Thermal Sciences

Duration of the Programme – 2 years

Present Intake - 20 Students

Year of commencement – 1989


Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

 PEO1 To train students with in-depth and advanced knowledge to become professionals in the areas of thermal sciences and related fields capable of identifying, analysing and solving complex problems

PEO2 To enable graduates to carry out innovative and independent research work in academia/industry to develop thermal systems and processes and to disseminate the knowledge

PEO3 To prepare the students to exhibit a high level of professionalism, integrity, environmental and social responsibility, and life-long independent learning ability


Programme Outcomes (PO)

PO1 An ability to acquire and apply advanced knowledge in the area of thermal sciences.

PO2 An ability to solve problems in the field of thermal sciences by using advanced techniques.

PO3 An ability to conduct independent research and generate new knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

PO4 An ability to use various numerical methods and software tools to model and analyse thermal engineering problems.

PO5 An ability to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams to develop efficient thermal systems for the society.

PO6 An ability to apply engineering and scientific principles for the effective management of thermal systems.

PO7 An ability to effectively communicate through technical reports, presentations and scientific publications with the engineering community as well as society at large.

PO8 An ability to engage in life-long independent learning with high level of enthusiasm and commitment.

PO9 An ability to maintain a high level of professional and intellectual integrity, ethics of research and scholarly standards. PO10 An ability to examine critically the outcomes of one’s actions and make corrective measures subsequently


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