Non NITC Faculty


NITC Faculty


Personnel from Industries/ R&D Organizations (INR)

Non NITC students (INR)

NITC students (INR)*

10 to 18 

(3 days)

1500 – 2500

1200 - 2000


750 - 1250

450 - 750

20 to 35  

(1 week)

3500 – 4500

2800 - 3600

7000 -9000

1750 - 2250

1000 - 1300

40 to 60 

(2 weeks)

6000 – 7000

4800 - 5600

12000 - 14000

3000 -3500

1400 - 2100


For online courses



Non NITC Faculty


NITC Faculty


Personnel from Industries/ R&D Organizations (INR)

Non NITC students (INR)

NITC students (INR)*

10 to 18 

(3 days)

1000 - 2000

800 - 1600


500 - 1000

300 - 600

20 to 35  

(1 week)

3000 - 4000

2400 - 3200

6000 -8000

1500 - 2000

900 - 1200

40 to 60 

(2 weeks)

5000 - 7000

4000 - 5600

10000 - 14000

2500 -2500

1500 - 2100


*Appropriate concessions can be given to NITC faculty/students based on the participant category, such as B.Tech., M.Tech. and PhD students. 

The above range is excluding GST, Coordinators should collect the Registration fee including the applicable GST amount.


Additional fee may be collected for food and accommodation expenses as per requirements. (Coordinator should mention the daily additional expense rate in these heads in the brochure ).

  • Registration fee should be collected through the CCE & SD account.


Account details

  • Account No.: 37618269594


  • Bank: State Bank of India, NIT Calicut Campus

  • IFSC: SBIN0002207

  • The coordinator of the program can get a QR code for collecting the registration fee, on request.

  • It shall be instructed to the potential participant registering for the programme to include the short name of the programme while making payment (registration fee or any other payment) so that the short name (preferably abbreviation of the programme name) will be appearing in the description field of the receiver’s bank account statement. The required details of fee remitted are fee amount, Account No., Name of bank, and its IFSC, mode of fee payment (net banking, UPI method, etc.) and the copy of transaction details. The coordinator shall collect the reference document of remittance from the participant. 

  • The registration fee shall be collected only from the shortlisted participants, this will help in ensuring a minimum number of registrants for conducting the programme. If the coordinator is applying for an advance, ensure that sufficient registration amount has been received for meeting the expenses, and apply for advance at least two weeks before the program.  



  • Honararium to Experts from reputed Industry/Academia (in the faculty cadre or equivalent) is limited to a maximum of Rs 7000 per day (Minimum session duration per day by a resource person should be preferably 3 Hours) . However, exemptions can be done under special circumstances after receiving the approval.

  • Honorarium to faculty coordinator is Rs 8000/-for programmes having a duration of 10 to 18 hours, Rs 10,000/- for programmes having a duration of 20 to 35 hours, and Rs 12000 for programmes having a duration of 40 to 60 hours. For more than one coordinator, it shall be shared.

  • Honorarium to Technical assistants/Student assistants for lab setup, online lab/tutorial sessions, general arrangements, etc. is limited to a maximum of Rs 1000/day/person.

Institute overhead

In the case of OFFLINE programmes, a minimum of 10 % of the fund collected ( 10 % of (revenue – (GST, , etc.))) shall be deposited as institute overhead and shall be maintained in the CCE & SD account of the institute. In the case of ONLINE programmes, a minimum of 5 % of the fund collected ( 5 % of (revenue – (GST, , etc.))) shall be deposited as institute overhead and shall be maintained in the CCE & SD account of the institute. Any excess fund over the expenditure shall also be maintained as institute overhead. 

Documents to be submitted after completion of the programme 

After the completion of the programme, the respective faculty coordinators are required to submit the hard  copy as well as soft copy of the report of the programme to the CCE & SD Office within 15 days of the completion of the programme. The report must include the (i) documents as per the Appendices, (ii) registration forms, (iii) attendance sheet, (iv) programme time table, (v) feedback forms from the participants, (vi) media coverage of the programme, if any, (vii) one online group photo covering all participants, and (viii) copy of the course material.

The expense for the preparation of these documents shall be booked under DOC of the organising department. If the programme is organised by an interdisciplinary group, the expenses can be booked proportionately to the DOC of coordinators’ departments. In this case, the application shall be forwarded by concerned HoDs. (Signatures of  HoDs concerned, should be available in the same application.)     

  • Settlement of Bills

On completion of the programme (within 15 days of completion), all the details of the income and expenditure along with an Income & Expenditure statement shall be submitted through the online settlement form given in CCE & SD website. The  hardcopies of the following documents should be submitted to the CCE & SD Office for settlement. 

Appendix-1: Income and expenditure statement

Appendix-2(a): Participants details with fee collected,

Appendix-2(b): Details of any other collections as income

Appendix-3(a): Consolidated details of Honorarium, and Tax deducted, 

Appendix-3(b): Receipts from individual experts

Appendix-4: Honorarium to faculty coordinator(s)

Appendix-5: Honorarium to technical assistants/Student assistants 

Appendix-6: Consumables used for lab sessions

Appendix-7: Bank statement of the CEP account

If any of the Appendix is not applicable, submit a NIL statement in the given format.

  • In addition to the above, proper GST bills/forms/receipts/vouchers should be submitted for the following if applicable

    • TA&DA forms of participants and experts

    • Books/Registration kits purchased for participants

    • Any other additional expenses

  • Accommodation details and documents

  • A general feedback about the programme shall be collected in the given format. 80% attendance should be made mandatory for the issuing of the certificates. A summary of attendance should be submitted along with the other documents. A test should be conducted based on the topics covered in the CEP and minimum 60% marks should be scored by the participant for issuing the certificate. (Applicable for FDP & STTP).

  •  A group photo of the participants also should be taken and a copy of the same should be submitted. 

  • Certificate of participation and receipt for registration fee received shall be issued by the coordinator(s). GST invoice/bill sample given in the website of CCE & SD shall be used for preparing receipt of registration fee.  GST receipt with their GSTIN shall be issued to sponsored participants, if requested for such receipt. In this case, coordinator(s)  have to collect the GSTIN number of their sponsoring organisation for issuing such a receipt. Soft copy of the resource material given to the participants shall be uploaded along with the settlement form.

  • On submission of all proper documents to the office of CCE & SD, the honorarium and all other disbursement to the bank account of the concerned parties will be completed in 15 days under normal circumstances.