An Indian Patent (429959) on "Multi–Mode Friction Stir Welding Tool" has been awarded to Prof. R. Manu, Dr. Jayadeep and Mr Renju Mohan of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

An Indian patent has been awarded for the invention “Multi–Mode Friction Stir Welding Tool” to Mr Renju Mohan (P150023ME), Dr R. Manu, Dr Jayadeep U. B. of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Calicut. The patented invention is a friction stir welding (FSW) tool with a multi–mode friction stir welding spindle capable of performing several FSW variants. The additional advantages are the reduction of force developed during welding, the ability to weld workpieces of a wide range of thickness and varying thickness, the elimination of keyholes, replaceable pin and shoulder and much more. 

Reputed organizations like The Welding Institute UK, NASA, Boeing, etc., are the major organizations holding patents in similar FSW tool design.

The work was part of PhD research work of Mr. Renju Mohan, who is awaiting final viva voce exam. The product prototype was fabricated using in-house facilities available in  Central Workshop and CADCAM Centre.